Sep 24, 2015

The Anti-White Narrative Is Collapsing

via TradYouth

Roosh has an excellent new video which chronicles just how much progress we’ve all made in the past few years, and how the credibility crisis is accelerating rapidly.

Toward the end of the video, he speculates on what their next move might be. Looking globally and historically, I disagree with his assumption that they’ll figure out some way to shut us all down. Doing so isn’t technologically feasible. It’s not logistically feasible. It would leave our large and growing audiences frustrated and radicalized in the wake of the purge, however it would be accomplished. It would risk a Streisand Effect of drawing even more attention to our messages than we already receive.
Most importantly, it would be unnecessary.

Silencing America’s New Right would be child’s play, and they have a wealth of experience in how to go about it from defeating and delaying Europe’s New Right projects for decades. Just when social nationalist political projects begin to gain steam in a given country, an alternative project emerges with startling rapidity, solid financing, and none of the backbiting and bickering that plagues authentic identitarian initiatives. Despite superficially appearing to be nationalist, they enjoy that ineffable “respectability” that the hostile elites only dole out to their fellow travelers.

They whip up a slick, well-organized, well-funded, and well-spoken populist campaign which leads the masses away from the authentic projects, then leads them around in circles until the mood passes. As rapidly and mysteriously as the project emerged, it vanishes, with the elites’ status quo firmly intact. That’s the archetypal pattern, though it made more sense in France to simply purchase and repurpose Front National than it made to start from scratch.

This raises two questions for authentic neo-reactionaries:

How do we distinguish controlled opposition from the authentic opposition? 

  • More Polished Leadership
True believers are selected for their fortitude, not for their congeniality. Somebody crafting a slick controlled opposition group to redirect nationalism wouldn’t select an unattractive man with a long trail of controversy and gossip which inevitably accompanies a man who’s been prominently involved in a marginal subculture for an extended period of time. If TradYouth ever receives a controlled opposition competitor, one can be assured that its leadership will be more attractive and polished than myself.
  • Morally Toxic Demagoguery
Supposedly, that’s what we have on offer. I don’t think it is, but there will be no mistaking it when it comes from the controlled opposition. It will be aimed at collateral damage targets. They won’t make arguments that Whites have a right to exist in Europe, they’ll make arguments that Islam itself is a vile creed to be attacked both at home and abroad to protect “Western Civilization.” Frustration about illegal immigration won’t be directed at the Jewish Lobby, the Chamber of Commerce, or their bedfellows in Mexico’s castizo elites. It’ll be directed at the migrants themselves, directing the anger away from the men opening the floodgates to the economic migrants themselves.

We have no monopoly on vulgar racial hatred, and the oligarchs are more than happy to leverage it to full effect when it suits them.
  • Culture and Optics, not Blood and Soil
They’ll steer the conversation in classical liberal and market-friendly directions to the extent that the situation allows, insisting that the West must be preserved not because Western (read: White) people have a natural right to exist, but because we have a bundle of Enlightenment/Mercantile values that “those people” lack. This achieves two prerogatives for the controlled opposition, shifting the conversation from identity to ideology and encouraging those frustrated about the invasion to cling to their classical liberal ideologies all the more strongly, falsely believing that the invaders threaten our “freedom” and “equality” rather than our women and cities.
  • Jew-Friendly Conspiracy Quackery
All you’ve gotta do to throw the vast majority of people off of the trail is take the exceedingly well-documented and abundantly obvious machinations of the Judeo-Masonic oligarchs and perform a Ctrl-H on the document to replace “Jews” with either a false or unfalsifiable abstract target. Alex Jones prefers “the elites,” David Icke prefers “the reptilians,” Leftists prefer “the 1%.” Get creative, and vigorously shadow box with this imaginary opposition to keep the audience entertained. If it’s not naming the specific oligarchs (an integrally “anti-semitic” act), then it’s not to be trusted.

How do we defeat the controlled opposition?

The first step is, of course, identifying them. The second step is to generally trust the judgment of those with the most backstory. The controlled opposition can buy whatever it wants to appear legitimate, but one of the more difficult things to buy is an extensive history of struggle. Most people don’t even consider this, and they’re eager to ditch the old worn-out leadership for the polished new leadership who are more attractive and (superficially) successful.

Stick with the devil you know.

Folks prefer roundabouts to four-way stops partially because folks would rather go around in circles than come to a complete stop and wait. When this process happens, and I agree with Roosh’s prediction that it’s coming, those of us in the old guard will do better for ourselves to shrewdly stick to a long-term strategy and wait the cyclical process out. With each iteration, people will gradually approach that tipping point in the credibility crisis where they will instinctively sense when they’re being played.

The Donald Trump campaign represents one such loop down the spiral toward an authentic populist revolt. Note how a large subset of the population have so completely lost faith in the mainstream media narrative that they’re outright immune to the attacks on Trump…regardless of how apparently damning or provocative. They don’t care about what the Beltway weasels at NRO say about Trump any more than an infatuated girl cares about the jilted ex-boyfriend’s accusations against her new heartthrob.

Trump is seizing upon a popular phenomenon which has been percolating for several years on the American right, and the phenomenon can be expected, like a hotspot volcanic island chain, to bubble up to the surface somewhere else a little farther down the line after Donald Trump’s political project has run its course. I have no special insight into whether he’ll blow it within the next few weeks or whether he’ll be a wildly popular two term President. What I do know is that where Trump’s at right now won’t be populist enough or identitarian enough to satisfy the Zeitgeist in the future, just as the Ron Paul and Tea Party movements are now quietly eroding back into the sea of political irrelevance.

We will defeat the controlled opposition by staying the course, manning our posts, and sticking to our particular variations on the overarching theme of faith, family, and folk against the Modern World and its Jewish oligarchs. We will be defeated by attempting to get too clever with our angles, eagerly hopping onto every new train promising forward motion which turns out to be  carnival trolley leading us in circles, and impatiently resorting to premature and poorly considered political aggression.

I reconciled to myself rather early on that this would likely be a lifelong struggle with dim prospects for perhaps partial success. While there’s some truth to the truism that visualizing impending success helps bring it about, it’s also true that our people, White folks, have an acute vulnerability when it comes to patience. While our opponents habitually think in generational terms, we’re more inclined to expect and demand instant gratification. We must account for and correct for that (likely congenital) defect in our nature.

I’m as stoked about how rapidly everything is moving along as Roosh is, but my feeling is that we’re at the early stage of a historical process which will require several more years of grueling activist labor, involving multiple false starts and setbacks, before we’re in a position to achieve even our most modest goals. A Greek proverb states that, “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they’ll never sit in.” That attitude is how we’ll defeat the controlled opposition, by standing our ground and patiently struggling for truth, tribe, and tradition regardless of the obstacles or odds.

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