Sep 17, 2015

Antifa Leftism Is Going Down

via TradYouth

Frankly, I hesitate to call It’s Going Down‘s hit piece on Matthew Heimbach a hit piece. For me, it’s a glowing confirmation that our “angle”: honest and direct advocacy for struggling and marginal White Americans in populist and traditional language, is going according to plan. There’s really no angle to our angle. It’s the anti-angle, the rejection of perennial attempts by White Advocates to pretend to be tea party patriots, libertarian ideologues, and paleocon Republicans.

Borrowing a page from homosexual activists, we decided to just come out of the closet as the Radical Traditionalist identitarians we actually are…and it’s working. Having spent the past several years arguing internally over the wisdom of this strategy, it’s refreshing to have that most validating of validations: panic in the enemy camp.
Heimbach has clear links to white-power groups, but he represents a new breed of white nationalist that is different from the Klan, racist militia movement, and the Neo-Nazi skinheads that have dominated the racist Right for the last several decades. Although Heimbach is only in his mid-20s, he has become a leading light in the white racist scene which has grown under Obama’s presidency and the continuing economic crisis.
We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.
As evident in the recent Presidential run of billionaire Donald Trump who has campaigned on an anti-immigration platform, many white workers are disaffected with the current system and are swinging towards the Right. In many ways, white nationalists like Heimbach represent the revolutionary potential of this reactionary and racist shift that hopes to create a fascist government by seizing the reigns of this one. Heimbach, who has also drawn scorn from the old guard of the racist Right for his revolutionary approach […]
They continue to incorrectly assume, along with pretty much everybody else on all sides, that we’re simple “racists.” As identitarians who happen to be White, we’re going to continue fighting for and standing for our identity, including our racial identity, without apology or moderation. Our pan-nationalist identitarian ideals require us to honor and respect every other traditional identity, as well. We’re opposed to the antiquated and irrelevant White Supremacy that It’s Going Down imagines we’re for and also the encrypted neo-colonial White Supremacy that It’s Going Down perpetuates and promotes.


They’ve concocted some street propaganda to go along with their anti-Heimbach campaign…


Let’s address this propaganda point-by-point:

The Jews didn’t foreclose your home, the banks did. Whether you blame the shoe or the foot depends on whose foot is in the shoe, it appears. In their essay, they don’t claim that “colonialism” or the United States government genocided the American Indians. No. That was done by White people. We could call a truce here and agree to specifically blame the owners of the banks, but that would bring us right back to being anti-semitic. These guys are constantly running interference for Jewish Power, even making a point to blame “Zionists” and the obviously controlled “Christian Zionists” instead of “Jews” for the ongoing Jewish genocide of the Palestinian indigenous peoples.

Mexicans didn’t take your jobs, corporations outsourced them. Outsourcing is actually a separate issue from the tens of millions of economic migrants who’ve been lured in from the Global South to underbid American workers (of all races). We’ve been very clear in our messaging that we blame the multinational corporations and the Jewish Lobby for prying our borders open. We’re actually a bit more moderate than Donald Trump on this one. While the Mexicans who’ve been brought in to bust up our unions and underbid our workers gotta go, we only speak in punitive language about the treasonous employers, the corporate lobbyists, and anti-White open borders Leftists.

African Americans didn’t raise your rent, developers did. Wait, what? Who said that? African American neighbors generally depress property values and drive down rent. This makes no sense.

Pollution, Endless War, Rising Cost of Living, Police Brutality. We’re exceedingly conservationist. While they’re bragging about making the situation worse in Syria with their own “anarchist” fighters in the melee, I’ve been sending charity to Syrian Christian families for years. You want to see what an endless war is like, check out the anarchist terrorists who carried on slaughtering civilians decades after the godawful Spanish Civil War was concluded.

Fascism and White Nationalism Offer No Solution, Only a Final One. None of us are calling for killing off all of the Jews. We’re calling for the Jews to stop killing off all of us. You want to know what our big scary solution is? Our “final solution” is for traditional communities and cultures to be allowed to govern and sustain themselves free from ideologues, corporations, and their street fighters (these guys) attacking them. These guys hate White people, and they won’t rest until every last White community has been destroyed. This isn’t some kind of hysterical inference, but rather a statement made in the essay; that they will not rest until every last White community has been destroyed.


The ADL, SPLC, and these guys are all puzzled about the financial and social lock-out we receive from most of the traditional White Power movement, but the answer is simple if one sets aside the propaganda for a moment to recognize what actually sets us apart. We’re not trying to restore White dominance in America. We’re not even trying to restore America. We’re trying to work toward a new order which empowers all traditional identities by deconstructing the monolithic mercantile multicultural behemoth of “America.” We stand against White Supremacy in favor of decentralization, localism, regional sovereignty, and peaceful secession.

We’re actively collaborating with non-Whites and non-Americans to pursue that vision, a strategy which alienates White chauvinists and knee-jerk patriots alike. We stand for White Power, Black Power, Red Power, and every other organic identity against Jewish Power and the Money Power. We’re not welcome in conservative circles because we’re actually closer in our ideology in critical ways to authentic old school socialists than we are to Republicans, namely in our anti-colonial and anti-corporate orientation. Aside from showering and laying off the weed, our major differences with the radical Left are that we’re actually willing to name the forces behind our oppression and we believe that tribe and tradition are keys to victory over those forces.

Even the Left’s own marquee intellectuals grudgingly admit that the antifa opposition to identity and religion is counter-productive…
See, capitalism is not fundamentally racist — it can exploit racism for its purposes, but racism isn’t built into it. Capitalism basically wants people to be interchangeable cogs, and differences among them, such as on the basis of race, usually are not functional. I mean, they may be functional for a period, like if you want a super exploited workforce or something, but those situations are kind of anomalous. Over the long term, you can expect capitalism to be anti-racist — just because its anti-human. — Noam Chomsky
Chomsky not only confirms that global capitalism is toxic to the utterly natural human condition of existing in racial and ethnic groups, he confirms that organized religion has done far more to meaningfully threaten global capitalism than the atheist anti-White Left could ever dream.
I think religion has often played a very positive role. Take western civilization, the Catholic Church has played an honorable role in helping those in need. In contrast, the US carried out a virtual war against the church in central America in the 1980’s primarily because prime elements in the church were working with great courage and honor to help those in need. And to organize them to help themselves. It is more than symbolic that the decade opened with the assassination of an archbishop and ended with the murder of 6 Jesuit intellectuals, in both cases by military forces armed and trained by the US government. — Noam Chomsky
At this point, organized religion is pretty definitively cuckolded by globalist interests. But hope lies in Christ specifically and in faith and tradition in general which won’t be found in any contrived political ideology. If enough of us fight and win the spiritual battle to discipline ourselves as defenders of the faith, our families, and our folk, and then we become organized, we’ll become the new organized religion.
The rallying cry of the Traditionalist Youth Network of “Family, Folk, and Faith,” echoes a chord with much of middle America […]
Not to nit-pick, but the slogan is: ‘Faith, Family, and Folk.’ The order matters.
Like Fascists in Italy, Germany, and Spain, Heimbach attacks whole sections of the working-class (people of color, queer folks, women, etc) and anything seen as “communist,” “anarchist,” or “leftist,” but at the same time portrays his movement as something that fights for the (white) working-class and against capitalism and the ‘big banks.’ But in reality, Heimbach, and all other Neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and fascists like him, have nothing to offer anyone in the working class other than a totalitarian State that seeks total control of the population and will use extreme violence to get it.
I’ve never really had a reflexive “homophobic” aversion to homosexuals. The behavior is unsettling and immoral, and the Gay Agenda is toxic to individuals, families, and societies. But what really grabs me is how “queer folks” have managed to achieve an almost Jew-like domination of the minority victim coalition despite (read: because of) their being generally affluent, White, and privileged as a class. In our campus activism, we’ve found that our primary opponents are first the Jews, then the faggots, then the feminists, and only rarely minorities who can credibly argue that we have more “privilege” than them.

It’s a fascinating thing to behold, hyper-privileged Jewish kids, wealthy homosexuals, and pampered middle-class feminists organizing to challenge “my” privilege as a truck driving factory working trailer park raised son of a coal miner. We’re winning the argument with these soi distant “anarchists” over who actually stands for the working man in America because our argument is more credible. They’re lobbying for the Chamber of Commerce to import ever more third world laborers to pit against the local worker, struggling mightily for chicks with dicks to receive taxpayer-funded operations and privilege-class protections, and hysterically covering for the Jewish banking interests at the heart of the global exploitation matrix.

While my cardinal consideration is for my own people, I have no doubt that non-White workers would fare better under our proposed vision than they would under the antifa who are so eager to use them as shields. Your typical Black worker (not their specially selected token Leftist buddy on campus) is more religious than average, less tolerant of sexual degeneracy than average, and more loyal to their racial identity than they are to their class or political identity. In short, even America’s minority workers are closer to the TradYouth vision than they are to the Leftist vision.
Those looking to stop the rise of a US version of Golden Dawn, British National Party (BNP), or even some extreme auxiliary (or more openly) racist version of the Republicans or the Tea Party, needs to take note of Heimbach, the Traditionalist Youth Network, and this new breed of American fascism.
It’s too late to stop our project, but you’re welcome to try.
We need to stay on guard because ultimately the fascists are trying to recruit the same people we are looking to work with: the poor, the unemployed, the laid-off, and the disaffected.
There’s really no contest here. Y’all are so far up your own asses (…metaphorically…) that you can’t even admit how alienated from the true victims of global capitalism you’ve become. Try to step back from all of the carefully contrived pronouns and labels you’ve crafted to make it all seem okay and acknowledge that while families are struggling to make ends meet and stick together, you’re more concerned about slaughtering children in their mothers’ wombs, surgically mutilating your genitals, and playing carefully choreographed games of controlled opposition grabass with the working class local beat cops than helping your alleged target audience.

Even if abortion, men in miniskirts, and fuck da police stuff are all important, they’re surely not as important as protecting the marginal from economic exploitation. Even from a Leftist degenerate perspective, it would seem that working men need living wages to afford their mini-skirts and affordable homes to pirouette around in. The extent to which Jewish interests, White girl feminism, and queerdom have eclipsed authentic social justice issues is the extent to which the Left is too beholden to powerful privilege groups to effectively engage workers…and not just the White ones.
In a recent article by The New Yorker, the author hangs out with Heimbach and his co-horts while they watch the Republican debates. The author notices how Matthew Parrot[t], (who apparently is in a mixed-race relationship, go figure), co-founder of the TYN and Heimbach’s father-in-law, sips from a swastika coffee cup. To further muddy the waters, Heimbach has also been very supportive of the Neo-Nazi and white nationalist website, The Daily Stormer, which is blatantly anti-Semitic, racist, and pro-Nazi.
To the best of my knowledge, Matt Parrott is not in a mixed-race relationship.

We refuse to play the whole game of dodging “links” because to do so guarantees our paralysis. We’re not exactly Nazis, but we’re certainly inspired by much of what they did. The article claims we’re more religious about it because we’re attempting to twist Nazism for an American audience. Americans, especially the youth we generally focus on, aren’t all that religious. And if this were a calculated angle, we would have gone for a more familiar denomination than our own.
So, while Matthew is smart enough to realize that the white sheets and swastikas hurt his image, as the same time, he still needs the warm embrace of the white nationalist movement for numbers and support.
They do themselves a disservice in their analysis by insisting that we’re essentially Nazi Klansmen (a historically incoherent left-wing scarecrow). Nazism and the KKK are specific movements with specific visions that we’re not exactly aligned with. We have a “No Enemies on the White” policy of never allowing fear of leftist smears to influence our decisions. Leftists don’t run around all the time purging their friend lists of everybody to the left of themselves, and we’re not going to get drawn into that mug’s game.
Throughout the 1990s however, those on the racist Right were seeing the growth of both an old, and new foe – anarchists. Learning from experiences by militants in the UK group, Anti-Fascist Action, a new group in the 90s called Anti-Racist Action (ARA) hit the streets and used physical confrontation to shut down meetings, protests, rallies, and events called by white nationalists, the KKK, and Neo-Nazis skinheads.
The “No Platform” approach to White identitarians, regardless of whether they’re actually even totalitarians or racial chauvinists, has never worked. In confrontation after confrontation, we’ve won, sending dozens of anti-White thugs to jail, prison, or the hospital over the years, with only minor interruption. Hearkening back to their Marxist heritage, they’ll continue goading wave after wave of gullible young men into legal peril and physical harm with no consideration for the welfare of their supporters.

As a political strategist who considers myself accountable for the welfare of the people I’m leading, I strive to be responsive to data. If a tactic isn’t working, then I cease promoting that tactic. The record is quite clear that the “No Platform” idea has proven an unmitigated failure, and yet the leaders (who rarely if ever actually do any of the fighting themselves) keep insisting on it because they have no other ideas and they have no sense of accountability for their rhetoric. After Charleston, we spent days discussing how we can tune our message to discourage future tragedies. After Tinley Park, the Leftists spent months trying to laud the kids who injured waitstaff, elderly diners, and themselves as heroes to emulate.
While Matthew presents his past as almost “prole-cred,” Poolesville in reality is an extremely affluent suburb of Washington, DC.
As a man with more bonafide prole-cred than everyone else involved in the debate, I wish to emphasize that one’s background is irrelevant to the struggle for the working family. If you have more money, great. If you know how to rock a three-piece suit, fantastic. If you’ve never worked third shift in an automotive factory, good for you. Authenticity in this struggle isn’t determined by one’s parent’s tax returns, but by one’s sacrifices for his faith, family, and folk.

While we do target the working class because they’re the bedrock of society and they’re the most distressed, we’re emphatically not Marxists and we refuse to pit our economic brackets against one another.
This not to mention of course that the idea that there was a surging problem of “black on white crime” was ludicrous, but of course that wasn’t the point. Like all of the reactionary moves of Heimbach, the point wasn’t the facts, but generalizing and capitalizing on the fears of white people towards blacks.
This isn’t the eighties, guy (or whatever your preferred gender pronoun is). Everybody reading your article is reading it in a web browser which contains multiple tabs, empowering them to open a separate tab and confirm that “black on white crime” is a very real problem in America, certainly much greater than “police on black crime” or discrimination against the HIV positive, or whatever marginal grievance hobby horse you’re riding this week.

[H]ow can anarchists reach out to rural and disenfranchised poor and working-class whites with a message of class war that also seeks to destroy the fascists and racialized capitalism?
This single sentence is so stuffed full of false premises and bad ideas that I’m going to need a bomb squad robot to unpack it…

Anarchism and Marxism are Synonymous?

There’s nothing anarchist about applied Marxism. In theory, after an extended period of centralized state control, a Dictatorship of the Proletariat, Marxism promises that the state will naturally melt away as the worker’s paradise becomes a Utopian Smurfville. In practice, Marxism is dramatically more totalitarian than any authoritarian fascist regimes ever hoped to be. In practice, there is no stronger and more ruthless state than a Marxist state, which makes the arranged marriage with anarchism especially farcical.

Capitalism is Racialized?

Please re-read the aforementioned Chomsky quote on the matter. Ethnic, racial, and even family identities are all impediments to the free flow of capital for the capitalists. Absolutely every single board member of every single Fortune 500 corporation will gladly tell you that he abhores what we’re doing, and every single one of those corporations has invested millions and millions in fighting White identity, either directly or indirectly. The notion that multinational corporations favor White identity is so hysterical and counter-factual that it boggles the mind that it could be asserted to the contrary.

Challenge: Remove the calls for violence from your message, state your goals without any of the triggering radical lexicon, and find one Fortune 500 executive who will go on record disagreeing with it. Antifa are basically Hillary Clinton with an edgelord aesthetic. If you can, it’ll only be a matter of degree, with an executive declaring that you’re taking things a bit too far.

Leftists Want to Help Working Whites?

It’s dawning on Leftists that their track record of hating and degrading working Whites is a strategic vulnerability, and that their traditional enemies (yours truly) are reaching that audience. They don’t want to help working Whites. They want them to continue being invisible. They want to continue blaming them (rather than the global capitalists and natural differences) for minority complaints. They want to continue making films, passing laws, and writing essays insulting and attacking working White folks, their religion, their cultures, their identities, and their family structures.

Most importantly, they aggressively work to redistribute their jobs to foreigners and minorities in the zero-sum game of fighting over limited economic resources. The game wouldn’t have to be zero-sum if these supposed anti-capitalists spent at least as much time going after capitalists as they spend going after “racist white patriarchy.” In order to reach working Whites, the Left would have to renounce and denounce its implicitly and explicitly anti-White agenda, cease its hostility to religion and tradition, and stop trying to destroy the natural and wholesome patriarchal nuclear family.

In other words, the only way the Left is going to reach working Whites is to become TradYouth.

Anarchism is an Exclusively Leftist Phenomenon?

It would do us all well for all sides to just drop their label guns and declare a truce, as the actual ideas associated with the labels and the people who carry the labels have become hopelessly muddled. Our Traditionalist Worker Party’s motto is “Local Solutions to the Globalist Problem.” Academically, our secessionist and decentralist platform is dramatically more “anarchist” than the centralized state class warfare redistribution schemes these “anarchists” favor. Somehow, for subcultural and historical reasons, it’s just understood that I’m a totalitarian fascist because I’m pro-White and the sexually confused kid who supports Obama and strict gun laws is an “anarchist.”


I swear, our opponents must not have web browsers…
What remains constant for Heimbach and other Neo-Nazis and white nationalists are several key concepts and points. This includes the idea that there is large scale Jewish control over the government and mass media and it is determined to “destroy the white race.” Heimbach, like fascists in the past, also contends that “international Jewry” controls both capitalism and “communism,” aka anything left-wing, at the same time.
The organized Jewish community clearly runs America’s foreign policy, clearly controls the keystone global financial institutions, and clearly dictates the mass media narrative. They barely even try to hide it anymore, and a growing chorus of voices within the organized Jewish community are expressing concern that Sheldon Adelson’s getting a bit too overt with his control of the presidential election process, the Federal Reserve’s leadership is too obviously Jewish, and Hollywood’s too ham-fistedly pushing Jewish themes.
While dubious and hoax trac[t]s like ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion,’ are laughable, people still read them and believe that a group of Jews runs the world, not a ruling class protected by military force, police, and networks of power.
David Icke catches a lot of flack for insisting that the global capitalist elites are actually an alien race of extraterrestrial space lizards. I think people should cut him some slack, as the null hypothesis of radical Leftists is even more outlandish. According to them, there are categorically no patterns of ethnicity, creed, or shared interests (aside from simple greed) among the elites.

Essentially, the Left is like Alex Jones, constantly crowing about the villainous “one percent” but never actually naming them. When they do point at or attack anybody, it’s usually a white worker. To get down to brass tacks would botch their neo-Marxist shtick, as the names and connections of the global elite confirm that it’s not so much a rainbow coalition of greedy capitalists but rather a closely-knit cabal of happy merchants wagging the global capitalist dog.
Imagine the police, surveillance, security, and bureaucratic State apparatus that would be needed to go from house to house and determine who would be fit to live in Matthew Heimbach’s USA? All who were traitors, ‘sexual-deviants’, ‘race-mixers,’ ‘feminists,’ and ‘commies’ would be out, […]. While fascism is often portrayed as the glorious movement that melds the people together with an all powerful State that sweeps away class divisions in a nationalistic fervor, the reality is that it is based, like all states, on an extreme build-up and maintenance of state violence and power.
This reminds me of liberal arguments against border control. They allege that we would need to go door-to-door and round up every last illegal immigrant in some sort of American Kristallnacht. This isn’t the case at all. Illegal immigrants weren’t rounded up and dumped here. They were lulled here by economic and political incentives, and can as easily be lulled back with disincentives. If the border were robustly secured, employers were held accountable, anchor babies were denied citizenship, sanctuary cities were sanctioned, and illegals who committed crimes or had a busted taillight were humanely deported, illegals would quietly file back home.

The author admits earlier on that Americans are choosing to self-segregate, that the natural trend is for folks to file off to go be among themselves. There’s nothing statist or brutal about allowing and encouraging that process. A gentle web of homeowner’s associations which are allowed to determine their neighborhoods’ ethnic and religious orientation, cooperatives which are allowed to encourage and support racial and cultural solidarity, and businesses which are once again allowed to freely hire whomever they wish without racial quotas would sort all of this stuff out organically.

They would really like to imagine that we would rip interracial families apart, herd Blacks back into the projects, and throw the Mexicans in boxcars, but none of that would be necessary to achieve our goal of an America (or post-America) where White Americans are allowed and encouraged to establish and invest in their own ethnic communities. They’re the ones relying on force and the threat of force to push their positively massive integrationist multicultural social experiment along. They’re the ones who send police officers to the doors of Realtors who would encourage a neighborhood to remain White, employers who prefer to hire native-born Americans, and universities which would prefer to matriculate based on merit rather than on anti-White racial quotas.
Because they know as Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf, that the only way people can stop fascism is smashing it in the streets.
The streets are important, but they’re not as important as they were in the early twentieth century. We have a thriving street presence which consistently stands its ground against anti-White thugs, but the bazaar is largely digital now, and there’s no doubt that we’re rapidly achieving dominance in the platforms where politics are being determined here and now, in the twenty-first century. Your obsolete “No Platform” rhetoric is absolutely useless on the Internet, and our ideals will reverberate all the more and inspire new legionaries with all the more effectiveness if we were killed…which would be the only way to drive us off of the streets.
[T]he world view they propose is totalitarian, horribly violent, and based on massive and expansive social control.
No. It’s not. What’s ironic is that Marxism is the pinnacle of totalitarianism, the author repeatedly implies that we must be opposed with violence. They’re dogged advocates of social control in every aspect of our lives, including making it outright illegal to burst out laughing in the office when your elderly bearded co-worker announces that he’s actually a chick who is engaged to be lesbian married to a young man in a motorcycle jacket who also identifies as a chick.
So, you see, this is why all the white supremacist organizing in the last three hundred years or so has not led to the liberation of the white working class.
Pre-War Nazi Germany was a worker’s paradise by all accounts, pioneering social justice initiatives for the worker like maternity leave, abundant well-paid jobs, sound money, and affordable transportation. You can disagree with us “fascists” on a lot of stuff, but when it comes to delivering for the working family, the few times in history when we’ve been capable of driving back the global capitalists and Marxists, we’ve objectively outperformed the Leftists.
By Family, Heimbach is clear that what will be tolerated in his fascist America is a strict nuclear-heterosexual family, headed by the father along authoritarian patriarchal lines.
The nuclear heterosexual patriarchal family will be the only one actually encouraged, not the only one “tolerated.” We have no intention of persecuting single mothers, driving apart blended families, or ferreting out “confirmed bachelor” roommates. Our opponents always think in terms of strict brutal force because they’re Marxists, and that’s how Marxists do business. They disagree with our vision for our families and communities, so they must “smash” us. They assume we wish to “smash” everybody because they’re projecting.
Heimbach goes on to argue for extreme violence and removal of non-whites:
No. He does not. In the relevant quote, Heimbach argues for sealing up our borders to disallow further immigration. In the Anarcho-Marxist mind, stopping a guy at the border is “extreme violence” and jumping an elderly pensioner with a lock-n-sock because he’s pro-White is some kind of justice or something. Don’t bother trying to figure it out.
Long before the Holocaust, Hitler laid the ground work for the ideological justification for mass murder, political repression, and genocide in his book, Mein Kampf. Likewise, Heimbach spells out what we wants to do do millions of Americans. Forcibly remove them from their homes, kill millions, and place millions more into reeducation camps.
Supposedly, we’re on a slippery slope to another Holocaust, but they’re not on a slippery slope to the much greater horrors of the Soviet and Chinese revolutions which their own movement can be linked with.
Fascism has always been an anti-working-class movement.
Funny then that the first thing we did when we “fascists” rose to power was give everybody nice cars and good jobs.
Several anarchists armed themselves and attempted to kill Mussolini and drive the fascists out, but were unsuccessful.
Y’all failed to do the bidding of the global capitalists, who later went in to pull off what you (their street thugs) couldn’t achieve.
Anarchists, who were very active in the trade union and factory occupation movement were chief targets for fascist violence.
One might think that Anarchists, Capitalists, and Marxists are distinct. Academically, they are. But history confirms that they’re all equally opposed to faith, family, and folk. And in the major battles of the past few centuries, anarchists, capitalists, and Marxists have reliably aligned with one another against faith, family, and folk. The Marxist infiltrators of the trade unions weren’t there to empower the workers, they were there to derail the workers toward their totalitarian ideological schemes which are antithetical to authentic workers’ interests.
One of the most inspiring examples of this struggle against fascism has been the anarchist resistance to Francisco Franco in the Spanish Civil War.
Awkward that these anarchists opposed Franco, given that Francoist Spain enjoyed the famed “Spanish Miracle” after it recovered from the godawful Civil War the anarchists and their capitalist cohorts visited upon the country.
Also, just as leftists, communists, socialists, and even some anarchists turned into Fascists during the build-up of World War II, currently it appears that some former radicals are turning to the Right as well. As one report from Southern California, several young people that came out of the anarchist scene apparently have cliqued up with the Traditional Youth Network.
Heh. Mayhaps they’ve evaluated your actions and ideas and came to the natural conclusion that we’re the authentic voice of opposition to the oligarchs?
The idea of white nationalism for white Americans is as ironic as it is stupid. Ironic because the majority of European settlers who colonized and carried out genocide against indigenous people’s in the Americas were largely seen as a problematic surplus population in the urban cores of Europe.
They can’t figure out why they get no traction with White workers, while eagerly and instinctively shitting on them at every turn.
[T]he idea that somehow all white people are magically linked together is simply a retelling of history and reality.
No matter how frequently we remind folks that we’re ethnic nationalists rather than pan-racial nationalists, our opponents can’t help but trot out this tired canard.
So, for white people to conceive of themselves as having some supposed affinity with other people from Europe or ‘common cause,’ is simply the creation of a nationalist mythology that attempts to link all whites together under a fascist banner, blurring class lines.
To hear them tell it, familial and ethnic identity are all abstract fictions concocted by ideologues, while Marxist “class lines” are totally not that.
Damn. So the idea of creating people as “white” was to divide people along lines of race so they didn’t unite along lines of class?
Yes. The biological racial differences between the human population groups were somehow crafted by anti-Marxist counter-revolutionaries to thwart Marxist revolution. This is technically true, considering that God is an anti-Marxist counter-revolutionary.
Myths are all that fascists have to offer white people in the United States or anywhere else.
We not only offer really inspiring political myths, we offer strong and stable families, affordable homes, cars, healthcare, and thriving wholesome public spaces.
Furthermore, as Christianity spread across Europe, it used extreme violence, torture, and repression to destroy any link to indigenous and pagan traditions.
There’s more of that “extreme violence” buzzword, applied predictably at traditional Christianity. Even in an essay ostensibly aimed at resolving the problem of poor White Christian worker recruitment, they just can’t help but reflexively attack Christianity and Whites.
Fascism must be destroyed, crushed, and obliterated.
Borrowing a page from their fellow-traveler, George W. Bush, they’re true believers in the doctrine of pre-emptive strikes against people they arbitrarily declare to be capable of violence at some point in the future. Whether it’s with social nationalist Ba’ath leaders like Hussein and Assad, theocratic nationalists like Iran, or European fascists like Franco, it’s the same script against every uprising of the advocates of faith, family, and folk the world over.
One thing is clear however, white nationalists of all stripes will continue to attempt to create zones for themselves. It’s up to us to make sure that they are given no quarter.
In case you’re still keeping score, the author is proposing “extreme violence” against Whites who attempt to establish safe spaces for themselves to peacefully survive in away from the totalitarian Leftist state which cannot suffer their very existence. This is White Genocide, plain and direct.
Throughout history, fascists have always attacked working-class radicals who would stand up to them. This is why Neo-Nazis and fascists in the US have always targeted anarchists and other revolutionaries.
Actually, we’re challenging the oligarchs and multinational corporations, then the “anarchists” show up on cue to attack us while we’re doing so. They call us the reactonaries, but they’re always the ones reacting to us. We try to avoid wasting time with Leftist radicals, and have concluded that it’s better to recruit their more intelligent members than it is to waste time going all Sharks v. Jets with them. For all its bluster about working class this and that, working class Whites who attempt to join their radical subculture to fight capitalist greed and typically discover rather soon that an incestuous clique of Jews, homosexuals, and minority tokens rule the roost and are hostile to heterosexual White males…regardless of their stated ideology.
If they were able to mobilize their forces in the streets, they would most certainly use their forces to attack our demonstrations, bookstores, gatherings, and community centers. As the events in Olympia recently show, this is what they are attempting to do, although currently we have them outnumbered and outfought in the streets. We have to make sure that things stay that way.
Don’t flatter yourselves. We see the antifa subculture as a numerically dwindling, ideologically bankrupt, and demoralized obsolete tool of the multinational capitalist system. Name one time when you guys were misaligned with the multinational corporations. Take all the time you need. And nice try with the claim that we’re outfought in the street. The cherry-picked image of Heimbach rubbing his eyes was from a demonstration in which your antifa goons jumped us, got in a handful of punches, then got rescued by the police while writhing around on the ground whimpering hysterically and shrieking for aid from his comrades who had eagerly left behind their fallen comrade.

Even the antifa’s own after-action report confirmed it was a horrifically failed action. We had an opportunity to truly harm the HARM kid, and we chose mercy and restraint, using no more force than that necessary to subdue and restrain him.

We try to avoid violence, especially the “extreme violence” you’re always carrying on about. But every single time the antifa have attempted to bring violence, they’ve left in defeat. Without exception. You know this, and yet you keep herding more and more clueless teens and college students into a trap. We’re well-practiced, we’re experienced, we’re prepared, and we’re half-crazy.
Fascism will always rely on force; against it’s enemies, against the state, and against everything that stands in its way. We have to be willing to meet that force with a force of our own.
For those keeping score, it’s helpful to note that the early Nazis actually only developed an aggressive street presence because the anarchists and Marxists were engaging in thuggery. The Leftists simultaneously instigate the violence while swearing up and down that we’re the violent ones.
But beyond just fighting in the streets, we also have to be able to fight on the terrain of ideas.
You’re losing on both fronts. The only front you’re winning on is in the only front you ever win on, which is having the financial support of powerful Jewish and financial interests.
From the streets of Barcelona against the soldiers of General Franco to the current day battlefield of Rojava against ISIS.
The “anarchists” in Spain were terrorist jackals and were the bane of honest working Spaniards, and the token “anarchists” in the Syrian struggle are aligned against Bashir Al-Assad, who stands firm for faith, family, and folk against the combined forces of the global capitalists, ISIS, and (surprise!) the “anarchists.”
While the catchy phrase of “Family, Folk, and Faith” might make some people curious to his ideas, ultimately its another “f” word that sums up all of Heimbach’s political convictions: fascism.
Flip it around and the whole argument sums itself up. If “fascism” is just shorthand for “faith, family, and folk,” then fascism is precisely what working folks need to align with to liberate themselves from the global capitalists and their brainwashed “anti-fascist” street rats. Anti-fascism is anti-faith; Anti-fascism is anti-family; and Anti-fascism is anti-folk.

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