Nov 12, 2015

A Thought Criminal in Airstrip One: Matt Heimbach on His Banishment from the UK, for Being Pro-White

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George Orwell’s classic 1984 showed us a fictional vision of the world that is becoming far too much like reality for my taste. In 1984, England was known as Airstrip One and was a part of a world-spanning mega-Empire known as Oceania. Inside this Empire, the citizens were kept under a constant state of monitoring by closed-circuit camera televisions, hidden microphones, informants, and a vigilant “Thought Police” that ruthlessly persecuted anyone who challenged the System. While the modern bureaucrats in England haven’t adopted the Soviet-style uniforms, they have assuredly adopted the Orwellian vision of forcing ideological compliance with the regime and its stated goals.

An odd international envelope arrived in my mail last week. I opened it with curiosity, wondering whether it was perhaps a new book to review. Nope. The British Empire has declared war on me, little ol’ Matthew Heimbach. The United Kingdom Home Office informed me that I was a certified thought criminal, banned without appeal or recourse from entering the UK for fear that my ideas might reach the British people.

In my life I have never been arrested; I have never received a traffic ticket; I have never (to my knowledge) been the subject of a government investigation for any wrongdoin; I have never advocated sedition or terrorist acts. My ideology is mainstream in most parts of the world. One would think that the United Kingdom would be far more interested in the hundreds of thousands of unknown foreigners, some with public associations with ISIS and other radical Islamist groups, that are pouring into their nation instead of an American citizen with zero criminal history and no connection to or promotion of any violent activity.

The Home Office spokesman told the media about my case that “Coming to the UK is a privilege and one that we refuse to extend to those who seek to subvert the shared values of our society.” I wonder what shared values the flood of radical Islamists who are setting up shop in England the Home Secretary sees that she has in common.

England has not had a problem with American nationalists setting bombs in England and killing English citizens. They have suffered the tragedy of the 7/7 bombings that cost the lives of 52 civilians (and over 700 injured). These attacks that were committed by radicalized Muslims who were the descendants of Pakistanis, and one Jamaican immigrant, who had come to England due to the lax immigration policies set up after the Second World War.

No American nationalists have beheaded English citizens like what happened in the tragic murder of British soldier Lee Rigby who was run over by two radicalized Muslims and then beheaded on the streets of Southeast London. The Islamists murderers of Lee Rigby were radicalized by imams in England and said that they were waging jihad in England on the English people.

Working for overthrowing the political System of the United Kingdom to become part of the global caliphate? Totally alright with the UK Home Secretary. European Identity and pride? Banned
Working for overthrow the political System of the United Kingdom to become part of the global caliphate? Totally alright. British Identity and Christianity? Banned

The “grooming” scandal in Rotherham England, rape and forced prostitution by another name, of over fourteen hundred English girls was done exclusively by Muslim immigrants and the children of Muslim immigrants. These girls were given alcohol, drugged, many were threatened with violence or death if they exposed their abuse, girls were beaten and psychologically tortured to have sex with Muslim men, with many of the Muslim men acting as pimps and profiting off of this human trafficking, but the police and government of Rotherham refused to shut down the abuse of their own children due to fear of being called “racist.”

Never once has an American nationalist destroyed the innocence of an entire town’s youth through a mass prostitution, human trafficking or child rape rings, but apparently American nationalists are more dangerous than Islamic fundamentalists and criminal gangs in the eyes of the English elite.

As a nationalist, my visit to the United Kingdom was going to be based entirely on first of all visiting the locations where some of my ancestors came from centuries ago, but also exchanging ideas with British people about how to promote the values of Faith, family and folk among the European extended family. The elites can handle Islamic extremists raping young women, blowing up buses and beheading soldiers but the real danger to them is one of ideas, where the ideas and values of nationalism could awaken British people to stand up and oppose the globalist agenda that the corrupt and traitorous English politicians are pushing.

The entire policy of the UK Home Office makes no sense if the British government was actually working to protect and advance the best interests of the English people, it is increasingly clear though that the British government works for the best interests of the globalists and international bankers above all else.

I was called an “extremist” for believing that there is a Jewish conspiracy to control the politics and thoughts of the British people, only to be followed up by a cabal of Jewish-run and explicitly Jewish organizations high-fiving one another for getting the British government to ban me. There would be ironically amusing if there weren’t so much at stake.

The Community Security Trust was one of the primary groups which petitioned the British government to ban me on the basis of my supposed antisemitism. The CST is a Jewish group whose mission is to “To work at all times for the physical protection and defense of British Jews… To promote good relations between British Jews and the rest of British society by working towards the elimination of racism, and antisemitism in particular” and to “To facilitate Jewish life.” Anyone who has actually read my writings or listened to my speeches rather than copy-pasting snippets and soundbites knows that I have no hatred for the Jewish people as a whole.


What I hate and work against is International Zionism and the Jewish elites who use usury, the mass media, and control of our university system and political life to work against the best interests of Christians and Europeans around the world. Anne Frank is not my enemy. Jewish billionaire elites like Sheldon Adelson are. For the CST to think I am a threat to their mission statement of “facilitating Jewish life,” one must necessarily conclude that their view of “Jewish life” is economically, politically, and socially destroying Europeans in our own Homelands.

The CST trains a paramilitary force of security contractors to always be on the lookout for antisemitism and to protect Jews against non-Jews. I think we all know that if a British nationalist organization began training paramilitaries to provide security for British people against the hordes of immigrant criminals, the project would be actively attacked by the English government. Jewish communities in England have also launched Shomrim organizations, quasi-police units made up of Jews to patrol English streets. Jewish groups get to abide by a special set of rules that Goyim are not allowed to have.

The Guardian reported that the Community Security Trust was “one of the organisations that had flagged concerns about Heimbach to the Home Office, welcomed the decision to exclude him.”

Heimbach’s extremism and antisemitism is clear-cut,’ a spokesman for the Jewish security charity said. ‘We thank the Home Office for having heard our concerns and for their decision in this case.’”

My supposed “extremism” and “antisemitism” must be my belief that the Zionist persecution of both Christian and Muslim Palestinians is immoral and in violation of international law, or perhaps the radical notion that Jewish oligarchs do not have a right to bribe politicians in the West to open up our nations borders to destroy the European people demographically and socially. I stand by Arab nationalists, who are Semites, who support their own people, culture and Faith against the forces of globalism. All forces for Tradition and Identity are my allies, my foes are globalists and internationalists who wish to break apart and destroy nations, cultures, and Faiths. As Father Charles Coughlin said “Less care for internationalism and more concern for national prosperity.”

My “antisemitism” extends only so far as to the point that Jewish groups such as AIPAC, the Federal Reserve and many others are actively working to undermine and subvert my people, our financial systems, our expressions of traditional Faith, and the health of our families.

The Judeo-Masonic Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith or ADL, a group that was founded after the Jewish child rapist and murderer Leo Frank was brought to justice by Southern patriots, also decided to put in their two shekels about my banning. The ADL described me as a “white suprema­cist,” of course, and gloated about me being banned for my “anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi remarks.” The coalition of Jewish groups that reported my banning or have admitted participating in getting me banned is a “who’s who” of rich, privileged and politically powerful Jews. In an attempt to discredit me, the Jewish elites have gone ahead and proven my point that they work to silence dissent to their globalist agenda and will use political manipulation to censor free speech.

The children of Europe are awakening. Tomorrow belongs to us
The children of Europe are awakening. Tomorrow belongs to us

At the end of the day, my ban doesn’t matter. The British people who want to hear my message will hear it all the same. They cannot stop the truth from being let free. The enemy can label me a Thought Criminal but they cannot stop my message and the message of millions of Europeans who are standing up for European Identity, culture and our Faith. I look forward to framing my ban letter and putting it on my wall as a reminder of what the great author Victor Hugo said when he wrote “No army can stop an idea whose time has come.”

Our time is now comrades and our enemy is on the defensive. If they didn’t fear the spread of nationalism then they wouldn’t have banned me from the country. If the global elites weren’t scared of nationalism they wouldn’t have made POW’s out of the Party leaders of Golden Dawn or turned to martyring comrades in Greece and around the West for standing for our principles. Like a scared animal, the enemy will continue to attempt to harass, discredit and even kill us, but no matter what they do… Victory is ours.

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