Sep 23, 2015

Of Economics and Gender Roles, Cabbages and Kings

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One of the biggest challenges that Traditionalists face is those who seem to “want to have their cake and eat it too” trying to get into our circles, change our talking points, and reap the benefits of all of our hard work, while undermining the progress we make at promoting the actual ideology of Traditionalism. These are the sorts who may agree with our talk about “Traditional Values” and even “Tradition” but a closer examination or serious conversation with them proves that they’re sorely lacking in ideals, virtues, or ideology, often seeking to replace the promiscuity of the modern day working and middle classes with the ritualized prostitution of the upper class, a society of marriages in which a man’s wealth matters more than the love between husband and wife. And this idea is not harmless. In the same vein by which conservatives often end up implementing the policies of the left, because they lack any real ideology to oppose it, women’s groups exist in which the ideology of ritual prostitution  and marriage for money is preached to vulnerable young women who might otherwise be inclined to the pious life of love and sacrifice which unites Nationalists and Traditionalists with genuine Christianity.  Sadly, this cancer of sexual neo-conservatism is something often preached from the pulpits. So what is the answer? We must re-iterate that we are not Conservatives, and examine the economic differences between our camps, between Marxists, Capitalists, and Third Positionists, in order to re-discover a better way.

For starters, Feminism can be seen as an expression of Marxism, and their classical forms are identical, when viewed through the lens of symbolic logic.   Let us take for example the terms Bourgeoisie and Proletarian, and replace them with humans and dogs, then define the ideology:  “X is the belief that throughout history humans have exploited dogs, forcing them to live, work, and reproduce for scraps, by controlling them and their resources, and that only through a global Revolution of the canine class can the Humans be destroyed and equality be brought about”  Now replace Dogs with Womyn and Humans with Patriarchy, or the two terms with Bourgeoisie and Proletarians again, and one will find that there is no real difference.

This is, of course, not by accident.  As Matt Parrot has explained clearly when identifying what Cultural Marxism is and isn’t, in order to promote the death of the west, Marxist intellectuals drew up a set of new ideologies that weren’t Marxism, but have the same destructive power.  Feminism is one.  The problem for us, is that just as once Marxism had drawn the contrast between traditional market economics and State Socialism,  the reactionary forces began to believe that oppression of workers was justified since “Capitalism is dog eat dog and I want to be on top”,  many modern reactionary “anti-feminists” or “traditional women” believe that the ends justify the means since we’re living under a feminist system “like it or not”, and that they should jump from sexual partner to sexual partner as teens and in their 20s for love, and then marry for money, since “love doesn’t pay the bills and it’s the only way to be a stay at home mom these days.”   Many men too participate in this debacle with reactionary logic: ” there aren’t good women these days so you just have to learn how to pick up bitches and avoid falling in love.” These men take the spiritual poison of jewish “pick up artists” as gospel truth, and engage in the same casual sex culture they claim to oppose.

Worse still,  in the same vain by which feminists create “women’s only safe spaces” to combat patriarchy,  whole networks have emerged, shadowy cabals of ostensibly traditionalist “safe spaces for white womyn to fight sexism, da joos,  and womyn haters” , in which these degenerate values are pushed on young women in the name of Nationalism, and in which those who are leading the fight against the current order are belittled for not being wealthy industrialists, rather than praised as heroes, and in which women learn that hiding secrets from all men, including their husbands and fathers, and limiting their loyalty to the men in their lives as part of a “global womyns aryan struggle” is a good, even admirable idea.  Then, to young men who would take part in the struggle for Tradition, for Faith, Family, and Folk, these same hags speak the notion that “dating is like the workplace and you need to have marketable skills.” In this notion lie the seeds of cuckoldry, and any man who makes a “purchase”  by putting a ring on any woman who participates in these Hera-worship inspired orders of ritual prostitution should have no illusions that he can expect the children of such a “marriage” to be his own.  He can expect even perhaps coloured “milk men” of old to Return, if we simply allow a return to the 1950s.  Well, Just as we Traditionalists want no part in the traditional “white power” scene, rejecting the White Supremacy of genuine race-hate as well as the White Supremacy of those who believe in a “White Man’s burden”  and in treating other races like Children, we want no part in this degenerate culture around us, rejecting both feminism and pickup artistry, and rejecting the reactionary elements who believe in this “battle of the sexes.”  We believe in Christian and Sacramental marriage, in which man and woman are joined not only in the flesh but in the spirit, motivated by love for one another.

So what is the Answer to our present dilemma? What would Traditionalists offer as an Answer? I’ll close with a few position statements on men and women’s roles and dating culture, which can be easily remembered and can guide young men and women in making better choices.
  • Just as we reject Class Warfare in favor of Class Cooperation for the good of the Community and Nation, We reject the Gender war, both feminism and pickup artistry.
  • We reject the way in which Materialism, both Capitalism and Communism, has reduced men and women to nothing more than interchangeable economic units.
  • We believe that Men and Women were meant to work together as pair-bonded couples and to express their Sexuality within the confines of a Marriage.
  • We believe that both men and women have a part to play in our Revolution, and that loving one another as comrades is essential.
  • We believe that Traditional Gender roles, while beneficial to a society in times of peace, living in freedom under one’s own rulers, must occasionally be broken in times of war or ethnic survival.
  • We believe that a Man’s masculinity and a Woman’s femininity are much more than the product of their sexuality and labor.
  • We reject the idea that a marriage should be an exchange of a man’s wealth for a woman’s sexuality, and abhor marriage for money. We uphold the teaching of the Apostles, Holy Fathers, and Saints, that man and woman, having become one flesh, should be martyred, the one for the sake of the other, in mutual sacrifice, and in sacrifice for their children.
  • While we do not believe that men and women are “equal”, we believe that both men and women are sanctifiable through God’s grace and we do not believe that one sex is better than the other.
  • We believe that promiscuity is spiritually harmful to both men and women, but we accept that most people make mistakes as a result of the society that surrounds them. Repentance and embrace of Christ is the answer.
  • Sexual Hatreds have come about as a result of this cultural sickness and the rejection, pain, betrayal, and sorrow it causes, and Compassion is the answer.  We should reach out always to the opposite sex and provide good role models, for our race is nothing if not an extended family, and what woman would not comfort her brother, what man would not comfort his sister? Further,  Man-Hating and Woman-Hating are the same illness, the same spiritual wound.
  • We accept that while the nuclear family is our ideal, our society is so broken that single parent and polygamous households may be better environments in certain exceptional cases. However, we reject firmly the notion that Homosexual households are better than normal ones.
  • We believe that our people’s freedom will come about only when multiple families begin sharing assets and pooling resources to build communities for mutual survival.
  • We believe that economic hardship is no excuse for abortion or even for a married couple to be abstinent, and to that end we seek to organize institutions and charities to help young and poor couples and families within our movement.
  • The end goal in life is not to act as a child and amass large amounts of toys into one’s old age, but to sacrifice for one’s family and loved ones.
  • We believe in Love, not prostitution.
  • We believe in love. Period.

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