Sep 11, 2015

Real Asylum Seekers and Those Who Would Destroy Our Freedom

via BNP News

If only the UN had been a credible agency that set up official displaced persons camps, ran them and once agreeing that a family or person was a real asylum seeker decided which country across the globe would take them, then this enforced mess upon us and Europe with many thousands of asylum seekers from Islamic Africa and the Middle East along with economic migrants, may have been averted.

The UN could have announced that no person should be able to claim asylum unless they attended a UN run camp for displaced persons.

Let's face it, is that not what the UN is supposed to do in these situations.

Instead it has been proved as weak as the League of Nations was when that organisation confronted an expansionist Nazi regime.

So just to see what low life is entering Europe bound for Germany for now but possibly Britain once he qualifies for a German passport have a look at this video.

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