Sep 14, 2015

Against Victor Davis Hanson’s “Western Exceptionalism”

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Victor Davis Hanson
On a personal level, reminding minorities that they’re generally cognitively deficient on average relative to Whites feels mean-spirited and cruel. In practice, it often is. And, yet, contemporary American politics leave us with absolutely no choice but to stand by this inconvenient truth and defend it at all costs. Our enemies know that well-mannered White folks would rather choke their own children than defend that position, which is why it’s the first and hardest position they go after when they’re politically assaulting our extended family of White American co-ethnics.

Imagine playing basketball with a dwarf who’s in denial about being a dwarf. As you racked up the score, he would grow more and more resentful and suspicious, convinced that you’re somehow cheating. He would resort to increasingly elaborate conspiracy theories about why you’re winning in order to avoid reconciling himself to the fact that he’s congenitally less capable of playing basketball. And so it goes with White and Western relations with the rest of humanity, continuously dreaming up ever more subtle and convoluted reasons why we keep winning.

Micro-aggressions, institutional racism, real estate shenanigans, the soft bigotry of low expectations, police brutality. Anything and everything but a realistic appraisal of natural differences.

And it’ll keep happening until we cry out, “You’re a dwarf!” and refuse to play the game. It’s certainly insensitive to do so. The guy can’t help being a dwarf, after all. But if he carries on angrily accusing and even abusing you because of his delusions, there comes a point when it’s necessary. Victor Davis Hanson’s latest, “Is the West Dead Yet?” offers an escape from this moral crisis in the West by claiming we’re winning at the game not because we’re White but because of global capitalism and its affects, which naturally leads to the conclusion that we owe it to the world as our Rich Man’s Burden to impose global capitalism on the rest.

While Goldberg is throwing a childish tantrum and giving up on polemics, Hanson’s skillfully updated the neocon shtick to account for the new populist Zeitgeist. His article heaps on the White Resentment, reminding us about Islamic radicalism, the Mexican invasion, Black crime, #BlackLivesMatter faggotry, Obama’s anti-White agenda, and so much more, …only to redirect that boiling frustration into the same old National Review project of guaranteeing global military and economic power projection and low corporate taxes. White Americans will continue to be cuckolded until they fully awaken and refuse to play the game, and Victor Davis Hanson is modeling the latest angle.

Hanson’s metapolitics don’t hold up. Whites succeed when they’re socialist. Whites succeed when they’re capitalist. Whites succeed when they’re directly democratic. Whites succeed when they’re autocratic. Whites in Russia even made a pretty damn good go of an absurd and inhuman centralized command economy. Whites succeed relative to others because they’re White, as vulgar and hurtful as that truth may ring. Portland and Detroit are both socialist, and yet one is idyllic and the other is apocalyptic. Hanson boldly presents his obviously false theory with all the pomp of a naked emperor strutting down the thoroughfare because he knows that his theory cannot be disproven, as doing so would violate the social taboo against racial realism.

The debate is structured so that the only way to defeat them is through racial realism and naming the Jew, even if you’re not comfortable with it. It’s possible and necessary to be honest about racial differences without ill-will toward the rest of God’s children. Tall folks are generally better at basketball than dwarves, Africans are generally better at basketball than Whites, and Whites are generally better at creating and sustaining advanced civilization than Africans. These truths don’t make us superior in a moral sense, and I see no implied right (or duty) to rule over non-Whites due to these unearned and innate advantages. But when it’s insisted that they’re are stolen or (worse) the product of capitalist greed, then it’s imperative to be forthright: We Whites aren’t privileged, we’re gifted. Deal with it.

Hanson illustrates why this uncomfortable task of insisting that European excellence is congenital rather than situational is mandatory. In it, he rolls out what we’re going to start seeing more of, which is an Islamophobic, anti-immigration, neo-colonial conservative vision which frames the Atlanticist multinational corporate agenda of invading and subjugating the Global South while containing China, Persia, and Russia in romantic ideological terms.

Hanson’s position is the neocon position, tweaked in light of the popular mood to backseat its immigration invasion agenda in order to preserve its cardinal imperative: capitalist neo-colonialism. According to Hanson, the West is “great” because of its mercantilism. And in light of the wonders of mercantilism, it has an implied global Manifest Destiny to share this bounty of democracy, equality, contract law, and Burger King franchises with the entire world.
Westerners are afraid to explain why the non-West suffers and what it might do to end its own miseries.
To do that would be imperialistic and neo-colonial.
False. To do that would be racist.
But it is worse than that: Western elites deny their own exceptionalism, and deny any reason for their own privilege other than the easy private guilt of citing the Holy Trinity of “race/class/gender.”
Throughout the piece, he offers to challenge the Cultural Marxism of the Left, but only within the equally villainous economic reductionist logic of mercantile capitalism. To liberate ourselves, we must break out of both economic reductionist frames; the neo-Marxist economic reductionist frame and the libertarian one proffered by Hanson.
The first casualty in a bored and would-be-revolutionary society is legality. And certainly in the West the law — whose sanctity built Western civilization — has become a joke.
Law and order is vital for the capitalist, as uncertainty about the rules imperils capital investment. Capitalists despise “risk.” While I agree with the capitalists that a reliable and consistent legal order is generally preferable to the chaos, cronyism, and bribery of the Global South, laws exist for communities and their traditions, not vice-versa. I don’t care about “law and order” in relation to the jailing of Kim Davis for refusing to sign the gay “marriage” certificates, because the integrity of a community and its culture is more important than fidelity to law and order.
Without the former, the latter will surely be lost, anyway.
It would be easy to say they are neo–French Revolutionaries who believe social justice, not old white men’s privilege, is the better law code.
Social justice, the true social justice of Huey Long and Father Coughlin, is indeed superior to these tyrannical legal codes.
America is Europeanizing itself, an odd thing, given that Europeans always feared that their Hellenism would be buried under crass American Romanism.
The problem isn’t that we Americans are becoming too European. The problem is that both America and Europe aren’t European enough. Not in some arid academic sense, but in the literal biological sense. Americans and Europeans are being silenced, displaced, and replaced, and the sorts of societies they create are being replaced along with them.
At least for now, we are in a cycle of Western decline, waiting either for another Churchill, Thatcher, or Reagan […or Hitler?] to scold us out of it — or for an existential enemy, foreign or domestic, of such power and danger that all our progressive pieties will dissipate in the face of danger.
The existential enemy has arrived and our progressive pieties are indeed dissipating in the face of danger. The enemy is triune; subversive Jewish elites who resent Western Christendom and actively seek its destruction, cannibal capitalists like Hanson who wish to profit from the Western colonial exploitation and subjugation of the Global South even as it destroys the very Western societies it depends upon, and the opportunistic invaders who are exploiting the betrayals of the first two categories of enemy to conquer Europe demographically by spilling into our heartlands by the tens of millions as refugees, anchor babies, and whatnot.

Of course, Hanson disregards the real Western Exceptionalism, our unique inheritance of aptitudes and abilities, as taboo racism. Hanson has a whole suite of words to shun–but not refute–the nascent uprising throughout the West; nativism, protectionism, fascism, hooliganism, racism, socialism, petty nationalism, and anti-semitism.
Bounty to boredom to decadence to panic to reawakening to ascendance has always been the cyclical way of the West.
In Hanson’s perverted historiography, decadence is deviation from mercantile oligarchy. For Hanson, the Golden Age of his cyclical worldview was that pristine era when the colonial capitalists were pillaging the world’s resources but the consequences of their actions and ideologies had not yet come into full bloom. The West is not an organic, historical, and spiritual collection of similar tribes, but rather a big soup of atomized individuals whose merit lies in their economic productivity and their fidelity to ideals which enhance their economic productivity.

If Hanson’s vision is all Europe truly stands for, then count me among its enemies. Fortunately, it’s not. The West is a family of nations with authentic organic faith, family, and folk identities who deserve to survive and thrive, and they’ll have to defeat the Jewish oligarchs, Victor Davis Hanson, the hostile invaders, and all of their toxic ideologies in order to do so.

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