Sep 25, 2015

We British Would Like to Live in a Country that Honours Our Way of Life

via BNP News

We don’t want any refugees. What part of that statement do these idiot lefties not understand?

Just because a few shallow self serving politicians like Farron waved the refugee welcome signs weeks ago, along with the has been ‘clebs’ they underestimate how furious the silent majority watching this fiasco play out everyday are livid and cannot wait to get in that voting booth.

Farron is a fool, uttering platitudes and promoting strategy he will never be called upon to put into effect.

Typical LibDems, a prime example of do-gooders without responsibility, parading their bleeding hearts for effect but without accountability!

The Home Office does not know how many EU citizens move to Britain and claim welfare benefits, according to a leaked document.

Are you going to feed, clothe and house them? They need, something called money to live on as well.

We, at the bottom end of the scale are already struggling with what we given to live on.

How many more do we have to take and let in to Britain before we are wall to wall, standing room only and reliant on Europe for food and still the elite wont care as they are all right in their ivory towers.

This man is completely divorced from reality. Local councils are struggling as it is to find houses for people and to provide care for the elderly.

If he has any doubt about that he should watch the documentary “How to get a council house in Portsmouth" The situation there is desperate.

The incredible thing is that they actually believe that they’ll be able to get back from the brink of oblivion.

It is no accident that these bunch of village idiots have only 8 MP’s.

The media are not reporting sufficiently what the “experts” are telling us about this “refugee” situation.

The fact is than only 1 in 5 are Syrians, in spite of the BBC hunting for film footage of crying babies the vast majority of these people are fit, able bodied young men. They all have phones and enough money apparently to pay thousands of euros to people smugglers.

In addition, failing to achieve their purpose they have turned nasty with aggressive and violent demonstrations against those attempting to get them to register in an orderly manner.

We all know this. Why are some politicians trying to spin it differently?

We British would like to live in a country that still has the British way of life, British culture, British food etc. They just want to take over the world and are doing so without lifting a finger or firing a bullet.

I always knew, the politicians, don’t live in the real world.

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