Sep 21, 2015

Black Reporter "Puzzled" by White Genocide Robocalls

via White GeNOcide Project

Bob Whitaker, an ex-Reagan administration appointee, is campaigning to become the next US President. Presidential candidates get special media privileges in order spread their message, and Mr Whitaker is using this as an opportunity to talk about White genocide.

Mass Robocalls regarding White Genocide have been sent out across America. So far, every residential phone number in Idaho, along with 169,000 residents in Mississippi have received the call.

Lena Mitchell, a Black reporter for the Daily Journal, was one of those Mississippians who received the call.

The call starts with a woman saying “We have to robocall you at home because we all know that the media will not carry our message: Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, white countries for everybody.

The woman goes on to explain that the promoters of this agenda “say they are anti-racist. What they really are is anti-white“, and that “what they want is white genocide.

Mitchell responded to this call on the Daily Journal, writing that “for people who think we are living in a ‘post-racial’ society, think again. This hate message found me, as I innocently went about the activities of my daily life.

Well, she certainly has a point that we are not living in a “post-racial” society – White areas are singled out as the only ones which are not “diverse” enough, and by the US government no less.

She seems to have misunderstood the message somewhat, though, as she then writes that Black Americans do not “play the race card“.

It is a common misconception that we are attacking other groups, but the White Genocide message has nothing to do with any race, except White people.

This is not a White versus non-White struggle; it is a pro-White versus anti-White struggle.

There are non-White people who support and agree with us that White genocide is wrong, just as there are some sick White anti-Whites who would love to see their own people become the minority.

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