Sep 16, 2015

Peter Hitchens Interview

via Western Spring

Sunday Mail columnist, Peter Hitchens
Sunday Mail columnist and author, Peter Hitchens, is not a racial nationalist by any stretch of the imagination, although he is a traditional conservative of a type who is completely out of place, not just within the modern Conservative Party, but within the spectrum of political opinion thought respectable by today’s mass media generally. His views on many subjects are sufficiently close to ours however to make his commentary on the state of modern Britain worth reading.

Owen Jones is a left-wing journalist writing for the Guardian newspaper and the New Statesman, but none-the-less he is a bright and affable young man and having discovered this interview, I thought I would post it here because Hitchens makes some very astute points and Owen Jones makes one very important one also, stating: “… a lot of the stuff you write about, you’ve got the passion for your beliefs, but you seem completely defeatist …”

In that one statement, Owen Jones exposes the raison d’etre for Hitchens employment by the Daily Mail — he writes stuff that most of us agree with and which ventilates our anger at what is happening in our country and abroad, but Hitchens does nothing with the passion he arouses. He is a ‘safety valve’ journalist, possibly not intentionally, the tenor of whose writing is as Owens has correctly identified, defeatist and impotent.

Hitchens, despite his  great insights into the malaise affecting Britain, regards this country as “finished” and in projecting this belief, his readership are also induced into believing that it is too late and that there is nothing we can or should do to try to oppose what our enemies are doing. This of course is wrong — it is never too late — and this difference of outlook, if nothing else, is what sets our brand of radical nationalism apart from limp conservatism.

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