Sep 18, 2015

The "Movement's" Merkel Problem

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The Chosen One Angie Merkel

You know, only 3 governments — Germany, Sweden, and Austria — of the 28 in the European Union are enthusiastic about Ms. Merkel’s unilateral putsch against Europe’s indigenous people. So Jean-Claude Juncker is calling for the great majority of European governments to surrender to the German state’s demographic blitzkrieg on the European people. Why does German (passive) aggression against what had been the European consensus somehow represent unity?

[Note: those three nations represent the top “movement” favorites – along with England of course]

In any future history of the White race (written from a pro-White perspective) scum like Merkel and Juncker will rate among the leading villains. Let’s consider Merkel – a grotesque harridan, a monstrous bag of excrement, not only promoting genocidal race replacement of her own people, but using German power and prestige to bully the rest of Europe to go along.

And this is nothing new. Despite having once declared multiculturalism a “failure” (to the applause of the heavy-breathing Teutonphillic “movement”) Merkel has steadfastly promoted such multiculturalism not only for Germany but for Europe as a whole. As a way to expunge their Nazi-era bloodguilt, Germans are engaging in a national ethnic cleansing of themselves that they wish to make “compulsory” for the entire European continent.

And yet, is there any significant “movement” criticism of Merkel?  No. Why not?  Let us be honest: it is because she is German.  That’s it. That is why, despite the Merkel-led German drive to turn Europe to an Afro-Asiatic colony, we get, instead of criticism, articles such as this.

To which I commented:

Merkel gets extra credit “movement points” for being ethnically German (Putin gets his for wrestling tigers with his shirt off). Forget about this financial crisis for a moment – Merkel advocates, supports, and celebrates the biological and cultural replacement of Germans by alien immigrants. Merkel denounces even the centrist moderates of PEGIDA. A real German moral rearmament would include voting Merkel out of office and then putting her on trial for treason 

In comparison, any time a story positively describing Golden Dawn appears on a “movement” site, there is the inevitable series of comments about “racial admixture in Greece” or “hey, that Golden Dawn leader looks like a Near Easterner” and such other tidbits of “movement” dogma, irrelevant to what the original story was about.

Fact is, whatever you may think about Greece and Greeks (and I gave a tongue-in-cheek but legitimate extreme criticism here), it’s not the Greeks or any Greek leader that is predominantly responsible for facilitating the demographic invasion of Europe. Put that on the head of Merkel, many of her countrymen, and those peoples in Europe foaming the mouth in favor of self-extinction. Of course, all Europeans are in part to blame - the Italians and Greeks rescuing migrants, the Hungarians with their phony blowhard leader Orban shipping off their migrant hordes to the north and west, the Poles willing to take more migrants as are the Spaniards, and the UK cowed by the picture of one dead Syrian child, never mind the poster-child of European multiculturalism, France. Still, though, it is Merkel and her Germans leading the charge to extinction.

The Germans are a superior people in most ways, perhaps the best of Europe. But no one is perfect, and the Germans have flaws. When they try to bully Europe and impose their will, they usually muck things up (see World Wars I and II), and, like the Jews, when their formidable abilities are applied in the wrong direction, they are very dangerous indeed. Maybe they need to step back and stop acting like the demented conscience of Europe.  Maybe they need to understand that their fanatical need to atone for the "sins" of Saint Adolf springs from the same monomaniacal ethnic tendencies that caused those alleged sins to begin with.  Killing Europe will not make “killing six million Jews” become any more morally acceptable.

German moral rearmament?  Yes, but it needs to include a bit of humility, and the recognition that they cannot bully the rest of Europe to go along with whatever it is they are currently indulging in, be it good or bad.

It’s said that one can properly judge the character of a person, a group, or a nation during a time of crisis. Well, it is crisis time in Europe and there is much to judge there.  There is much to judge about the “movement” as well, and its reticence to denounce real villains, who get a “free pass” – talk about a “chosen people” – the Jews are not the only ones it seems.
 It’s time for the “movement” to grow up a bit and “put those big boy pants on.”  Get over the Saint Adolf obsession, the ethnic fetishism, and recognize Queen Merkel as a prime enemy of the White race.

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