Sep 22, 2015

Thousands of Golden Dawners Prepare for Elections in Athens

via Golden Dawn, NY

Golden Dawn Leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos
Editor's Note: Greece's election happened this past Sunday (September 20, 2015).

This Sunday, Greece will go through elections yet again, another traitorous party “SYRIZA” has now shown the “left” that their idols and heroes are also nothing but a joke, just as it was for the “New Democracy” conservatives the previous year. Elections in Greece normally are supposed to happen every 4 years, but the span at which parties stay in power becomes shorter and shorter. 9 months since the SYRIZA government took power, Greece’s island populations have been invaded with illegal immigrants and every single tax imaginable has increased and will begin to take effect in December as yet another memorandum takes effect.

This time these early elections are not by accident, the “Radical Leftist” Government known as SYRIZA deliberately wanted elections to happen as soon as possible, before all of it’s insane tax increases and new memorandum measures begin. This was done in order to create the illusion that people still believe in the “Radical Left”.  What really has happened is that all the SYRIZA voters are stubbornly refusing to admit that they were wrong, because right now, SYRIZA’s Leader  Alexis Tsipras has only betrayed them in theory, but it wont be a theory when the greek tax office comes knocking on their doors.

Beneath this illusion, today in the center of Athens, virtually every immigrant, communist, conservative and anarchist runs inside the house and locks their door, because thousands of Golden Dawners roam the streets!

The state media has now been forced to admit that Golden Dawn support is rising, and that is making the system nervous.  They are responding by literally not speaking about Golden Dawn at all, as opposed to the previous strategy of trying to say “These people are scary Nazi’s” failing. They hope that if they just pretend Golden Dawn does not exist, that it will just go away on it’s own. However, it is not going away, despite murder, imprisonment, and media persecution, the peoples association of Golden Dawn continues to gain momentum.

The terror for the conservatives:

The Guardian just published an article interviewing a New Democracy MP where it states:

“I am afraid. For the first time we have no idea what this election will bring,” said the former conservative MP Fotini Pipili. “What we do know, however, is that Golden Dawn is going to do well, and for the serious minded that is a very worrying thing.”

The New Democracy “Cuckservatives” have reason to worry, their conspiracy to jail Golden Dawn on false charges the previous year has begun to fall apart, and they could all be facing prison sentences themselves in the future, not only that but they are also worried because their “cuckservative pressure valve party” called “Independent Greeks” designed to keep the more “right wing” among them taking Golden Dawn votes has started to implode as well.

What happens next?:

The elections on the 20th of September will likely result in a forced coalition between the “radical left” the “conservatives” and everyone else against Golden Dawn,  this is the only possible scenario to form a government and thus will expose the political parties in Greece as merely illusions that all support the memorandum and immigration. The elections will mark not just the beginning of an increase of support for Golden Dawn, but the beginning of the the end for the fallacy of “Greek Democracy” in the eyes of the people.

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