Sep 18, 2015

How to Talk to Family and Friends about "Refugees"

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Talking to friends and family about Syrian war zone refugees is about the same as explaining to a small child why it’s bad to adopt every puppy in the window at the pet store.  In fact, it’s almost exactly the same as what’s happening right now.  The Culture Distorters are hard at work showing American and European countries images of Syrian refugees via television and social media 24-7 in hopes they will “adopt” or “buy” all of the Syrian refugees.

You will need to have a tough, sober and serious conversation with your family and friends about the realities of international war zone refugee adoption programs.  They will not like you for having explained this to them, and they will behave like children.  Talking to friends and family about war zone refugees is no easy task.

The last thing anyone want to do is expose their family to the harsh reality of refugees’ dissimilar lifestyle, markedly different ethics and values systems, diseases and emotional or physical abuse that are all contributing factors to refugee violence in host countries. To help your family understand why they can’t have “that Syrian refugee seen on TV,” we’ve put together some family friendly talking points for tough questions.

After you discuss this with your family members, urge them to sign our Pledge to Protect American Communities from Syrian Refugees. 

Where do war zone refugees come from?
Most refugees come from dangerous and politically unstable places called war zones that are direct products of our own foreign policy.  Because of the refugees’ selective over-exposure on television most people think that refugees are all good and innocent people who are victims of circumstance and they just need a helping hand.  You cannot help people in Syria by letting them into your own country.  The best help that we can give is to stop exercising poor American foreign policy in their country.

What is a war zone?
War zones are like big open-air jails for people who are unlucky enough to live in a country deemed worthy of our foreign policy’s attention.  This means that many refugees are trapped there for their entire lives and forced to fight our crippling economic sanctions just to get the basic necessities of life. Sadly, refugees are not happy. They don’t get to play outside or sleep in a comfy bed. A lot of times they get sick. And there’s usually no one to give them any love.  These conditions will not abate if we let our family members adopt a Syrian refugee; this problem is not solved one person at a time, it requires a fundamental change in American foreign policy.

What happens to war zone refugees?
War zone refugees abandon their families and flee to a train station, where they are “auctioned off” to Europeans who don’t know where the refugees really came from. The war zone creators don’t care about the refugees’ other family members who are left behind in the war zone after the refugees are sent to some unfortunate European country. The war zone creators, our elected officials and our foreign policy, only care about making money. That’s why we don’t like adopting refugees from war zones!

Why are people cruel to refugees?
War zone refugees bring more than just their suitcase when they come to a new country.  These people are bringing the entirety of their lived experiences and way of life.  Refugees also bring their way of crime, their way of treating women and also their own personal way of practicing religion.  War zone creators are thinking more about the money than the refugees. Organizations such as our own are working hard to make sure that every refugee is happy, safe and loved in their own country by helping stop war and educate Europeans about why they shouldn’t adopt a Syrian war zone refugee.

What happens to refugees if no one lets them in?
If a country doesn’t evacuate a refugee quickly, it’s news and media networks will work harder to make the refugees’ conditions look more and more dire.  This might involve broadcasting pictures of dead children on the beach for as many hours as necessary until someone adopts more refugees. The more often news and media networks have to do this is the less that Europeans will believe them. Next time, they won’t show as many refugees on international news networks.

So how CAN I get a refugee?
Good news! South Africa is full of White people looking for assistance right now. If your family is ready for a war zone refugee, you can start by contacting the TYN South Africa Chapter Leader Dean Dart through Front National and telling them that you’re willing to do something to stop White Genocide. Not only will you be saving a life, but also you’ll be sending a message to war zone creators that what they do is unacceptable! The fewer people who adopt Syrian war zone refugees, the fewer refugees our foreign policy and government officials will “make.”

What else can I do?
You can start by setting a good example for your friends and community. Ask Europeans and Americans to take our “No War Zone Refugees” pledge, do not accept any refugees from Syrian war zones and to spread the word about accepting South African refugees.  Please go to and sign our pledge now!


Does your government’s foreign policy create war zone refugees?

Is your government trying to offload Syrian refugees into your community?

If your government’s foreign policy creates war zone refugees, stop saying that you support what it is doing!

Most refugees come from American foreign policy-made humanitarian crises. Refusing to welcome a Syrian war zone refugee into your community is a crucial first step. But we’re also asking all readers not to support poor foreign policy through silence or refusal to speak against it. If you see an article on Facebook or Twitter that asks you to welcome a Syrian refugee into your home, do not like it, share it or post positive comments on it— post a simple rejection of the article’s proposal by saying,
“This is bad for American workers
and American communities.”
By welcoming Syrian war zone refugees into your community, you are unwittingly supporting bad American foreign policy that ultimately serves to destabilize Western Europe and destroy white working-class families in America.

Please take the pledge not support American policies that force Syrians into refugee status or attempt to place Syrian refugees in American communities, and please use the social media tools to spread the word to friends and family!
It’s time to put an end to the Syrian war zone refugee crisis.

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