Apr 21, 2015

Yet Another Instance of Black Mob Violence

via Theden

On April 13th, Memphis, Tennessee experienced its latest outbreak of black mob violence. The attack occurred at a BP where large groups of black teenagers routinely gather. The victim, in this case, was Orrden Williams Jr., himself black.

In the moments prior the attack, Williams offered to escort an elderly white woman named Mary Fuller to her car. Fuller was worried about the tumult outside in the parking lot (Williams later testified that the teenagers were throwing gang signs and “putting up a ruckus”) and felt unsafe. Williams walked Fuller out to her vehicle, got her safely inside, and then shouted at the crowd of teenagers to disperse.

Seconds later, he was “sucker punched” from behind and a group of dozens of assailants descended on him, swinging wildly. The entire video can be seen here.

This is not an isolated incident in Memphis. The entire city has become a hotbed for black mob violence. One of the rare instances of such violence to receive something resembling mainstream media attention, in fact, happened at a Memphis Kroger. But that attack, as shocking as it was, was just the tip of the iceberg. Such violence is, in a word, commonplace: popping up in schools, apartment complexes, malls, skating rinks, shopping centers, and now gas stations.

Speaking of his ordeal, Orrden Williams revealed that he had a gun in the car that he fled to in order to escape further harm from the mob—one that he claimed he was close to using. There “would have been a couple of mommas who’s children wouldn’t have come home,” he said. He then added that they would have “justifiably” not come home.

Justifiable. That word has special resonance in contemporary America, especially where it concerns shootings in self defense. The same mainstream media that has been creating national crises out of routine and perfectly justifiable instances of self-defense, from Trayvon Martin to Mike Brown, the same media that has been front-paging local crime blotter stories whenever it can find an instance where a white cop shoots a black man, justified or not—that same media is largely silent on attacks like the one Williams suffered.

Lawlessness and violence are epidemic in American blacks, and independent journalists such as Colin Flaherty and Paul Kersey have been able to make a cottage industry of cataloging it because the MSM ignores it so reliably. There are hundreds upon hundreds of instances of black mob violence that have occurred in the past few years, but only a tiny fraction of them ever received attention from the big names in news. If these patterns were reported responsibly, they would of course go a long way in explaining why encounters between police officers and young black males are often so tense and high stakes and why they often turn violent. But the MSM is content to keep pushing its lies and half-truths in service of The Narrative, for reasons covered here and elsewhere.

For the time being, then, black mob violence will keep happening, and the powers that be will continue to turn a blind eye towards it. And another of Orrden William’s comments—the prediction that, if these attacks aren’t stopped “Someone’s going to die”—will continue to be vindicated, over and over again.

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