Apr 29, 2015

Should We Vote UKIP?

via British Democrat Party

Nigel Farage, drinking up the nationalist vote?
The British Democrats have only one Parliamentary Candidate standing at this election in this early growth period and that is Dr Jim Lewthwaite at Bradford East. Therefore we would recommend that in all other seats you could give your vote to any genuine nationalist or radical right candidate.

Many BDP supporters are saying that in all other seats where the above does not apply we should vote UKIP. The main reason is that the old establishment Lib-Lab-Con is already showing major cracks in its facade and a vote for ‘Nige’ will bring it tumbling down. Personally I doubt it, because Nige, the former city trader, is at heart part of the international monetary system.
Then we have UKIP’s alleged opposition to the ever-rising immigration flood. This opposition does not include Afro-Asians – a number of whom are actually UKIP candidates – but is confined to fellow Europeans who can be easily assimilated into our national stock. Of course I recognise that they are competing with our own Brits for jobs and thereby hold down wage levels.
Just look at the candidates that have been approved by Farage to stand in Bradford.
In Bradford West UKIP have Pakistan-born Mohammed ‘Harry’ Boota’, a great friend of far-left George Galloway of the Respect Party.(See photo) In Bradford East, where our Jim Lewthwaite is standing, UKIP candidate is Owais Rajput (Muslim) a former long term Labour activist.
To Nigel Farage’s credit one of the most important things he has done is to press on with his exposing of the left-wing stance of the BBC, based on his experience of the packed leftie audience at the ‘challengers’ debate. Most of the media, including opposition TV channels, are still airing this as I write. Nevertheless, personally I don’t think I will vote UKIP. But again, I might change my mind as I like the character of the old boy (nearly my age) standing for UKIP where I live. Former pilot and now a nurseryman, he is proud of the fact that all his grandchildren live in Suffolk near him. I will have to think about it.

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