Sep 9, 2015

A Christian Nationalist Response to the Current European Migrant Crisis

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Chaos at Budapest-Keleti Train Station, Hungary
In what has been described as Europe’s greatest migrant crisis since World War II, the twenty-eight member states of the European Union are currently seeing 3,500 people cross its borders illegally every single day from primarily Middle Eastern and African countries. Scenes from Budapest (Keleti) train station in Hungary highlight the intensity of the problem Europe is currently facing and its urgent need to be immediately addressed.

Social justice and anti-racism warriors across the continent, are, of course welcoming the migrants with open arms, some even offering to take them into their homes.

At the very least, one has to credit the mainstream media for, to some extent, recognizing this mass process of migration of virtually entire peoples from the third to the first world as some sort of crisis. Notwithstanding, the mainstream narrative on the issue portrayed by the leftist media simply refuses to acknowledge the true dynamics and implications of the problem. In fact, it is a fantasy of almost fairy-tale-like proportions. Read, for example, this excerpt from a BBC report from 3 September, entitled “Migrant crisis: Photo of drowned boy sparks outcry“:
At least 12 Syrians trying to reach Greece have drowned off Turkey after the boats they were travelling in sank.
An image of one of the victims – a young boy lying face down on the beach – has sparked an international outcry over the human cost of the crisis. . . .
The picture, released by a Turkish news agency, is trending worldwide on Twitter under the #KiyiyaVuranInsanlik (“humanity washed ashore”) hashtag.
The pictured boy is reported to be three-year-old Aylan, who drowned along with his five-year-old brother Galip and their mother, Rihan. Their father, Abdullah Kurdi, survived.
He and his family reportedly sought asylum in Canada before attempting the journey – but their refugee application was turned down. . . .
Despite the reaction to the image online, there has been little reaction from European leaders.
This story about the drowned boy has been sentimentally used by news media all over Europe to highlight the “inhumanity” of the migrant crisis. Of course, sentimentalism is thereby used to further enforce the cultural Marxist and open-borders agenda upon Western Christian nations. A further example is the countless media articles reporting that these third-world aliens enter into Germany shouting “Thank you, Germany! We love you, Germany!” as they enter the country.

To be fair, many (if not most) of the average leftist social justice warriors you’ll find out on the street have been “educated” to not conceptualize anything in terms of an actions-have-consequences paradigm, so for their part the sentimentalist narrative basically entails that the institutionalized injustices caused by “white privilege” necessitate that Europeans take in as many immigrants as possible so that the fruits of “white privilege” can be more equally divided. Of course, we all know that “white privilege” as some kind of abstract inexplicable sociohistorical mechanism in which white people magically, without any apparent reason or explanation (remember: race doesn’t really exist!), managed to unjustly oppress all nonwhites, is a myth. White privilege, of course. does exist in the sense that whites are genetically, culturally, and historically, in many regards, more blessed by God than other races. But for the Christian, opposing this as unjust would amount not only to ungratefulness to the Giver of all good gifts, but also to blasphemy in seeking the re-creation of a “superior” social and created order than that provided by the most wise God. Opposing any kind of true, unobjectionable white privilege consequently amounts to the assertion of one’s own sovereignty over the sovereignty of God.

It’s not that I don’t sympathize with the little boy’s family, lament the heartbreaking suffocation of numerous fleeing refugees, or sorrow for the tragic deaths of more than 2,000 aliens attempting to enter Europe this year alone; these most certainly amount to tragic losses. In fact, I would counter that the mainstream leftist paradigm isn’t doing these people any good. All of these migrant deaths are, rather, all part of a much bigger problem – one that the media and politicians simply refuse to acknowledge because of their politically correct agenda, which is ultimately to destroy Western Civilization.

Some leftist commentators even blame the historical cultural influence of Christianity for the so-called “lack of sympathy” by Europeans for the migrants. Apparently, peacefully going about your daily business trying to make the best of your life while Africans and Middle Easterners are overrunning your nation and destroying your culture is just not good enough – one has a moral obligation to suicidally support the process.

Perhaps even more discouraging, however, are the responses of many European Christians who have managed to nearly equal the idiocy of their leftist counterparts. Pope Francis has come out saying that Europeans resisting mass immigration are sinning against God. In Germany, Marxist “Protestants” are abusing German cultural tradition of “church sanctuary” in order to harbor criminals. Similarly in the Netherlands, the largest Protestant Church has opened the doors of its empty church buildings for the same purpose.1 Even Reformed theologians from “conservative” denominations have come out and basically said that the Bible speaks nothing against mass immigration as such and merely teaches Christians to treat immigrants with niceness.2

You’d expect the enemies of Christendom to advocate for policies that destroy Western Civilization. At the very least you can expect that, albeit with skillful deception at times, they advocate policies consistent with their own agenda. However, when you hear Christians merely echoing these Marxist sentiments, only sugarcoating it with a few references to “Jesus,” a righteous anger should rightfully flare up inside of every godly believer in biblical law. It is therefore my calling, in obedience to God, to refute this Marxist position masquerading under the guise of Christianity.

First of all, when these “conservative” theologians claim that Scripture doesn’t speak explicitly to the issue of “mass immigration,” they are correct in a sense. They err when they deduce from this that Scripture provides  no weighty moral directives on the issue. This is, coming from educated theologians, an outright lie. Scripture does not speak to the issue of “mass immigration” because Scripture does not categorically recognize the concept. Scripture correctly recognizes that what is currently happening to Europe – and what has effectively been happening since World War II – is a foreign invasion. It also clearly recognizes a foreign invasion to be a form of judgment upon an apostate people (Isa. 5:24-30). That this biblical analysis of the matter at hand is indeed correct is further evidenced by the fact that what the invaders are currently doing in Europe is exactly what inferior pagan foreign invaders did to superior cultures throughout all ages: they pillage resources, murder, rape, seize political power, and take ownership of the land.

French nationalist leader Marine Le Pen is certainly right in identifying that Western military intervention in the Middle East and North Africa, supported by both leftist and neoconservative governments, has destabilized these regions. Our godless governments’ support of unjust wars is certainly catching up to us in more ways than one. This is one of the sins of the West – handing over the political power in our own countries to Zionists, who base their entire foreign policy on supporting and expanding the power of the state of Israel. In fact, it may well be that the US/NATO-led destabilization of Libya in overthrowing the Gaddafi regime did it, in part, to open the floodgates from North Africa into Europe. Ironically, however, one of the countries that is least guilty of Middle Eastern and Central/North African destabilization, Hungary, is currently suffering the most under this foreign invasion. Furthermore, Hungary is also one of the few remaining European nations that can still in many regards be legitimately classified as Christian.

In fact, amid the current crisis, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has reiterated his long-held position that the influx of these hundreds of thousands of foreigners from countries so radically culturally and religiously distinct from Europe is threatening the Christian culture and values of European and Hungarian society. Thankfully for Hungary, though, it seems as though most aliens’ intention are only to use the country as a pathway to Germany.

A biblical, Christian response to this chaos would acknowledge the element of divine judgment in the foreign invasion that Europe is currently suffering. Nonetheless, as Christians, we don’t believe in karma, and although we can certainly grant that there is a sense in which godless Europe is getting what it deserves, we can in no way support this foreign invasion of white countries; we are called to defend our people’s existence. After all, as Rev. Bret McAtee points out: “[D]ead people don’t repent. And so while our mad border-less immigration pursuit is only a symptom of a far greater disease it is a symptom that must be dealt with now so that the patient lives long enough to be cured of the disease.” McAtee writes for the American context, but this is certainly true for Europe as well. Prime Minister Orban also recognizes that Christianity in Europe is under pressure as it is, and accepting even more immigrants will only make the situation for the church increasingly difficult.

As Christians, we have to start by rejecting and refuting the Marxist narrative of the history of Western Christendom as one written by our enemies for the purpose of destroying our great civilization. Whereas the Marxist sees the white man as the ever-oppressing source of all the evil of the world, Christians need to counter with a covenantal conception of our own history, recognizing the divine guidance of God’s Spirit in establishing His church among the white nations of the world and providentially using us to establish His Kingdom on earth. Hilaire Belloc famously stated, “The faith is Europe. And Europe is the faith.”3 Despite the suicidal tenets of so many contemporary Dutch Reformed thinkers, this wasn’t always the case. In a speech from 1867, the Dutch Reformed political theorist Guillaume Groen Van Prinsterer argues explicitly against the mass assimilation of peoples through immigration and intermarriage, as already advocated at that time by the Communist Manifesto:
You know, profound philosophers, wise politicians, benefactors of modern Europe, what you get if you would reach your utopia? Then you get, if you can call it that, colorless ‘nations’ without a backbone, communities, crowds, masses, conglomerations of individuals, a collections of atoms, then you get dust that becomes mud. . . . As Vinet put it, ‘rebels today, slaves tomorrow.’ Then you get with your unity of . . . language and race, those kinds of races which de Tocqueville had said in his admirable writings: breeds as docile as sheep, with shepherds leading them to the fold or to the butcher; shepherds letting them graze in the pastures of ungodliness and sin, finally condemning them to be massacred on the battlefields.4
These prophetic words regarding the destruction of Western Christendom through the neo-Babelist agenda, which creates one world mass without true national identity or fidelity, is even truer today than it was in Groen’s own time. We must realize that these sentimental examples of suffering migrants elevated by the media are done not from genuine concern, but with the agenda of destroying Christendom. This current crisis is all part of a greater anti-white and anti-Christian scheme. The same powers which destabilize fairly stable Middle Eastern countries also sentimentally call for Europe’s gates to be cast wide open to resolve this artificial chaos. As many of these aliens are radical jihadists, cultural Marxists then justify the intensified imposition of their forceful sodomite and feminist propaganda on everyone in European countries, further destroying whatever is left of traditional Christianity, all to battle a problem of radicalism that they themselves created. The hypocrisy of these Western leaders should be sufficient to expose their agenda: when they, through military intervention, kill hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in the Middle East and North Africa in order to establish “democratic regimes,” i.e. regimes that are more pro-Israel, then the loss of these innocent lives don’t bother the mainstream thought-leaders too much. Yet, when a little boy drowns in the Mediterranean Sea due to the irresponsible (and illegal!) actions of his parents – who, by the way, should receive primary blame for this tragedy – then suddenly the narrative switches completely.

A superior alternative course of action amid the current crisis, which numerous Christians are now proposing, is to grant asylum only to those Christian Arab and African refugees fleeing persecution for their faith, such as recently proposed by the government of Slovakia. While I respect such an attempt at Christian solidarity, there are a few flaws in this argument that need to be exposed. First of all, while it is indeed noble to provide refuge for all who seek it in our house (be it domestic or national), biblically, refuge is understood to be a very temporary situation, with the guest moving on in due time (I Sam. 22:3; Ruth. 1:1-6; Matt. 2:13-14; Acts 28:30). Thus, while this noble and biblical practice can and should be promoted among Christians and be more fervently practiced, it is ultimately not applicable to the current crisis of mass migrations into Europe. Nowhere in Scripture would one find a godly example of a family, tribe, or nation willingly sacrificing the inheritance of their progeny for the sake of global humanitarianism, which is exactly the judgment under which Europe is currently suffering. In fact, sacrificing your children’s tribal and/or national inheritance for the sake of the well-being of foreigners, even if it were to be from a genuine concern, is expressly prohibited by biblical law, which indicates that such a concern is man-centered, unwise, misplaced, self-destructive (i.e. a violation of both the fifth and sixth commandments), and therefore sinful.

Furthermore, what goes unmentioned in the media is that even despite the chaos in Africa and the Middle East, many safehavens remain within these regions, making it utterly unnecessary for Arabic and African people to flood Europe. Jordan, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates are examples of Arabic countries with sizable Christian minorities and relative sociopolitical stability even amid the current crisis in the Middle East – yet these countries comparatively take in very few refugees. Even Israel, that glorified democracy and “only ally” of America in the Middle East, would make a great refuge. But as has been the case with both Syria and Libya, the powers that occupy the West seem hellbent on destabilizing all safehavens for persecuted Christians in Africa and the Middle East, with South Sudan being the most recent example.

If true European traditionalist Christians want to end this ongoing crisis, the solution ultimately is to avoid the mere symptom-treatment advocated by the humanists, which would only further incite the dangerous process of migration, leading to more and more migrant casualties and the eventual genocide of European peoples and culture. The ideological root of the problem needs to be addressed if any kind of sustainable solutions are to be found. Ironically, there are two remarkably simple policy-changes that could be implemented with much more ease than any of the permissible and politically-correct alternatives currently proposed in the mainstream: 1) the current suicidal immigration policy needs to be forsaken in favor of a biblical model of ethnonationalism, and 2) the imperialist interventionist foreign policy needs to be replaced by the biblical golden rule. We should do as little as possible to cause this tragic political instability, and given our current situation, any refuges should be provided within a safe distance and of a temporary nature for the refugees, such that the national integrity of the host nations is not compromised. If the situation is genuinely so extreme that Syrians cannot reasonably remain within their home country, then nearby nations should be impressed with the obligation to provide some sort of asylum for them, both for the good of the traveling migrants and for the relative cultural and ethnic homogeneity which that would provide. Yet none of this is applicable to the current proposed solutions, as immigrants are invited to travel thousands of miles with small children in order to fully assimilate into a vastly foreign people and culture for an indefinite duration, with no regard given to the well-being of the European hosts. While the provision of asylum for foreign refugees is not itself contrary to biblical ethnonationalism, any disproportionate manner, degree, or duration of refugee-incorporation is – and modern Europeans, with the exception of Hungary and perhaps others, are failing to provide any weight whatever to this crucial biblical principle.

Additionally, the white European people on the ground desperately need to start having more children, in obedience to the very first divine command (Gen.1:28) – which would include fighting for the criminalization of abortion – lest they should have an equally large contribution to their own genocide as their hypocritical political overlords. Ultimately, the message of the great Old Testament prophets to the people of Israel remains every bit as relevant for the people of Europe today: “Repent and live!”


  1. – note: article is in Dutch
  2. – note: article is in Dutch
  3. Conclusion, Europe and the Faith (1920)
  4. Speech entitled De religieuze nationaliteit met betrekking tot NEDERLAND en De EVANGELISCHE ALLIANTIE. Amsterdam, 22 August 1867. My own translation from the original Dutch.

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