Sep 15, 2015

Hitler vs. Stalin

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As for a comparison of Stalin and Hitler, Stalin was clearly a megalomaniac. Take a look at all the Stalin iconography versus that of Hitler. How many massive statues and murals featured Hitler as their focus? Stalin was a cold-blooded murderer, his track record leads to this conclusion. Stalin was behind the mass murder of his own people. Where did Hitler ever conduct any mass murder campaign, let alone that of his own people?

The Stalin regime produced the Soviet Gulag, a system of death camps purposefully designed to starve and work inmates to death. Hitler’s concentration camps spanned a twelve year period from 1933 to 1945. In 1937, there were only 7,500 prisoners in four concentration camps: Dachau, Sachsenhausen, Buchenwald and Lichtenberg. Note that war at this point was less than three years away. German camps were originally designed to rehabilitate the inmates, hence the sign “Arbeit Macht Frei” i.e. learning a trade and becoming a productive German citizen led to the inmate’s release. According to Bernadac, Reichsführer Himmler “wanted the concentration camps to be primarily re-education centers, genuine courses that should result in lasting conversions.”

Before the war, German inmates were released from the camps after satisfactorily completing their rehabilitation process. Of course, the release process ceased with the beginning of the war.

By contrast, only a tiny percentage of inmates ever returned from Stalin’s death camps during a 71 year period spanning both side of WWII. Soviet camps were first established in 1919 under the Cheka. By the early 1930s, camp populations had already reached significant numbers and by 1934 the Gulag, or Main Directorate for Corrective Labor Camps, now under the NKVD, had several million inmates. A peacetime incarceration rate of several million inmates versus several thousand, how do these two leaders compare on this point alone?


Murderous Stalin felt the need to have his troops backed by “blocking units” tasked to execute anyone retreating from the front. He also branded anyone captured as a traitor and later executed these former prisoners, while sending family members to the camps. Where did Hitler ever have such policies? Hitler stated his intentions openly and never planned nor used the “sneak attack.” Unlike Stalin and his communists, who openly stated their intent for world conquest and domination, Hitler never had any known design for world conquest or domination.

Hitler tried repeatedly to prevent war by offering peace terms. These terms were rejected in toto by the allies who wanted war. Stalin sought a bloody global revolution that would lead to a communist victory and domination over the world. He planned the sneak attack on Germany after signing a non-aggression pact. Stalin had 22,000 poles murdered in the attempt to decapitate the Polish government and thereby any possibility of a Polish counter revolution. He then blamed this atrocity on the Germans. Where did Hitler ever order the mass murder of a country’s leaders and intelligentsia? When did he ever blame any actions, taken by himself or his government, on others?

The Soviet regime under Stalin considered a citizen insane if they did not recognize communism as the political paragon of virtue and slavishly support the “workers paradise” without question. Where did the National Socialists ever consider people crazy for not slavishly following their system? When did they ever incarcerate citizens in insane asylums for disagreement with their policies?

Unlike the sole example provided by Stalin’s Conversation with A.M. Kollontai, there are far too many other examples of these differences to list.

LD: The Stalin conversation with Alexandra Kollontai may never have taken place. There are definite indications that this entire diary conversation with Stalin is an outrageous fabrication or forgery, in which case what we are dealing with here is a worthless document. 

As for the number killed by Stalin and his soviet henchmen, never – ever – give the Jew, or his shabbos goy, the benefit of the doubt, for they will most assuredly repay balanced fairness with a knife to the back or a slash to the throat.

Instead assume the worst imaginable possibility and then multiply a thousand fold.
How many truths might it take to balance the scale of lies Jews have been feeding the goyim for centuries?

Danzig Baldaev, Drawings From the Gulag
012 (1)
Naked Christian women were lined up for inspection by Jewish commissars when they first arrived in Stalin’s gulags. The prison guards had their pick of the most attractive women.

As a result of exhaustion from overwork and starvation rations, many of the women suffered from vaginal prolapse.


In Stalin’s camps sadistic thugs were allowed to murder inmates by electrocution, stabbing, hanging, decapitation, and the insertion of red-hot crowbars into the anus.

In Stalin’s torture camps Christian inmates were sodomized, as in this picture, by having long iron needles thrust up their rectums.

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