Sep 10, 2015

The Effeminization of Politics

via Western Spring

Well, we’ve all seen the photo of that poor little lad washed up on the beach in Turkey, but would we have guessed that it would blow open the gates of Europe? Even if we didn’t, it wouldn’t have taken long for the truth to sink in as the BBC’s crocodile tears department went to work. So cynically has this tragedy been exploited to further the open borders agenda of the Left, that those who speak the evident truth about the present crisis in Europe are vilified as “heartless” and “hateful”, “sick” and “vile”.

The only leading politician in Europe who has yet committed the “revolutionary act” of telling the truth is the Prime Minister of Hungary, Victor Orban. He has actually told us two truths – firstly, that if the invasion continues, Europeans will become a minority in their own continent and, secondly, that it’s all the fault of the Germans.

We all know the truth of the first point, but the second one is worth pondering for a moment; the Germans unilaterally – unilaterally –  decided to (in effect) invite the whole population of Syria to move to Germany by telling the invaders that no Syrian would be sent back, that means in turn that they have invited the whole of Syria to move to the Schengen zone! Not content with that, they now demand that all European countries should bear the burden of their own folly. Already the EU is buckling as resistance to German demands builds up; sooner or later national self interest will trump the internationalist “castles in the sky” which is the EU. If Germany has chosen to commit suicide, that’s up to her, but she must not drag the rest of Europe down with her.

Here in Britain, we found out only the other week that immigration last year reached its highest level ever as some 380,000 more foreigners entered the country than left it, and the week before we were told that immigration had for the first time pipped all other subjects, even the economy, to first place in the list of public concerns. Now all that has been swept aside by a tidal wave of emotion about a tragedy which, by no stretch of the imagination, was the fault of Britain but which has been ruthlessly exploited by the open borders advocates.

The main reason why this invasion (and it is an invasion, the great majority of the incomers are fit and healthy young men in no need of humanitarian assistance) has succeeded to date, and will go on succeeding, is that all male European politicians have become effeminized – with the honourable exception of Mr. Orban, of course. I mean no disrespect to women when I comment that our (male) politicians, thinking it necessary to “get in touch” with their “feminine side”, have imported into public affairs a degree of emotionalism which is inappropriate in those who have to take very tough decisions in the defence of their country, decisions which might sometimes involve the use of force.

It was not for nothing that Margaret Thatcher was once said to be “the only man in her cabinet”.

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