Sep 17, 2015


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No, actually, it's absolutely believable.  There is nothing at all unusual about it.  We see these kinds of stories all the time:

Black Man Suffers Another Racist Beating -- in Whole Foods? by Colin Flaherty, as posted on American Renaissance (with comments).  Original article here.

Here we have a liberal professor of African Studies or some such thing, probably a committed Marxist, doing her best to stir up more racial hostility.  And while she's at it, to do her part in generating more White guilt and self-hatred.  Even though Mr. Flaherty refers to her as 'white,' you don't suppose Prof. Zoe Marks could be a Jewess, do you?  I could suppose that.

Here is one of the mainstream media reports of the incident: Black Man Brutalized by Security Guard at Whole Foods for Trying to Buy Food (

And one more: Whole Foods security guard beats up man in bloody one-sided fight after argument at Oakland store: witness (WARNING - GRAPHIC IMAGES) (New York Daily News).

Here is Zoe Marks' Facebook post.

So, what we seem to have here is just more 'TNB' (typical Negro behavior).  But no, it's not just that.

It would also seem to be another typical case of the Jewish-controlled mainstream media trying to conceal, distort and/or obfuscate their news coverage by omitting the race of the store clerk, the manager, and the security guard (apparently all Negroes), doubtless in order to give the impression that this is just another example of blacks suffering at the hands of us terrible, racist White people. Or at the very least, that this is a typical example of how Blacks are treated in our White society.

So, 'unbelievable' it's not.  But these kinds of bogus eyewitness reports and news coverage, reminiscent of the events at Ferguson, Missouri a little over a year ago, sure as hell are outrageous and unacceptable!

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