Apr 29, 2015

Finland: Somali Invaders Gang-Raped Young Woman at Train Station

via Elliot Lake News

Finnish police arrested five young immigrants on suspicion of having raped a young woman outside a suburban railroad station a week ago having harassed her on a train and followed/raped her after she got off . The incident has since focused public attention on integration and criminality within immigrant communities in Finland.

Blacks are the easiest converts to Islam. Islam gives them the platform to inflict suffering on the people they hate, and are envious of: the White race.

Finnish media said the five arrested boys, aged between 15 and 18, are of Somali descent. Charges are expected in a month’s time.. Here are some of the pictures taken at the scene while the eldest of the rapists was in court, the rapist had his family and friends along.

One of the rapists brought his family along. This image demonstrates what Muslim immigrants really…

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