Sep 15, 2015

Support for Golden Dawn Skyrockets as Illegal Invaders Riot, Burn Lesvos Island

via Golden Dawn, NY

What a difference 9 months can make. In January 2015 Lesvos was essentially a “Red Island” the island voted overwhelmingly for SYRIZA with 32.97%, followed by New Democracy at 30.39%, The Communist party at 10.81%, ANEL at 5.30%, PASOK at 5.12%, Golden Dawn at 4.66%, and POTAMI at 4.26%.

Today, the island literally burns, an estimated 30 thousand Afghani, Pakistani, Syrians and other assorted desert people roam the once wealthy and peaceful island, rioting, looting and breaking into houses. A Greek woman was stabbed today and robbed, she survived but the story did not make it past local news.  The numbers continue to grow and the once “progressive” leftist residents are now in a state of shock at the lack of police protection for them and their property.

There are reports of the amount of people saying they will vote for Golden Dawn skyrocketing. The Mayor is responding to this by saying they will not have elections on the island. On the surface he says this is to “protest the governments inaction”, however the real reason is they fear the humiliation of losing a “red island” to Golden Dawn.

The Greek media, and other western outlets ignore interviewing Greeks on the island, however one Polish news agency went there and interviewed Greeks:

Despite the media blackout, footage such as this continues to leak out. Golden Dawn is the only party that has the solution and the will to carry it out. The borders must be patrolled by our Armed Forces, land sea and air. On land, Frontex, the private agency that “manages” the northeast border, must be replaced by our ground troops, the sea must be patrolled by our Navy, and the air by our Air Force, because very soon the “refugees” and “irregular migrants” will be parachuting into our lands from the sky.

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