Sep 14, 2015

The End of Ireland?: The Emerald Isle Forced to Accept 4,000 more Invaders

via The European Guardian

Ireland will [accept] 4,000 "refugees" as part of the country’s response to the current crisis. Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald announced the figure for the initial provision after a special cabinet meeting this morning.

Ministers signed off on the Irish Refugee Protection Programme which will see reception and orientation centres set up around the country. The new scheme will provide a “safe haven” for an extra 2,900 “persons seeking international protection”.

That is on top of the 600 people Ireland already committed to taking in earlier this year under the EU Relocation programme and the 520 refugees currently being resettled.

Even more than 4.000 could eventually be accepted because of further family reunifications.

Minister Fitzgerald said that a range of offers have also been received from voluntary and religious organisations.

Fitzgerald betrayed the Irish by saying:
"Refugees in groups of 50 or 100 will arrive within weeks – particularly those who had been accepted from Lebanon earlier this year.Others coming under this new plan will come before the end of the year.

The Department of Justice plans to work with the Education Department, State agencies, and charities to ensure integration measures are put in place, including the provision of English language training and communication socialisation programmes.

We will put in place all the necessary supports to ensure that those coming to Ireland can integrate as well as helping them to overcome any trauma they endured on having to flee their home countries.”
Despite the 77 families homeless in Dublin the government is asking parish priests and local government about any abandoned property suitable for housing the migrants. The focus only on migrants and the forgotten natives has already started. Europeans all around the continent need to help each other in this time of need. Homeless, poor, and hurt because of the economy and economic migrants, results in Europeans protecting our own.

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