Nov 18, 2015

Anne Applebaum’s Own Private Narrative Collapse

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Antarian Jew, Anne Applebaum
Anne Applebaum is a true Jew’s Jew. She’s an intelligence insider, a policy decider, one of the most visible and open of the insidious cocktail clique who run the Western world. When Roman Polanski was arrested, she not only did her duty to the tribe by attempting to exonerate the child rapist in the court of public opinion, she relied on her deep network of political connections to guarantee that he didn’t face justice. Lately, her hobbies have included attempting to drag NATO into an all-out world war over the Ukraine and coughing up blood libel against the German people, tub-thumping over the Holocaust.

She published a Slate article on the thirteenth entitled, ironically, “Syria’s Refugee Crisis Is Now a European Emergency.” She wasn’t speaking of the Parisian emergency we’re all familiar with, as that happened immediately after she hit “Post.” She was using the word “emergency” in the original Yiddish sense; a situation which could potentially be bad for the Jews. Her basic message is that if Europe’s leaders don’t act very rapidly to control the immigrant influx, the whole thing’s going to come unraveled and land squarely in the Far Right’s lap.

Anne probably didn’t realize that she had mere hours to spare between depressing “Post” on her message to Europe’s leaders and her nightmare coming true. Europe’s honeymoon with its arranged marriage to Middle Eastern immigrants is over, and it’s a matter of how–not if–Europe rebels against the immivasion. I love that line of reasoning we’re hearing from the cocktail clique, about how folks like myself must be licking our chops about this. I’m not licking my chops all that hard, because I know that the next step has been well-established, and it doesn’t look good at all yet for the identitarians and anti-semites.

It’s time for Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, and an array of anti-Islamic Zionist “civic nationalist” politicians to absorb and redirect the popular outcry. Applebaum and pals would rather not rely on the very daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen himself to save their hides from being made into lampshades, but they have only themselves to blame. Applebaum and pals drove the German people into such a moral fervor of self-abuse over imperiling Europe’s Jews the first time around that they’ve done gone and imperiled Europe’s Jews all over again with this hysterical overcompensation.

Angela Merkel has achieved for the German people what their previous chancellor only dreamed of, paving the way for a full and final rejection of Jewish power in the Western world…by loving them to death; literally.

Even Applebaum herself, a world-class bullshitter among the world’s foremost race of renowned bullshitters, can’t bullshit her way out of this clusterfuck. Even a rhetorician who can make a child rapist look like the victim can’t stuff this toothpaste back in the tube.
Objectively speaking, the unprecedented, bloody terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night were not related to the European refugee crisis that has rumbled on for many months. Certainly the attacks could not have been caused by France’s acceptance of refugees because France, unlike Germany and Sweden, has not been accepting large numbers of refugees.
Objectively speaking, the object lesson here is that even a modest number of militant and radicalized young men from the killing fields of the Middle East is enough to unleash mayhem on one’s nation. Imagine what’s in store for Germany and Sweden! Another object lesson is that assimilation simply will not happen. The masterminds of the operation were the last generation’s sad sack migrants and “refugees.” While the newly arrived Syrian radicals were evidently the junior partners entrusted with the suicide bombing part of the project, the ones who aren’t blowing themselves up can be expected to mastermind their own terrorist schemes once they get more settled in.
Nor is it credible to believe that recently arrived refugees from the Syrian war were primarily responsible for organizing a complex series of attacks. People who climbed mountains or crossed the Mediterranean on rafts did not arrive in France and transform themselves immediately into armed terrorist killers.
You see what she did there? She’s incredibly intelligent, and she’s hoping you’re not. She switched it up from one sentence to the next, deliberately obfuscating the distinction between those “responsible for organizing” the attacks and the “armed terrorist killers.” It is perfectly credible to believe that the recent arrivals would be willing to dive right into the role planned for them by the ones who’ve been settled in for a while.
The actual killers knew Paris very well. At least one has already been identified as a French national, known to the police. Others drove a Belgian rental car. I don’t care how all of the other killers entered the country: This operation wasn’t planned by refugees.
You’re wrong, and you’ll choke on your words as more is discovered about the event. Even if you’re right, I don’t think I’m alone in responding that I would rather not import the sort of folks who would eagerly sign up for a pre-existing plan to slaughter hundreds of innocent civilians or who can be expected to become terrorists in a few years. These aren’t quite the thankful war-weary widows, orphans, and apolitical family men the European people signed up for.

We could go on a big sappy tangent about how these young alienated migrants who perform terrorism are sort of victims themselves of shrewd middle-aged political operatives who take no risk themselves, but I propose that we avoid facilitating that rendezvous until your brain trust figure out how to actually solve that problem.
The human brain is not rational, however, and within minutes of the news breaking—before the identity of any of the murderers was known—many, many people began making the link between the two issues.
If only we were all as smart as Anne! She gets what we fools with our goyische kopfs can’t grasp. I actually slipped up in my title of my recent article, declaring before we actually knew for sure that the terrorism was the fault of “migrants and refugees.” After a little mix-up a few years ago relating to an incident in Norway that turned out to not be the fault of migrant terrorists, I’ve tried to be more careful with my conclusions. Fortunately for me, a few hours later we had confirmation that it was indeed simply and squarely related to the influx of Arab immigrants.
At the deepest level, the refugee crisis has unsettled people because it seems that Europe has lost control of this problem.
Seems!? It seems that Europe has lost control of this problem? You and your clique have completely lost control of the situation and the narrative, and you’re just spewing nonsense at your readers in a blind panic. You’re not merely panicking because Europe’s elites have lost control of the problem, you’re shrewd enough to see around the corner, and you know that you will soon lose control of Europe’s elites altogether. This is a total narrative collapse.

Imagine, nationalist readers, how I would respond if my own narrative collapsed. Let’s say that the latest educational fad actually worked, and Detroit’s public schools started churning out gifted young rocket surgeons who were too busy with their start-ups and stable young families to be bothered with crime. Let’s say the the world’s Jews genuinely stopped hating White folks and started manning the vanguard against the myriad threats to Western Civilization. How would I react? Not being Jewish, I would probably lack the chutzpah to keep my projects going, but my arguments would be reduced to an incoherent babble of non sequitors and character attacks as I tried to make sense of it all.

I would sound just like Anne Applebaum sounds right now. I would be a hot mess.
This sense has been building ever since the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, unilaterally decided to change Europe’s asylum rules in the summer. Merkel’s gesture—hugely popular in Germany at the time—immediately encouraged thousands more people to make the dangerous trip across the Mediterranean.
Note the implied accusation in her ellipses. Blaming the Germany people is a natural reflex for her. As if Europe’s Jewish and gentile elite weren’t fully behind the immivasion, as if the refugee crisis were some populist error.
Across the continent, a surge in support for far-right, anti-European or anti-immigrant political groups has already begun, in Poland, the Netherlands, Sweden, and France itself. The anti-EU movement in Britain is poised to benefit. So is Viktor Orban’s nationalist right government in Hungary, which successfully manipulated the refugees for its own benefit in the summer.
Y’all had one job, Anne. Don’t screw it up so bad that the people have no choice but to turn to the far right to fix it. One job. But the Jew can’t stop reaching, and the Jew’s reach is finally exceeding her grasp.
Europe now needs to restore security, stability, and confidence. France and its allies will have to show that it is possible both to maintain a tolerant society and to fight—fiercely, competently—against the institutionalized terrorism of ISIS. In the longer term, Europe needs a consistent military strategy designed not to control ISIS but to destroy it.
Mark my words, Anne will begin taking the lead in the coming months to legitimize Marine Le Pen and other kosher nationalists. She’ll also strive mightily to channel the heat and light from these exceedingly domestic problems into international warfare on Israel’s behalf.
This is not because there is any real connection between refugees and the events in Paris, but because extremists cannot be allowed to capitalize on the feeling of insecurity, or to manipulate it in order to win power.
Translation: I’m not admitting that flooding Europe with millions of people from active war zones the world over was a bad idea. It was totally a great idea. But we’ve got to roll it back because evil right-wingers are going to trick everybody into thinking that flooding Europe’s villages with ISIS militants is a bad idea.

Our job on the hard right is to keep our eyes on the prize. There’s a trolley taking off as we speak, the trolley of civic nationalist anti-Islamic “clash of civilizations” buffoonery which will be fun to ride along on. You’ll get to feel all that forward motion, the wind rushing against your face as it becomes socially acceptable to say previously taboo things about Middle Easterners in general and Islam in particular. The trolley leads to wars for Israel in the Middle East and a bunch of childish buffoonery about headwear and family courts. Only those who stay put, keeping their focus where it belongs, on immigration and the Jewish campaign of White Genocide against our nations, will see this emergency through to its conclusion: the reconquest of Europe and its Diaspora for the European peoples.

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