Sep 18, 2015

Will the UK and Western Europe Ever Overcome This Invasion?

via BNP News

The EU want more immigrants, they want to overthrow the indigenous [peoples] of each European country – that much is clear.

The left want to wipe out the white race, we know this, but the left have also become aware of a rise in opposition to their goals, so I believe that is why they’ve hit the mass migrant button.

They’re more mobilised than I think I’ve ever seen them.

The BBC has unashamedly tossed their mask aside and are thumping the desk with their left wing bias. Same with Sky, same with most newspapers.

Germany has now shown itself to be as dangerously fascist as they ever were.

But it’s still not working for them. I don’t think they planned for the immediate repercussions of inviting the whole of the Middle East into the West within such a short time frame.

That’s why even the Germans are now doing border checks and have the army deployed in their streets.

So when it inevitably fails, what will happen next?

I reckon we’ll suddenly see the migrant crisis disappear from our screens and they’ll find another crisis to distract people away from the subject while the migrant movement will continue in the background.

The whole EU has destroyed the concept of the nation state and of individual countries putting their own people first, and the reality is mass immigration of Eastern Europeans into the UK as a result of EU free movement of people legislation has contributed heavily to leading to this ridiculous situation.

Europe needs to go back to a time when each country had clearly defined borders that were guarded, each country put its own people first and if you wanted to live and work in another country then you apply for a work permit that gives no entitlement to benefits what so ever.

Benefits should only be for citizens of that country, the idea that they can be claimed by foreigners who have only been in the country a few days is utterly absurd.

The majority of people in Western European countries are too weak, too liberal and lack the gumption to fight to defend their native lands.

How is this going to end?

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