Nov 16, 2015

130 Parisians "Terminally Enriched!"

via Western Spring

Paris last night was in a state of emergency as security forces struggled to contain a number of attacks by Islamic militants who were hell-bent on ‘terminally enriching’ the lives of as many White Parisians as possible.
A series of coordinated terror attacks in the heart of Paris have left dozens of people dead and wounded. Dead bodies littered the streets of the French capital last night after at least 130 innocent people were killed in shootouts, including those in a Korean restaurant on the Rue Bichat; outside the Stade de France sports stadium; and in the Paris Bataclan Concert Hall where terrorists are said to be holding more than 100 further hostages.

Paris Attacks 3The gunmen shouted ‘Allah Akbar’ and opened fire when they burst into the theatre. There were also two explosions outside the Stade de France sports stadium where the French football team were playing a friendly match against Germany  last night. There were a total of six linked attacks throughout the city and anti-terrorist police, soldiers and emergency personnel have been flooding into the area following those attacks, starting at around 9pm. French President Francois Hollande has declared a national state of emergency and shut the country’s borders.

France has been on edge since Islamic State extremists launched a bloody attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and a kosher grocery that left 20 people dead, including the three attackers.

The French capital has been on a high state of alert ever since, with security services warning that another attack was always likely.

Paris Attacks 2Online supporters of Islamic State have already started to celebrate the devastating attack in Paris, using the hashtag ‘Paris in fire’ on social media, but it has not been confirmed whether the terror group is behind the attacks. It is however believed these new attacks are in retaliation for French air force involvement in the bombing of Islamic State targets is Syria and for French ground forces involvement in the defeat of Boko Haram in Central and French West Africa.

While only a minority of Muslims are actively involved in acts of terrorism against the West or in the fighting in Syria, opinion polls have shown significant passive support for organisations such as Islamic State and Al Qaeda amongst Muslim communities and these attacks underline the dire need for Western governments to quarantine Islamic populations in Europe and to begin a programme of repatriation to their countries of origin, before all of Europe becomes embroiled in the chaos and violence that inevitably seems to follow in the path of Islamic immigration.

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