Nov 12, 2015

A White Cop Tells the Truth: An Excerpt from "Downtown White Police"

via The End of Zion

Downtown White Police: Demonizing the Alpha Cop, Glorifying Thugs, and Militarizing Law Enforcement is the new book written by retired Connecticut police officer James Lancia.

It’s a highly readable and entertaining book made up of anecdotes about Lancia’s time serving as a law enforcement officer in the Father Panik Housing Project – the most dangerous of its kind in the 80s – as well as many facts about race, integration, and the general decline of society.

Lancia was a very respected and highly decorated cop thought by many to the toughest in his precinct. His valor earned him the love of the good people he was sworn to protect, and the fear of the criminals who crossed his path, as well as the nickname “Supercop.”

This is the kind of book that could have a very positive impact on society if widely read, so I would encourage everybody to pick up a few copies, read it, and send it to as many people as you can, especially those who are in a position of power and influence, such as other police officers.

Lancia has recently been interviewed by The Pressure Project and Red Ice Creations.

Below is a sample chapter of his book (with links and pictures provided by me).

Chapter 46 – The Truth Hurts: Hollywood and Television

Movies, television shows, commercials, Disney, MTV, and others are just a part of the myriad of trash that spews out racial biases against whites, anti-Christian messages that are now being bludgeoned over everyone’s head, and the corrupting effect of commercialized pop culture propaganda. Not to mention the glorification and normalization of alcohol and drug use. This has all been done so progressively, it has become normal. It is a well known fact that generally, television and Hollywood are owned and run by Jewish elites. I have never seen any defamation of any religion other than Christianity and any other race other than the non-Jewish white race. I find this highly offensive myself, because I am a straight, strong Christian white male-the main target for these progressive assholes and their attacks. This defamation is directly linked to much of the violence against whites and has created a perpetually tense racial atmosphere, fomenting this violence and at times even validating it. If a Christian owned media network bashed Jews in any way, it would be called Anti-Semitic and would be shut down. Is there a term for being Anti-Christian that instills that kind of fear and public backlash? No. If you are in Hollywood and complain about this you will be blacklisted and publically ostracized as a bigot for exposing bigotry. Amazing. Why does anyone’s religion or race need to be singled out in this culture that falsely preaches equality and diversity? It is a Nazi-style control on all the entertainment garbage, which enters our homes and feeds the minds of the masses.


So called “celebrities” get away with the most asinine and condescending statements, all within and in homage to what is accepted as either political correctness or popular opinions beyond what is right. Some of the more recent and offensive racist, hateful language comes from ass-bag Jaime Foxx who, on Saturday Night Live while promoting his stupid racist movie, told the audience, “I get to kill all the white people, how black is that?” and the audience consisting mostly of pathetic whites, applauded him like the weak, fearful, morons they are. Jaime Foxx forgets that without the white majority he would not be who he is today, whatever that is. Oprah Winfrey, a billionaire made in part by the admiration of the white majority, says those same whites need to “die” so racism can end, because she suddenly decided that white people were the problem. If an old, fat, rich, black woman, who has everything, can have these sentiments and get away with it, what can we expect from the rest of the racist black population? She escapes accountability and never apologizes, and Paula Deen suffers publicly for making a joke decades ago. There is no fairness here, and the ones claiming they are treated unfairly are not only deluded, but get a free pass on betraying their own ideals of racial equality.

These are just two examples of the incredible stupidity and mentality of people who could make a positive difference in society but fail to do so, in order to placate the destructive gangster thug mentality which only manifests their fear of them. These types of statements and attitudes lead to, perpetuate, and provoke the lawlessness we are experiencing today. These people ignore the masses of young black teenagers looting, destroying, killing, raping, robbing, and engaging in racially motivated mob attacks across the country, all while shouting “It’s a black world,” “Fuck whitey,” “Kill that Cracker,” etc. All this happens while the public is told that it is impossible for blacks to be racists. What a crock of shit.


This is our future. These are not old white people perpetuating racial hostilities who need to die off so it can all end; this is just beginning for the next generation. How is a white America supposed to feel when these blatant, hateful racial insults go on with impunity? This is another side effect of Critical Race Theory being taught in public schools to children and teens. Any parent who allows this to be taught in their tax funded schools, is complicit.

Another blatant misrepresentation of facts, that Hollywood and our media generates, is the misconception that all serial killers are either white males or females. Wrong again, very wrong in fact. According to statistics dating back to 1900, black serial killers not only existed but have actually been the majority of serial killers since 1990 to 2010. The media and Hollywood persist in racially profiling white males to represent the lunatics that are serial killers when it is a factual lie.

The music industry is no different- gangster rappers, calling themselves “artists” are applauded and celebrated on mainstream television, movies, and media for targeting the young as recipients of their racist, women hating, and violent lyrics; all destructive to malleable minds of all races. Can any of this be good for not only the young to hear, but for anyone? This only emboldens them to continue their rampages and to become worse than they are. Look at the trend of black thuggery and the emulation of it by all races and cultures, most notably whites, who in their moronic attempts to mimic the gangster mentality prove just how impressionable the public is. It would be laughable if it were not so destructive to our culture and society.

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