Nov 30, 2015

101 Books Every White Man Should Read

As the senior archivist of The Colchester Collection, I just created a list of the 101 books that I think are most important to securing the existence of our people and a future for White Children. I'm calling the list, 101 Books Every White Man Should Read.

It wasn't an easy list to create, it seems that for every book listed, there are at least three that could have been added. The winnowing process was time consuming, however, I think the list has every truly important book on it. In cases where a book otherwise would have made the list, but didn't, it's because a similar book, that I considered representative of that topic, did make the list.

That said, I tried to include at least one book from every major topic (Jewish power, White identity, nationalism, race, feminism, Queer power, etc.). The list is intended to be useful to both those new to the subject and those who have been "in the know" for a long time. Newbies might best be served by reading the list in order, old-hands can pick and choose which books they want to read.

The list will be reviewed and updated from time to time. Eventually, I would like create a committee of experts in each topic in an effort to get more people involved in the selection process.

Please enjoy.


Russell James
Senior Archivist
The Colchester Collection

Aryanist Review of "Terminator Genisys"

via ICareViews

In a series of events with which the fans of the original Terminator will already be familiar, futuristic human resistance leader John Connor (Jason Clarke) sends his own father (Jai Courtney) back through time to 1984 to save his mother before a Terminator cyborg (CG-rejuvenated Schwarzenegger) can kill her before she conceives the destined savior. Terminator Genisys then proceeds to overturn the audience’s expectations by having Reese arrive not in the 1984 of the first film, but in an alternate, already altered reality in which Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) has already been toughened by years of tutelage from “Pops” (geriatric Schwarzenegger), her own personal cyborg sidekick and father figure. Genisys, an Orwellian app to be launched in 2017, turns out to be the catalyst for the rise of the machines. The plot gets a lot more convoluted than this, and none of the time travel gobbledygook makes any sense; but fans of the franchise ought to enjoy it, its sinister purposes notwithstanding.

4 out of 5 stars. Ideological Content Analysis indicates that Terminator Genisys is:

3. Feminist. Sarah Connor in this movie is already a battle-hardened warrior woman. She resents Reese’s presumption that she is in need of his protection; and, in fact, it is she, not Reese, who utters the famous line, “Come with me if you want to live.”

2. Zionist. In the bleak future sampled in the exposition, humanity is confined in camps, given arm-barcodes, and exterminated. The term “final solution” even occurs in the script, so that human resistance in Terminator Genisys is understood subtextually to serve as the avatar of holocaust-fearing organized Jewry. Awakening European racial consciousness is equated with the quest of a totalitarian order of genocidal robot supremacy. This is the future that must at all costs be prevented. (Skydance Productions, which made the film, is run by Jews David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, and Jesse Sisgold.)

1. Pro-choice and anti-white. Jew-killing robot armies of whites will never be able to serve their purpose as long as they are never born. Terminator Genisys, consequently, is greatly concerned with promoting Euro-American childlessness. Thirty years of cultural collapse spanning the first film and this one can be read between the lines. Whereas, in the first entry in the series (made in the decade following the Roe v. Wade decision), the Terminator is an antagonist – an abortionist sent from an inhuman future to preemptively terminate Sarah’s pregnancy – this same soulless, robotic abortionist (or one with identical facial features) has, in Terminator Genisys, become a perverse father figure to Sarah, who enlists his help in killing her son, John Connor, who, Sarah discovers in this installment, has become a corrupted collaborator of Skynet in the yet-to-be. One of the major action sequences in Terminator Genisys features Sarah driving a symbolically passengerless school bus – signifying the white race’s decadent demographic decline – in her desperate rush to evade and/or destroy her own posterity. Once freed from the horror of her son’s bleak destiny, Sarah can enjoy sexual freedom and happiness with Reese because, as she puts it, “Now I can choose.” Additionally, the necessity in the film of preemptively assassinating a future savior can be read as expressing a Jewish wish that Christ had been aborted.

"Richard Wagner Square" to Be Renamed "Refugees Welcome Square" in Snub to German Patriots

via Historical Review Press

A square in the Leipzig old town named for 19th-century German romantic composer Richard Wagner may be renamed to help promote a “cosmopolitan and tolerant” city.

Initially suggested by a group of hard-left anti-borders activists masquerading as a “
citizens’ initiative”, the name change of Richard Wagner Platzes to ‘Refugees Welcome Platz’ has now been taken up by the city council with support from the Green party bloc.

City spokesman, pro-migrant campaigner, and Green politician Christin Melcher said of the change she is supporting: “We stand for a cosmopolitan and tolerant Leipzig. The renaming of a central square as Refugees Welcome Place is also a symbol of a new culture of welcome in Leipzig”, reports the Saschen Depesche.

City council Green colleague Norman Volger, in a spectacular moment of honesty a
admits the move is intended as a deliberate snub towards Germany’s insurgent right wing movements.

The Leipzig branch of the Patriotic Europeans Against The Islamisation Of The West (PEGIDA) protest group meet regularly at Richard Wagner Platzes, and the erasure of the memory of an important figure from German history could be a bitter blow to the group, which campaigns for traditional European culture. Mr. Volger wants the new ‘Refugees Welcome Platz’ to stand as a sign against PEGIDA, who he calls ‘inhuman racists’, and that “Leipzig is no place for racism”.

Richard Wagner, born in Leipzig in 1813, is a towering figure in the German psyche for his role in influencing the unification of Germany into a single state in the years leading up to 1871. His operas drew heavily from romantic and dramatic Germanic folklore and his essays called for a single German identity, rather than disparate kingdoms as it was during much of the 19th century. The Richard Wagner Platzes was named in 1913 in honour of the composer, celebrating the centenary of his birth.

A number of groups have moved to oppose the proposition, including the Junge Union. The German equivalent of the Young Conservatives, the group has warned against allowing faddish political beliefs to influence place names, remarking that while majorities shift within democratic systems, it is not healthy to constantly change place names, reports the Leipziger Internet Zeitung.

The International Association of Wagner Societies has reacted with fury at the suggestion the square in the composer’s home town might be sacrificed at the altar of political correctness. They said in a statement “Richard Wagner was born in Leipzig and is one of the greatest artists of the 19th century.

“Since the 100th anniversary naming in 1913, the city has been honouring one of its greatest sons. This must remain so! Anyone against the cultural and political nonsense, which is directed against the interests of our city and its citizens, and wants to raise his voice, can sign a petition during business hours at our office”.

A new petition has been launched online, and the discussions in the comment section on the page provide an illuminating insight into the perspectives of those tousling over Richard Wagner Platzen. One writes that he refuses to sign the petition, because “according to Wikipedia, Wagner was a convinced anti-Semite. My attitude is refugees welcome”. Another contributor asks in response to the comment that if Wagner is to be removed because of his anti-Semitism, why is it right to welcome Muslim refugees who have increased anti-Semitic attitudes in the community of late.

Renaming squares and streets is an emerging cultural battleground in Europe, as leftist groups on city government boards seek to erase cultural histories and inconvenient reminders as soon as they seize power. Breitbart London reported on two such examples in July where Spanish authorities insulted the memories of right-wing figures by renaming their squares after LGBT-lobby campaigners.

Plaza Margaret Thatcher was one such square, with her memorial to be torn down and the place renamed for Pedro Zerolo, a left-wing gay anarchist who died this year. Following that, it was reported the square dedicated to noted Catholic scholar Juan Vázquez de Mella would also be renamed after a gay rights campaigner.

“A Europe of Nations:" Marine Le Pen’s Plan for the Old Continent

via The Occidental Observer

Marine Le Pen addresses FN rally, May, 2014
Like the mass-rape gangs of Rotherham, the recent slaughter of 130 people by Muslim terrorists in the streets of Paris has again given us a quick glimpse, the briefest foretaste, of our coming multicultural future as indigenous Europeans are reduced to a minority. Europe once birthed the most dynamic and luminous of all human civilizations. But as her demographics progressively come to resemble those of the Levant and the Congo, so she will be cursed with lifestyles and violence like the Levantine and Congolese. No one has a right to be surprised at this development.[1]

We then need more than ever to have concrete and constructive thinking on how to build a new Europe in which our nations will survive and thrive. In this article, I will present Front National leader Marine Le Pen’s European policy: First to abolish the European Union and then to establish new forms of European cooperation to better fight immigration and globalism. I will also critically discuss the issue of “European solidarity” in the framework of the FN’s official civic nationalism which, while robustly opposed to immigration and perhaps necessary electorally, is not unproblematic.

Postwar French nationalism has actually not always been opposed to EU-style integration. As a young MP seeking reelection in 1962, Marine’s father Jean-Marie Le Pen actually campaigned on the ticket of the “Independents Against De Gaulle and For European Integration.”[2] In the 1980s, the FN abstained in the vote on the Single European Act which aimed to strengthen the European Common Market.[3] Bruno Gollnisch, Jean-Marie’s unfailing friend and a representative of the FN’s paleoconservative and more “ethnic” wing, has said that at the time he was a priori favorable to European unity. Nonetheless, by 1992 the FN was one of the few parties (along with the Communists . . .) campaigning against the Maastricht Treaty, which would create the euro common currency, supposedly as a prelude to creating some kind of European superstate.[4]

The FN’s anti-EU reasoning and position has been relatively consistent since 1992. The party opposes the EU on democratic grounds, deeming the organization to be elitist and unresponsive in its day-to-day existence (the so-called “democratic deficit”) and to have been constructed in violation of the French referendum of 2005 rejecting the so-called “Constitutional Treaty.” More seriously still, the FN considers the EU to be a “Trojan horse of globalization”[5] which, through liberal-egalitarian norms and economic/migratory borderlessness, is destroying both French sovereignty and ultimately the French nation itself.

Marine Le Pen then demands a series of measures to restore French sovereignty:
  • The superiority of French law over EU law.
  • The organized dissolution of the Eurozone and the return of the French franc.
  • The abolition of the Schengen Area of free movement of people and the restoration of French border controls.
  • A nil net contribution to the EU budget (France currently pays in about 7 billion euros per year more than she receives back) and the replacement of the Common Agricultural Policy with a purely French one.
  • A few symbolic measures, such as the removal of EU flags from all public buildings.
Florian Philippot, Le Pen’s media-savvy spin doctor and right-hand man, has said an FN government would explicitly emulate British Prime Minister David Cameron in demanding renegotiation of EU membership terms and then allowing the French people to decide whether to stay in via referendum. In the unlikely event that the EU would accept the above terms, the FN would actually campaign to stay in the Union. In practice, the FN’s terms are such that these measures could only mean the de facto abolition of the EU anyway and its reduction from an already weak confederation to an empty shell.[6]

The FN program however is not silent on the kind of “Europe of Nations”[7] it would like to see emerge. On the contrary, it proposes
  • strengthened European multilateral cooperation on aerospace and military-industrial “great projects” (some of which already exist: Airbus, Ariane, Galileo . . .), with expanded participation to include Russia;
  • the creation of “a free association of European States who have the same vision and the same interests in areas such as immigration or the rules on external trade and capital flows,” again including Russia, but explicitly rejecting Turkey;[8]
  • the reorientation of French foreign policy in general away from the United States of America and towards a non-aligned approach based on “a trilateral Paris-Berlin Moscow alliance.”[9]
Le Pen then proposes a simple program for European cooperation: No more dismal Brussels bureaucrats and Afro-Muslim colonizers, and more border fences and rocket ships. Europe’s future would then be one of continuing European Man’s long march towards the Space Age rather than regressing back to the Sub-Saharan Age[10] . . .

The FN’s proposed European policy strikes me as eminently realistic.[11] EU-style cooperation would likely be extremely difficult if and when nationalist parties come to power, as each will be even more demanding in negotiations. As a result, EU-level cooperation could be limited to ad hoc and voluntary programs to promote industrial projects or to shut down immigration.[12]

Le Pen’s program recognizes that her project would require alliances with other Europeans, namely Germany and Russia. Indeed, there is a long pedigree of anti-globalist thought placing Russia necessarily at the center of any geopolitical realignment away from the United States of America — the latter having since the 1920s been increasingly dominated by an anti-European cultural elite. Moscow has long supported Western European nationalists, partly for ideological reasons, but mostly to undermine its rival the American Empire.

Russian support will almost certainly be critical for new European nationalist regimes to withstand the inevitable pressure from the United States, liberal neighboring Western European regimes, and liberal-plutocratic media hate campaigns. Insufficient caution and Russian support may well explain the fall of Serbian Prime Minister Slobodan Milošević as against the ongoing success of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, whose pro-European advocacy is exceptional for any political leader currently in office and is arguably close to what is needed for a renewal of the continent.[13]

Personally, I believe the nation-state has a viable and potentially valuable future in Europe as an entity capable of defending our racial/ethnic interests[14] and as the fundamental building block for whatever wider pan-European cooperation one might imagine. I would however criticize Le Pen’s nationalism insofar as there is little explicitly pro-European element at all. In her speeches, “Europe” is always a term of abuse equated with the failures of the European Union, even as she speaks very poetically on the French nation.[16] But if a nation is a family of families, what is Europe but a family of nations?

This problem pervades much, but not all, of French nationalism to this day. The version of French nationalism characteristic of Marine Le Pen, Florian Philippot, Alain Soral, and Éric Zemmourthat is at best “Europe-indifferent” and state-centric. Other French writers, such as Dominique Venner, Guillaume Faye, and Alain de Benoist, have in contrast emphasized the unity of European identity.

Indeed, Le Pen and Philippot both claim to be disciples of Charles de Gaulle and the expression “a European of Nations” associated with him. Here is what the General said in his memoirs on the racial-cultural basis for European cooperation and unity:
For my part, I have, always, but today more than ever, felt that which is common to the nations which inhabit [Europe]. All being of the same white race, of the same Christian origin, of the same way of life, bound together since always by countless relations of thought, art, science, politics, commerce, it is in accord with their nature that they come to form a whole, having in the world its character and its organization.[17]
The FN then would in my view do well to go further in presenting a positive vision for European brotherhood and not forget that French identity — that medley of Celtic, Latin, and Germanic influences — is ultimately inseparably intertwined with that of the wider European family.

These criticisms aside, the FN’s proposed European policy would halt any further demographic damage and thus provide almost indefinite time for us to win the necessary cultural struggle. This struggle would furthermore be pursued in infinitely better circumstances, with European nations regaining their psychological sovereignty vis-à-vis the United States. In such a context, FN cadres — whom I am quite certain are largely untutored in evolutionary realities — would with any luck have the insights of scholars such as Dominique Venner and Thilo Sarrazin brought to their attention.

[1]Guillaume Durocher, “One Funeral at a Time,” Radix Journal, November 25, 2015.
[2]Jean-Marie Le Pen was motivated by hostility to President Charles de Gaulle’s policy of abandoning French Algeria, which meant the ethnic cleansing of 1 million European settlers in that country. These so-called pieds-noirs overwhelmingly chose to flee to France. Paul-Éric Blanrue, Jean-Marie, Marine et les Juifs (Embourg, Belgium: Éditions Oser Dire, 2014), 37.
[3]The FN then was marginally pro-European and supported pro-market measures as France then suffered under a stifling Socialist regime which had instituted permanent mass unemployment in the double digits.
[4]On the rationale behind the European Union and the euro, see Guillaume Durocher, “François Mitterrand: European statesman, anti-American, & Judeophobe,” North American New Right, August 18, 2015.
[5]Front National, Notre Projet: Programme Politique du Front National (undated, probably first published November 19, 2011), 5.
[6]The EU would then have: no currency, no budget, no unity of law, and no areas of free movement. It would really be a non-thing in addition to the de facto non-sovereign it is today.
[7]Front National, Notre Projet, 47. A minority in the identitarian camp would probably lament the collapse of the EU as an implicitly White example of racial solidarity and perhaps an embryonic European superpower. On the EU’s curious status as a U.S.-molded soft power, see Guillaume Durocher, “American Influence Over the European Union,” North American New Right, October 12, 2015.
[8]Front National, Notre Projet, 49.
[9]Ibid, 51.
[10]To speak of a possible Africanization of Europe this century is no hyperbole. The United Nations projects that while Europe’s population will decline from 738 million today to 646 million in 2100 (and this is including an ever-growing non-native share of the population), while Africa’s will quadruple to 4.4 billion. Needless to say, what with Sub-Saharan Africans’ catastrophic record of governance and nation-building, many tens or even hundreds of millions will likely want to find themselves a far more comfortable home, in Europe. See United Nations Population Division, World Population Prospects: The 2015 Revision (New York: 2015), and Steve Sailer, “The World’s Most Important Graph,” iSteve, April 23, 2015.
[11]In contrast, a few areas, such as proposals for “a great maritime policy,” “a great policy to develop Africa” (to stem the causes of immigration at the source), and “a voluntarist Asian policy,” seem to reflect a view of France as a kind of global great power felt across all continents which strikes me as exaggerated, given the nation’s staggering relative demographic decline (what do 65 million Frenchmen, less than 1 percent of the world population, weigh in the face of 1.5 billion Chinese or 330 million Americans?) and the partial economic convergence of the so-called emerging nations (China, India, East Asian tigers, Brazil, Turkey . . .). The FN’s criticism of the EU, for all its faults, and the alleged benefits of secession, both strike me as somewhat exaggerated.
All that said, I do believe France is perfectly viable as a sovereign nation-state, with the French people being “master in their own home,” as the FN program puts it (p. 102), but the age of truly being a global great power are long over (that is, until the French number, say, 150 million, but then we will need a lot of (French) babies . . .).
[12]Indeed, such cooperation against the migrant invasion is already being implemented by the Visegrád countries – Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia – with the planned joint deployment of 300 police to Greece’s border with Turkey. This is a rare constructive and sensible example of European solidarity in our politics. “Visegrad Countries to Deploy 300-Strong Police Force to Patrol Greece’s Border with Turkey,” Hungary Today, November 12, 2015.
[13]On Orbán, see my articles for The Occidental Observer: Viktor Orbán on Multiculturalism, Immigration, and National Sovereignty, March 8, 2015, “Orbán: ‘The Real Threat is from the Heart of Africa,’” August 4, 2015, “Orbán: Europeans Should ‘Throw Away Political Correctness’ and Shut Down Migrant Invasion,” October 31, 2015, “Orbán vs. Merkel: Can Europe’s Conservative Populists End the Migrant Crisis?,” November 1, 2015, and “Orbán: Europeans Should Have Babies, Not Immigrants!,” November 22, 2015.
[14]For example, an EU-style superstate is by no means necessary to halting illegal immigration, but illegal immigration could be easily accomplished by cooperating nation-states if there were actually the will to do so. The Franco-German consortium Airbus is currently building a remarkable 900-kilometer fence to protect the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
The [Northern Border Security] project, enabled by Airbus Defence and Space and its civil works partner, is a fully-integrated technological security-solution encompassing 900 kms of the border with Iraq. It consists of 1 sand berm, 3 fences, 7 Command & Control (C2) Centres, 32 Response Stations, 240 Response Vehicles and 10 Surveillance Reconnaissance Vehicles. Security is enforced through 40 surveillance towers, equipped with Airbus DS TRGS-SEC radars and day/night cameras, and 38 communication towers, all of which are connected to the C2 centres, the National HQ and the Ministry of Interior over 1,45 million km of fibre-optic cables. These assets, combined, provide superior operational awareness and means to mitigate and monitor threats of all nature.
One can easily imagine this kind of know-how being used for cooperative projects launched by a President Le Pen, Prime Minister Orbán, and other patriotic European leaders. See Airbus press release, Culmination of Saudi Border Security project,” September 19, 2014 and Steve Sailer, “Germans Build Anti-Arab Fence for Arabs,” iSteve, September 3, 2015.
[16]See for instance her major May Day speech of this year, Marine Le Pen, Discours, May 1, 2015.
[17]Charles de Gaulle, Mémoires d’espoir, volume I, 181.

It’s Time to STOP Shopping for Christmas

via Counter-Currents

Author’s Note: Since some US retailers are now actually starting “Black Friday” sales on Thanksgiving Thursday, I am running this today.

Even though I am an unbeliever, the Christmas season is my favorite time of the year. Christmas, like dogs, brings out the best in people. It awakens a desire to beautify one’s world and adorn one’s soul with good deeds.

The worst kind of evil is not merely harming people, but harming people by exploiting their goodness. A pickpocket merely steals your money. A con artist who steals your money by saying that he is collecting donations for a good cause also penalizes virtue and undermines the trust that is the foundation of civilized society.

That is why I despise the commercialization of Christmas. There is a whole economy of “fourth quarter” industries that depend on Christmas giving. Advertisers whip us into materialistic frenzies, so we rack up huge credit card debts. Traditionally, Christmas shopping begins after Thanksgiving. But recently, it has been creeping back toward Halloween. If capitalists had their way, of course, we would be listening to Christmas muzak and pushing shopping carts in midsummer.

But there is a limit to when Christmas shopping can begin. If religion had anything to do with it, the absolute limit would be Easter. But economics is the deciding factor here. And in economic terms, Christmas shopping cannot begin until consumers have paid off their credit card debts from the previous Christmas.

The Friday after Thanksgiving is now called “Black Friday.” Traditionally, a Black Friday marks a massacre or disaster, and for consumers, I suppose it is. Merchants may be in the black, but consumers end up in the red.

junkwreath2It is too soon for White Nationalist politics in the United States. But racially conscious people still want to “do something.” The best thing we can do is make ourselves strong as a community. And the best way to do that is to become as independent as possible from the existing political and economic system. The Christmas season is the best time to begin that process, because it is the time when we spend the most money on the dumbest things in the dumbest way in the least amount of time.

So it is time to STOP shopping for Christmas.

Take a holiday from holiday shopping.

Stop running yourself ragged running up debts.

1. Don’t go into debt. Freeze your credit cards. Literally. Go to the kitchen, fill a container with water, put your credit cards in it, and stick it in the freezer. Don’t even think about thawing them out until January. And when January comes, resist the temptation and see just how long you can go without them.

2. Give the gift of freedom. Make a list of the people with whom you exchange gifts. If you have enough ties, enough sweaters, enough useless “novelty” items and your friends do as well, call them up and propose that you let one another off the hook.

3. Regift. Admit it, the thought has crossed your mind. I have done it countless times, usually with sweaters. A lot of people buy gifts just to buy gifts. What are the chances that they know you well enough and have the time and the taste to find you the perfect gift? This means that the first time around, many gifts do not reach the right recipient and end up unappreciated. Regifting is a way of helping them find the right home, at no additional cost and with the added benefit of reducing clutter. I start thinking about regifting well in advance (on the previous Christmas day, truth be told), whereas many people choose gifts at the last minute.

4. Create, Reuse, Refurbish. Can you make your own Christmas cards, wreaths, and ornaments? Do it. Were your garden and fruit trees unusually productive? Consider giving preserves or pies for Christmas. If you have a particular talent for making bread or brewing beer or bottling wine, give those for Christmas. Old furniture is usually better made than new stuff. Learn to refinish and reupholster. Do you bind books? Offer to rebind a friend’s favorite book. Do you sew, knit, crochet? Make something. Between now and Christmas, you have plenty of time to do any of these things. You even have time to pick up new skills.

5. Teach, Encourage, Empower. Do you have talents and skills you can teach your friends? Give them “gift certificates” (hand-made, of course) entitling them to lessons. Do you play the piano? Offer the children of your friends some introductory lessons. Do you know how to maintain and repair your car, your air conditioner, your bicycle, your appliances, your plumbing, your lawn mower? Well most of your friends don’t. They spend hundreds of dollars every year repairing or replacing items that they have not maintained properly. Give them lessons, and you will help them save money and become more independent.  Are you a great cook? Give your friends cooking lessons. People spend enormous amounts of money eating out. When they can make better food cheaper at home, they will not need or want to.

If you still have gifts to give after running through the above list and you are compelled to go shopping, consider the following rules of thumb.

6. Buy from local, small businesses, not big chains.

7. Buy goods made by white people around the world, not non-whites.

8. Patronize artists and craftsmen, not mass producers of plastic junk.

9. Keep your money in the racially conscious community. Buy from racially conscious publishers, booksellers, and other merchandisers. Readers, please post links to racially-conscious or simply nice, white businesses, artisans, etc. in the comments to this article.

No, I am not Scrooge. I am not the Grinch. I am not trying to steal your Christmas. I am merely suggesting that we celebrate Christmas intelligently and creatively, in ways that enrich us as a community rather than impoverish us, in ways that empower rather than weaken us. Decommercializing Christmas and reconnecting it with family and community will actually make it more meaningful and fun than ever.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas from everyone at Counter-Currents/North American New Right!

Presidential Candidate Bob Whitaker on What Freedom Is NOT

via White GeNOcide Project

Bob Whitaker is the American Freedom Party’s STOP WHITE GENOCIDE presidential candidate.

Definition of “Freedom” for the American FREEDOM Party

By our definition, freedom can be approached by defining its opposite: Tyranny.
Tyranny is nothing but freedom with EXCEPTIONS.
A slave in the antebellum South had the right to do or say anything he wished, but only so long as what he did or said did not offend his master.
The Soviet Constitution of 1936, issued by Joseph Stalin, guarantees a list of freedoms that makes the American Bill of Rights look pale by comparison. It guarantees absolute freedom of speech.
But Soviet Freedom of Speech did not regard anything that criticized the Worker’s State as freedom.
This tradition of slavery and Soviet despotism is represented by the fact that a person can say “HATE is NOT Freedom of Speech”, and nobody laughs out loud.
A people which hopes to remain free must instantly question EVERY exception automatically.
No society can remain free if it does not react INSTANTLY to any such “EXCEPTION.”
Some exceptions are valid. A free society must allow exceptions. But it must NEVER allow ANY exception to freedom go unchallenged.
The fact that people can get away with saying “Hate is not freedom of speech” WITHOUT CHALLENGE is a danger sign.
We cannot remain free if exceptions like this become slogans with no challenge to them.
“Heresy is not freedom of speech.”
“Subversion is not freedom of speech.”
How many people have died from the impositions of these little “exceptions?”
When  no one even questions any statement like “Hate is not freedom of speech,” it shows that we have forgotten what freedom IS.

The Political Cesspool: It’s Happening

via The Political Cesspool

Is the awakening of the West finally beginning to happen? We discussed this and much more during last night’s live program. Here’s an hour by hour breakdown of the November 28 broadcast:
Radio Show Hour 1
Hosts James Edwards and Keith Alexander discuss the media furor in reaction to the supposed rise of over thirty “White Student Unions” at various universities across the country last week and also discuss Donald Trump’s rally in Birmingham which saw a “Black Lives Matter” agitator get ejected.
Radio Show Hour 2
James and Keith talk more about the inspirational rebirth of nationalism in Europe, which is being led by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.
Radio Show Hour 3
* Rebroadcast * Guest: Peter Brimelow – Peter Brimelow is the founding editor of and author of best-selling book, Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster. Mr. Brimelow has also previously served as editor of Forbes and National Review. He rejoins James Edwards this evening to discuss the alien invasion and the candidacy of Donald Trump. (Originally aired on September 19, 2015)
If you missed our live show, click here to access our most recent program podcasts, or click here to access the complete broadcast archive dating back to 2004.

It’s the Identity, Stupid!

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America’s vast winner-take-all electoral system enforces via game theory the emergence of a two party system with each party achieving roughly 49.9% of the electorate, with the other .2% throwing away their vote. That is not to say that third parties are categorically futile. They can and do serve a valuable purpose as a label on one’s refusal to pick one of the two teams which can win. For instance, if the Democratic Party betrayed its Black voters, then the growth and strength of a Black Panther Party, enough to cause the Democrats to lose to the Republicans, would force the Democrats to realign their priorities to win back that constituency.

Back in 1965, America was roughly 90% White, and the other 10% weren’t especially engaged with the democratic process for a variety of controversial intrinsic and extrinsic reasons. As such, there was essentially one “identity” in American politics. There were certainly some meaningful regional variations, but our democratic process was anchored to a rock solid and unchallenged Anglo-American core. When there is minimal identity competition, the bipartisan game theory favors constructing the duality around ideas.

With the exception of the minority of White Americans in and around the Black Belt who experienced the Dixiecrat phenomenon, there’s no real reference for what’s happening. Not only do middle-aged and older Americans have a hard time understanding the rise of identity politics, the civics education they’ve received both formally and informally leaves them with the firm but baseless conviction that voting for your identity rather than your abstractions is immoral.

The game theory requires that with each passing election cycle, the Democratic Party will successively alienate a subset of its White voters to make more room for its growing identity factions. There’s no strategy or moral pathos involved, it’s just the math. Humans and organized groups of humans can nudge it a bit one way or another, but the overarching historical process will not subside unless the demographic increase in non-White identity groups subsides.

The process dynamically rebalances at 50/50. After all, every vote you receive over the tie-breaking vote is a lost opportunity to serve your base. What’s changed is that America’s descending into a cesspit of endlessly competing identities. The politicians to blame for this are the politicians driving that demographic change, not the politicians modifying their message in accordance with that change. If you’re going to blame a politician for making White identity politics happen, blame Ted Kennedy, not Donald Trump.

Reason Magazine’s Elizabeth Nolan Brown soberly asked, “Are Republicans Becoming the Party of White Identity Politics?
As with political correctness, criticism of American identity politics isn’t entirely unwarranted, but it gets muddied by folks who invoke the phrase anytime constituencies suggest they have social or legal concerns not directly relevant to straight, white, Christian men.
So, in summary, identity politics are good when they’re against straight, white men and they’re bad when they’re for them? Got it. Funny how Reason, National Review, and so many others devolve into hysterical SJW tumblr blogs when race comes up. It’s jarring that just a few years ago, the neocon establishment were fighting like hell to drive back the libertarian entryists, and now the libertarians are their only hope against a tsunami of outright white nationalism.

Never lose hope, comrades. Politics can and do change very rapidly.
In Europe, meanwhile, straight, white, Christian men and women have become their own sort of special-interest group, and one whose particular identity politics now form a core tenet of right-populist political movements.
Could the same thing happen here? The Federalist’s Ben Domenech is worried that it could, with the rise of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump representing the proverbial canary in the coal mine. “Donald Trump could transform the Republican Party into a coalition focused on white identity politics,” reads the subhead on Domenech’s article. “We’ve seen this in Europe, and it’s bad.”
It’s bad, alright. It’s bad for libertarian sperglords hellbent on cramming humanity into their abstract economic models. The fact that White Americans are beginning to awaken and fight back against the globalism, consumerism, multiculturalism, and alienation enveloping and strangling their families and communities is good for the White Americans. And it’s only bad for those who aren’t White Americans to the extent that they’ve been taking advantage of us while we were asleep.

Ben Domenech is thinking aloud what everybody else in the “conservative” coalition is thinking privately. Do we try to kill this pro-White thing or do we try to cuckold it to push our corporate and classist agendas?

Elizabeth, bless her heart, doesn’t realize that she’s not supposed to say what everybody else is thinking about Trump’s campaign, his audience, and his disruptive impact on American politics.
You know who else rose to power on white identity politics during a period of progressive reforms…
Wait, what? Dear God! America’s preheating the ovens!

It’s the identity, stupid! Just as Bill Clinton managed to steal the momentum from Bush Sr. back in 1992 by having a better grasp of what actually mattered to voters at that time, Donald Trump has managed to steal the momentum from his son Jeb by tapping into what actually matters to contemporary voters: identity. The strong network of taboos and tribulations awaiting those who speak up for White folks ensures that it remains in the realm of signals and dog whistles, but you can’t enforce a taboo against feeling feelings.

Katrina, the hurricane which broke the levees in New Orleans has a name and receives the blame. But the actual cause of the flood and mayhem was decades of neglect, malinvestment, political ineptitude, and natural processes of sedimentation and erosion. The hurricane which broke the levees against White identity politics in America has the biggest name of all and will receive all of the blame. But the levee was going to break one way or another, under the weight of decades of neglect, malinvestment, political ineptitude, and demographic processes weighing on White Americans.

Ben Domenech and the rest of his libertarian minions can’t kill us and won’t co-opt us, because he’s playing by 20th Century political rules. American politics have gone tribal, and the only hope for libertarians at this point is to drop the abstractions and look for ways to tap into the organic individualism unique to the Western mind. With the exception of some paid guest speakers, libertarianism is just some stuff White people like. The paradox for libertarians is that Trump’s para-fascist campaign can and will deliver the freedom, liberty, and small government that Ron Paul and his anti-White, “anti-racist” son can only promise.

The Satanic Core of Liberal "Niceness"

via Cambria Will not Yield

It is a dreadful part of the example, that infernal malevolence has had pious apologists, who read their lectures on frailties in favour of crimes; who abandoned the weak, and court the friendship of the wicked. To root out these maxims, and the examples that support them, is a wise object of years of war. This is that war. This is that moral war. It was said by old Trivulzio, that the battle of Marignan was the battle of the Giants, that all the rest of the many he had seen were those of the Cranes and Pygmies. This is true of the objects, at least, of the contest. For the greater part of those, which we have hitherto contended for, in comparison, were the toys of children.
The October Politician is so full of charity and good nature, that he supposes, that these very robbers and murderers themselves are in a course of amelioration; on what ground I cannot conceive, except on the long practice of every crime, and by its complete success. He is an Origenist, and believes in the conversion of the Devil. All that runs in the place of blood in his veins, is nothing but the milk of human kindness. He is as soft as a curd, though, as a politician, he might be supposed to be made of sterner stuff. He supposes (to use his own expression) “that the salutary truths which he inculcates, are making their way into their bosoms.” Their bosom is a rock of granite, on which falsehood has long since built her strong hold. Poor Truth has had a hard work of it with her little pickaxe. Nothing but gunpowder will do.Letters on a Regicide Peace

When I was growing up the use of weights in sports was discouraged. My football coach, like many coaches of that time, told me to stop lifting weights, because he thought that weightlifting would make me ‘muscle-bound.’ Some twenty years later, every pro team in the country and most of the college teams had strength coaches, and movies like Pumping Iron had made body building a major sport. Ironically, as weightlifting came out of the closet, it changed from an activity that could enhance strength and health to a narcissistic activity that destroyed a man’s health and virility.

The puffed-up, steroid-using, body builders and athletes of today are the complete opposite of the old time strong men. Without access to exercise science gurus armed with PhDs, and without the use of steroids and total gyms, the old time lifters built bodies that stood the test of time. Many of the old-time strong men maintained their strength and vitality right to the end of their lives. George Hackenschmidt was still lifting massive weights in his mid-eighties as were most of the old time lifters who practiced the now antiquated ‘three days a week, with rest in between’ program.

Nor have the modern exercise science men discovered anything new about exercise. The old timers knew about circuit training and other such ‘modern’ innovations; they just didn’t have a fancy name for the ‘new’ techniques. But that is the essence of the modern world, gimmickry without substance.

I don’t intend to start an exercise blog – there are too many of them already – but I do want to segue from the modernity of the modern body building culture to the modernism of the liberal-conservatives. I dismiss the straight-out mad-dog liberals; they are the swine going over the cliff. It is the conservatives who are not conserving, going over the cliff with the liberals, that I want to discuss.

Burke was very clear about what a European statesman was duty-bound to conserve: the institutions, customs, manners, and prejudices that helped the European people preserve their faith in our Common Hope. All changes in government must be changes to preserve the foundations of a Christian government, just as you would shore up a sacred monument with mortar and plaster, rather than tear it down and put up a new monument. Burke denounced the French Revolution with Shakespearean eloquence and passion, because he saw that the French Revolution was a radical break with the customs, manners, and prejudices of the European people who had believed, for over 1,500 years, in our Common Hope. Henceforth the battle would not only be with the pagans from without Europe, it would also be a battle against the post-Christians within Europe.

The modern conservatives are the spiritual counter parts of the modern steroid body builders. They claim to be improving and conserving while they are really helping the mad-dog liberals to tear down Western civilization by injecting a harmful poison into the European people. And what is that poison that is supposed to improve, but in reality kills? It is the poison of cosmic intellectualism as articulated by Albert Einstein in 1931:
“In primitive peoples it is, first of all, fear that awakens religious ideas—fear of hunger, of wild animals, of illness, and of death. Since the understanding of causal connections is usually limited on this level of existence, the human soul forges a being, more or less like itself, on whose will and activities depend the experiences which it fears…
“An important advance in the life of a people is the transformation of the religion of fear into the moral religion. But one must avoid the prejudice that regards the religions of primitive peoples as pure fear religions and those of the civilized races as pure moral religions. All are mixed forms, though the moral element predominates in the higher levels of social life. Common to all these types is the anthropomorphic character of the idea of God.
“Only exceptionally gifted individuals or especially noble communities rise essentially above this level; in these there is found a third level of religious experience, even if it is seldom found in a pure form. I will call it the cosmic religious sense. This is hard to make clear to those who do not experience it, since it does not involve an anthropomorphic idea of God; the individual feels the vanity of human desires and aims, and the nobility and marvelous order which are revealed in nature and in the world of thought.”

– cited in One Race, One Faith, One Shepherd
Who are the exceptionally gifted individuals that do not need “moral religion”? They are virtually all the European intelligentsia, both liberal and conservative. And the grazers, the people who should be the Christian faithful, have followed their leaders. For who wants to be ‘as stupid as a rhinoceros’ by subscribing to an intellectually inferior religion and the customs, manners, and prejudices attached to that religion? “Who is here so prejudiced, who will not support the massive influx of negroes and Aztecs into the European nations? Who is here so lacking in compassion that he will not welcome Moslems into the European nations? And who is so racist and illiberal that he wants his nation to be white and Christian while shunning all others? If any, speak, for we will purge that man from cosmic, multi-cultural Europe.”

The Christian churches followed in the train of the European intelligentsia. The liberals abandoned Christ entirely, and the conservatives betrayed Him by refusing to defend that which is essential for the survival of the Christian faith as a vital force in the life of the European people. We need to believe that we saw Christ face to face in the collective face of the antique Europeans. If they, the people who took Christ into their hearts, didn’t know Him, then how can we know Him? “We can know Him by a new, improved method, through the good offices of our intellects,” say the conservatives who have been shooting up with intellectual steroids to bulk up their highly developed brains. But is such a thing possible? What have the people on intellectual steroids produced? A world in which “mankind preys upon itself like monsters from the deep.” The barbarians of color kill whites and themselves with an increasing ferocity, the Moslems have marched right through the open gates of Liberaldom vowing that, “Your children shall be Moslems,” and not one public figure has called for the expulsion of the colored barbarians and the Moslems from the European nations. Why is this? Because the intelligentsia, the liberal elite that governs the white nations, do not believe in our Common Hope. If they did, they would not deliver up their own people to be tortured and murdered by colored barbarians. Nor would they allow the one true God to be replaced by the God of the Moslems.

The liberals and the liberal conservatives have detached themselves from humanity. They have invented a cosmic brotherhood of the intellect, which, from their point of view, makes them supernatural beings above the lot of common humanity. And they are right. They have left common humanity behind. They are like unto Satan, the archangel of intellect. Some, by the grace of God, might return to humanity and the humane God, but we can’t count on any member of Liberaldom joining the ranks of the European people. Their hardened hearts are poisoned against the light and we dare not mix with them on any terms other than martial ones, lest we be poisoned by them.

That leaves the white grazers, the men and women who have had so many false Aslans thrown at them that they can no longer see the real Aslan, the one who took flesh and dwelt among us, first in Bethlehem, Judea, and then amongst the people of Europe who took Him into their hearts. The white grazers are hovering between two worlds, the world of cosmic universalism where unspeakable cruelty and butchery dwell under the names of multiculturalism and democracy, and the world of His Kingdom come, a realm of charity forged out of a previously untamed pagan wilderness by the Knight Errant of charity and mercy. The people who loved much followed in His train and kept the flame of His divine charity alive through all the Christian centuries of their history. But now? Christ’s words come back to us with an overwhelming force: “When the Son of Man returns will He find faith on earth?”

In White Man Think Again, Anthony Jacob writes of the one fatal flaw of the white Kenyans:
It is very far from being my intention to belittle the people of Kenya and to add insult to their unspeakable injury. Their only fundamental fault, after all, was to be too trusting and innocent a people to be a party to that which was supplanting them. They trusted Britain unquestioningly and assumed the Native would prove himself grateful for what had been done for him. They trusted everybody because they are a trustworthy people themselves…
Yes, in other words the ignorance of our Western liberal intellectuals is killing us. The distortion of their university-adjusted vision is such that even when they clearly perceive every detail of a given situation, the picture in the mirror of their intellects is invariably upside down. It is a form of insanity, ethical as well as intellectual; an insanity which takes the form of a blind belief in the efficacy of so-called ‘good’ principles regardless of the circumstances in which they are applied; such as the giving of The Vote to people who cannot read or write, and the granting of ‘National Self-determination’ to tribes of stark naked cannibals. It is a ‘sideways with the people’ insanity; one of the deadliest of its manifestations being the belief that true goodness consists in depriving oneself of the power to do good. It is an insanity compelling liberal politicians to delight in bringing about the utter subjugation of their own white race.
Therein lies the fatal flaw of all white grazers. They cannot see the evil of liberalism. They are constantly asking why their government doesn’t protect them from the colored barbarians from within and the Moslem invasion from without, but then they never believe you when you give them the answer: “The liberals hate the Christ-bearing people because they worship darkness and not the light.” This is unacceptable to the white grazer. His local clergyman is a kindly fellow, he preaches niceness and universal love, and he wouldn’t sell his people down the blood red river of diversity. Nor would his conservative congressman; he has a democratic love for all mankind. Until the grazer understands that behind the façade of liberal niceness lurks the cold malignity of the devil, he will be forever bound upon the liberals’ wheel of fire, asking for the bread of charity and receiving a stone. That is the essence of liberalism: a stone, just as hard and impenetrable as the liberal’s heart.

Burke had hope that a leader would emerge who would inspire the white grazers of his day to rally and throw off the ideological Jacobinism that was taking over Europe. He died thinking that a champion of old Christian Europe had yet to emerge. But his humility kept him from seeing that a champion had emerged, a champion who saw through the outward niceness of liberalism to its satanic core. That Christian champion was Edmund Burke, who stands with Shakespeare as the great champion and poet of the white Christian race. With blinding sight he saw that it was the Europeans’ passion to love the good and hate evil that made them a race distinct from all others. Their passion linked to His passion made Christian Europe, and their descent to niceness destroyed Christian Europe. It is the task of the true European conservatives to live up to that essential truth so passionately articulated and defended by Edmund Burke, the great Knight errant of Europe: “They never will love where they ought to love, who do not hate where they ought to hate.” Forsake liberal niceness, love your people in and through Christ, and Liberaldom will come tumbling down, freeing the Europeans to do battle with and defeat the colored barbarians and the Moslem invaders.

The liberals’ little black puppet, The Obama, recently compared the new wave of Moslems invaders to the Pilgrims who came over from England many years ago. Is there any resemblance between a Moslem and a Christian? Is there any resemblance between the men who came to a geographical land mass to build a civilization and the men who now come to that same land mass to destroy a civilization? The whites will be pushed off the face of the earth if they do not forsake satanic niceness and start acting like their Christian forefathers. The false Aslan of Pope Francis and his ilk has poisoned Europe for much too long. It is time to look to the real Aslan, the Aslan of Alfred and of Havelock, the one true God, who did not suffer, die, and on the third day rise from the dead so that men could celebrate satanic cruelty while flying the flag of multicultural, Christian niceness. “He is not a tame lion.” No, He is not, He is the Christ, the God of our racial hearth fire. If we forsake that hearth fire, we forsake charity, mercy, and Him.

What Trump Should Have Tweeted

via American Renaissance

On November 22, Donald Trump retweeted an image with inaccurate information about race and crime. Naturally, his critics at the Huffington Post and all points left pounced on the mistake.

Here is the tweet he should have sent:

These figures are from New York City’s annual crime report. The report does not calculate crime rates for a hypothetical all-white New York City–the police chief would be fired if he did that–but it includes demographics for the city as follows: Whites: 32.8 percent, Blacks: 22.6 percent, Hispanics: 28.9 percent. To calculate the murder rate if the city were all white, you divide the percentage of arrests that are white by the white percentage of the population: 2.9 percent ÷ 32.8 percent = 8.84 percent. That results in a reduction in the crime rate of: 100 percent – 8.84 percent = 91.16 percent. [See below if you didn’t follow that.]

You can also calculate how much more likely a black or Hispanic is to be arrested for a violent crime than a white. For murder, a black is 31 times more likely and a Hispanic is 9 times more likely. A black is an astonishing 77 times more likely than a white to be arrested for a lethal or non-lethal shooting, and a Hispanic 18 times more likely. Guns are a problem alright–but the problem is overwhelmingly because of blacks and Hispanics, not whites.

Despite liberal dogma, these figures represent real racial differences in crime rates, not police bias. For them to represent bias, the police would deliberately have to arrest innocent blacks and Hispanics and let whites go. It would be crazy to arrest innocent people. New York City juries are racially very mixed and will not convict without good evidence. And does anyone really think the police don’t bother to look for a shooter if witnesses say he was white? Besides, whites are only 51.5 percent of the NYPD, which is 15.6 percent black, 26.7 percent Hispanic, and 6.2 percent Asian.

The figures for New York are not an aberration. Similar data used to be available from Chicago until Rahm Emanuel was elected mayor. According to the most recent data, which are from 2010, a Chicago black was 32 times more likely than a Chicago white to be arrested for murder; a Hispanic was nine times more likely. A black was 38 times more likely than white to be arrested for robbery, and a Hispanic was six times more likely. If Chicago were all white, the murder and robbery rates would plummet by 93 percent, rape by 87 percent, and assault by 85 percent. The figures for Chicago are probably worse now. You can see why the mayor wants to hide them.

Chicago used to report arrests by sex, and men are more violent than women: 13 times more likely than women to be arrested for murder and 19 times more likely to be arrested for robbery. That doesn’t surprise anyone. People are more wary around strange men than they are around strange women–and so are the police. No one shrieks about “sex profiling” when Chicago police arrest a lot more men than women.

Please note that the sex multiples for Chicago–13 times for murder and 19 times for robbery–are about half the black/white multiples of 32 and 38. Men are more dangerous than women, but blacks are a lot more dangerous compared to whites.

Donald Trump’s next tweet should be: “Chicago men 13 to 19 times more dangerous than women. Chicago blacks 32 to 38 times more dangerous than whites.” That’s 113 characters.

If you are interested in the facts on race and crime, you will want to read the update–coming out in just a few weeks–of our report, The Color of Crime. This data in this article is just an advance sample of the eye-opening information we have uncovered.

[How to calculate the crime rate for an all-white New York City. Imagine a city that is 50 percent white and 50 percent non-white, where there are 100 murders every year, and whites commit 10 of them (10 percent). If all the non-whites were replaced by whites who were precisely as likely to commit murder as the whites who already live in the city, the number of murders committed by whites would double to 20. That is 20 percent of the previous annual rate of 100 murders. Since the 90 murders committed by non-whites would not happen, the new murder rate of 20 per year would reflect an 80 percent drop.]

The Bargain Basement

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Black Friday is part of the dark void at the heart of contemporary America. Every year it seems the advertisements creep in earlier and earlier, and our “holidays” come to resemble more of an all-day advertising pitch than a day of rest and reflection. 

When the struggles of our ancestors are reduced to trivialities, the trivial is all we are left with to “celebrate.” Celebration in contemporary America means consumption. Where our forefathers stopped to give thanks for a good harvest, survival in battle, or healthy progeny, today we take time to read the sale clippings for tomorrow’s next marvel of planned obsolescence. As you read this, many of our own relatives have been in line for hours or more just pawing to get inside the local Wal-Mart, Best Buy, shopping mall, or wherever.

Watching news clips at the early hours of every “Black Friday” is a morbid fascination for this author. As of this writing, in Long Island, one Wal-Mart worker article has already been “trampled to death” by a “mob of wild shoppers.” It speaks volumes that this is an expected happening every year. It takes “dying for a bargain” to new heights.

Within all of the madness, there are saplings of resistance to this bland corporate affair that deserve our attention. The outdoor performance clothing store REI has started a campaign it calls #OptOutside. Its CEO’s statement includes,
We believe that being outside makes our lives better. And Black Friday is the perfect time to remind ourselves of this essential truth.
Of course what this most SWPL of retailers does not realize is how shockingly “White” such a statement is. One report quotes a local California State Park Superintendent who hopes that the REI campaign will “Get people to see our parks.” As Steve Sailer observers, nature reservers are “safe spaces” for Europeans.

Enjoying the outdoors and reminding ourselves of our connection to the soil below our feet, the very soil our ancestors won and worked, is a noble goal. By taking a step outside, and a step away from the mall, you begin to see the world anew.

Away from the maddening crowds, rampant advertising, and media/retail debasement of traditions, one has time to think and, if you have a family, it is a time to bond. It’s through these first small acts of resistance that we begin to know ourselves and build our future. We certainly won’t build it through buying it.

Nameless Podcast: Black-on-White Crime and the Donald

via Alternative Right

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Two "youths" charged with the rape and murder
of a pregnant white woman in Indianapolis
In this latest "Nameless" podcast, Andy Nowicki considers the media coverage of the rape and murder of Amanda Blackburn, an Indianapolis pastor's wife who was allegedly raped and murdered by two young men of an-- ahem-- duskier complexion (see above) during a home invasion. The horrific nature of this crime was exacerbated by the fact that Mrs. Blackburn was three months pregnant when she was violated and killed.
"Nameless" Nowicki discusses not only the all-too-familiar racial double standards of the mainstream press vis a vis race and crime, but also gets "meta" on the matter, noting Donald Trump's apparent untouchability and musing over the possibility of a sinister hidden hand promoting racial strife in the West to further the ends of a malevolent elite.

Show notes:

New Heavyweight Boxing Champ, Tyson Fury, Speaks-Out against Muslimmivasion

via Western Spring

New Heavyweight Champion, Tyson Fury
Manchester’s own Tyson Fury, age 27, has taken the WBA, WBO and IBF world heavyweight championship titles from long-time champ, the Ukrainian, Wladimir Klitschko after a points decision in Dusseldorf on Saturday.

He is the first white British man to hold the heavyweight title since Bob Fitzsimmons in 1899. Fury has a great interest in politicis and sometimes shares his views online. In a video available on youtube he comments as below.
Let’s face it, we’re letting thousands and thousands of immigrants in DAILY…. but yet we’ve got our own people here living on the streets homeless, they can’t get anything, they can’t get any money, they can’t get help… whats going on? Whats going on Great Britain?! … It’s not so Great when we let our fellow brothers and sisters die on the streets who’ve been born and bred here then we let 50 thousand immigrants in, from wherever they’re from, crying poverty, then they’re gonna blow us up! …  I’m big and brave enough to say it how it is, and I will say how it is!”
Let’s hope that Tyson Fury can land some blows on the corrupt anti-British establishment very, very soon.

Nov 25, 2015

Citizenship, Race, Nation

via Radix

In thinking about immigration and migration, I could not care less whether someone filled out the paperwork correctly or passed a civics exam. I oppose the immigration of an African who waits his turn and genuinely “wants to be an American”; conversely, I would gladly accept thousands of “Swedish boat people” who wash up on the shores. 

The question is really who someone is. It is not how someone is (whether he followed some arbitrary legal procedure).

But we still live in a liberal age based on liberal assumptions. And liberalism, among other things, values procedure as a chief source of legitimacy. A political decision is legitimate, for instance, if it is voted on correctly; an individual is a member of a nation if he happened to be born in its geographic territory or takes a test and is sanctioned by a lawyer or bureaucrat.

I have, no doubt, that the American governors who oppose the resettlement of Syrian migrants in their states (all but one of whom are Republican) have some traditionalist instincts buried beneath their PC talking points. After all, Salus populi suprema lex esto, and these governors are acting like true guardians of the people. But they also evince that Republican tendency of ultimately missing the point, and doing the right thing for the wrong reason.

The Muslims who attacked Paris last week were not (so far as we know) Syrian refugees; they were, in fact, French “citizens”. In other words, the issue is one of race (and all that this word implies) and civilization, and not legality or geographic location. In turn, in the age of mass migration, the threats to a nation are just as likely to be “citizens” as foreigners or invaders.

What we are witnessing is the passing of the concept of “the citizen”—“le citoyen” that was deified during the French Revolution. The politics of the future will be based on race and identity, and not the abstract, bankrupt notions of “citizenship” currently peddled by Western nation-states.

Rid of the Valkyries: Jewish Subversion of Nordic Traditions and Lore

via Aryan Skynet

Somewhere in America, a well-meaning mother is reading her daughter a bedtime story about a Valkyrie, perhaps thinking because it deals with Northern European mythology that it will foster in her child an intellectual curiosity about the old world, its folkways, its splendors, and its epic past. Unfortunately, the bedtime story is Edda: A Little Valkyrie’s First Day of School, and its author is a cultural Marxist Jew from Brooklyn named Adam Auerbach.
Published last year by Macmillan, the picture book tells the story of Edda, “the littlest Valkyrie”, who lives with her blond and red-haired folk in the magical land of Asgard. Poor little Edda feels unfulfilled and limited by continuing to live among her own kind, so her father, who is “very wise”, enrolls her in a public school where she can mingle with other races.

Adam Auerbach
Adam Auerbach
Auerbach depicts Edda walking into a classroom peopled with multicolored students. Propped up on a bookshelf to Edda’s left as she enters is a book with the title Myth, with a picture of Edda’s father on the cover. The meaning of this detail is that she has now been initiated into the real world, where citizens come in all shapes and shades, and everything is relative. The thanks the “very wise” patriarch receives for sending his daughter to this state indoctrination facility is that he will be represented to her as a false ideal.

Edda, who is shown misbehaving in class, throwing a book on the floor, knocking over her chair, and defiantly perching on top of her desk, must learn to be accommodating of those who are different. She must stand in line behind students of other races to get a drink at the water fountain or go for a ride on the playground slide. Eventually a juvenile romance buds between Edda and one of her Lahteeno classmates, guaranteeing that Edda’s “very wise” father has only succeeded in flushing his bloodline down the roach-infested commode of a system of multicultural myth1.

The author, according to the publisher’s website, “was inspired to create Edda while listening to Richard Wagner’s ‘Ring Cycle,’ a series of operas based on Norse mythology. Adam has always loved the stories of the rugged Norse gods and monsters.” His children’s book, however, merely conveys his thinly disguised hostility toward Europeans, whom he would clearly prefer to see dispersing themselves through dysgenic mating. In this way Auerbach expresses his Jewishness.

Leah Garrett
Leah Garrett
Jews have traditionally felt threatened by Germanic myths and legends and have done what they can to undermine the ethnic pride represented by these cultural forms. Leah Garrett, Loti Smorgon Research Professor of Contemporary Jewish Life and Culture at Monash University, addresses this in her essay “Sabotaging the Text: Tannhauser in the Works of Heine, Wagner, Herzl, and Peretz”, in which she writes that, “The line of cultural evolution of the Tannhauser myth is particularly interesting because […] it shows how even the work of an antisemite [sic] can become a tool for Jewish cultural cohesion.”2 Each phase of the development of the Tannhauser mythos as reiterated by Jews, she goes on,
reflects a moment in the transmission of ideas and shows how Jewish thinkers work with the products of the culture that surround them and adjust them to fit their needs. As they reintroduce the cultural product back into society, it moves to the next actor in the line of transmission. The Tannhauser text, as an expression of German folklore, is sabotaged and subverted by Heine, Herzl, and Peretz in such a way that Germanic elements are satirized, suppressed, or replaced with Judaic elements.3
Garrett notes how Heinrich Heine, a Jew, inserts toilet humor into the narrative of his 1836 poem “Der Tannhauser”:
Heinrich Heine
Heinrich Heine
The poem keeps intact much of the plot of the original medieval ballad while adding a humorous ending that transplants Tannhauser to contemporary Germany. Like many German romantics, the Tannhauser legend “cast a spell” on Heine, yet rather than using the myth to romanticize Germany, Heine subverted the original by having the poem shift in the latter half to a ribald and humorous account of Tannhauser’s travels through Europe:In Dresden I saw a poor old dog
Who’d made quite a stir in his youth;
But now he can only bark and piss,
Having lost his one last tooth.4

One can almost imagine such dreck being recited for comic relief in the conferences of the Allied war planners as they hatched their plans to really reduce Dresden to such a state. Heine, however, like Auerbach and so many others after him, was only doing what Jews have done to their hosts for centuries in realizing what Dr. Kevin MacDonald has termed the Culture of Critique. Yesterday it was toothless hounds urinating on German culture; today it is Marvel’s post-op “Thor” turning mudshark and smooching with “Captain America”. What so intimidates the Jews about pagan Germanic civilization that necessitates its subversion and degradation? Let readers find this out for themselves and restore the idols to their pedestals.

Rainer Chlodwig von Kook
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