Sep 15, 2015

Being Cuckolded: Empathy and Pathological Altruism -- A White Disease Leading to White Genocide

via Western Spring

First, use the Big Lie technique to convince many easily suggestible and low I.Q. Whites that all people are just the same as them and fill their tiny brains with idiotic and meaningless slogans such as: We all bleed red blood, or We’re all pink inside, or We all love our children, and many similar nostrums and then it is an easy next step to have them cuckold themselves and commit their own suicidal genocide to benefit people who really are not like them at all and who will not only pollute the White gene pool but will, if their numbers are large enough, and if their birthrates are high enough, replace the White populations.
This is what we are seeing in Europe right now.  It is also happening in North America, but Europe–the ancestral homeland of all Whites–is in the news right now as millions of non-Whites simply walk across borders and take over White nations and replace a dispirited and beaten down White population full of weak minded and weak bodied people who, in many cases, are welcoming their replacements.

We are seeing the mass genocide of Whites right before our eyes.

Don’t be part of your own destruction.  Do what you have to do to separate out from the invading hordes of non-Whites.  They are not your kind, Whitey, not at all.  Their genes will destroy your genes.

First, there will be fewer blonds and fewer light colored eyes. Then, there will be fewer with white skin.  Head shapes will change.  Body styles will change. Personalities will change. Whites will be transformed into non-Whites via bedroom genocide as weak willed Whites mate with non-Whites and turn themselves into non-White baby factories.

Save yourself and your family line, Whitey.  You may not be able to save the ignorant White masses, but you can save yourself and yours.  You may become the new Adam or Eve of all Whites who are still White in the future.

You have an absolute right to continue to exist as a White person.  And, the more White people there are, the greater is the chance that you and yours will survive the great extinction of White genes that is now upon us.

Be White, live White, think White, pray White, survive White, prevail White.  Do not let yourself be blended away.

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