Sep 23, 2015

"Paperboy of Auschwitz" to Be Prosecuted?

via Western Spring

Following the recent prosecution and conviction of 94 year old, ex-SS clerical worker, Oskar Gröning, the so-called ‘Bookkeeper of Auschwitz’, and the announcement of the impending prosecution by German authorities of a 91 year old German woman who worked as a radio operator for the SS at Auschwitz during World War Two, we can announce that two further prosecutions are also currently being considered.

The first is of 87 year old Fritz Knoll who at the age of 17 worked for a dairy close to the Auschwitz concentration camp and who was for the last 15 months of the war the dairy rounds-man delivering milk to the SS officers’ quarters at the camp. Known to inmates as the ‘Milkman of Auschwitz’, Knoll who is believed to have delivered 20 litres of fresh milk every day, is likely to be charged with complicity in the mass murder of as many 260,000 Jews, even though he never served in the armed forces and is not known to have committed any acts of violence.

Horst HennebergSimilarly, 80 year old Horst Henneberg is thought likely to face similar charges, having been employed by a local newsagent’s shop to deliver newspapers to a number of addresses including the notorious concentration camp. Henneberg, who was just 10 years old in 1945, and who has become known as the ‘Paperboy of Auschwitz’, is to be prosecuted, along with both Fritz Knoll and the as yet unnamed female radio operator, under new prosecution guidelines drawn up following the 2011 landmark ruling in which a court in Munich sentenced a SS voluntary assistant Ivan Demjanjuk, to five years in prison after he was found guilty of complicity in some 30,000 Jewish deaths in German-occupied Poland during World War II.

These same guidelines were applied in the successful prosecution and conviction of Oskar Gröning, in which no evidence needs to be produced by the prosecution of any specific wrongdoing on the part of the defendants. All that is needed for a conviction is confirmation that the accused were employed in support duties and therefore are regarded as jointly responsible for any heinous crimes allegedly committed at the camp. The defendants are accused of being involved in the murders of Jews, because no matter how trivial or innocent their contribution was, they are considered to have ‘helped the camp to function’.

Civil rights campaigners have described the current wave of prosecutions of elderly Germans who would be regarded as innocent under any normal rules of evidence, as obscene and vindictive. The majority of the wartime generation are now dead and those against whom there is any substantial evidence of war crimes are similarly long dead having been identified and executed during the post-war de-Nazification process. Individuals such as Demjanjuk, Gröning, Knoll and Henneberg are being made scapegoats merely in order to assuage an as yet unsatisfied Jewish lust for revenge. 

Western Spring Editor's Note: Our readers should be aware that this article is primarily a piece of satyr which is only partially true, but which has been written in order to illustrate the injustices that are currently being perpetrated by prosecutors in modern Germany. Fritz Knoll and Horst Henneberg are fictional characters, although Demjanjuk, Gröning and the 91 year old woman, and the groundless prosecutions against them, are very real indeed.

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  1. We cannot let this go on.
    We need a group of men to go to the rescue of these poor folks.
    Is there no one there to stand up for them?
    Where are they?
    Does anyone know where they are?
    I am searching.