Nov 4, 2015

As Mohammed-mas Approaches

via Western Spring

As the festive season approaches once more, my eye was caught recently by reference to a decision in 2009 by British Transport Police to omit the word ‘Christmas’ from their Winter poster campaign, regarding the service they would be providing at Christmas time.
The word ‘Christmas’ had been proposed as part of a slogan on the poster, which was designed to alert people to the extra number of transport police that would be on duty over the festive period.

The slogan – devised by an advertising company commissioned by the Transport Police – read ‘Christmas presence’, a pun on the word ‘presents’, but the police marketing department, in a move branded ‘bonkers’ by Christian leaders, decided the use of the word ‘Christmas’ could potentially anger non-believers or people from other faiths who disliked the slogan’s Christian connotations. They swapped ‘Christmas’ for ‘Holiday’ and the slogan eventually read: ‘Holiday presence’, which critics said was meaningless, accusing the Transport Police of bowing to political correctness.

This topic and other issues related to the downgrading of Christmas as a Christian festival have become a recurring theme at this time of year, as shops and local authorities attempt to pander to the real or imagined sensibilities of the ethnic minority communities.

The core problem here however is that most British people are no longer committed Christians in the religious sense. Instead of being ‘believers’, they are merely ‘culturally Christian’, having been raised in a cultural environment in which Christian festivals and Christian customs have traditionally played a central role in the life of our people, but within which belief in Christian theology has been in decline. For them the important thing is that they enjoy the traditional festivities that have become part of the prevailing culture, rather than obsess about the name that the authorities attach to the holidays that facilitate those festivities.

Holiday presenceThe authorities could decide to call the holiday period; simply the ‘Holidays’ or ‘Winterval’ and very few people would care, just as very few people care that the festival is no longer exclusively referred to as ‘Yuletide’ as it would have been during Pagan pre-Christian times.

As long as the authorities in this country don’t try to stop people celebrating during the festive period, so that people can still get drunk, dance, buy each other presents and eat unnecessarily excessive amounts of rich food, no-one will care that our prevailing culture is changing for the worse.

If the authorities decide to call the festival ‘Mohammed-mas’, instead of Christmas, again few people who are nominally Christian would care, until that is, the enforcers of Sharia Law start passing and enforcing laws that prohibit the celebrations.

When drunkards are rounded up and summarily flogged in the market squares, and when drunken and inappropriately dressed females are accused of prostitution  and taken to the local football stadium to be punitively gang-raped by ‘religious enforcers’, and when we are prohibited from drinking or singing or dancing in public, or from hanging traditional decorations in our houses, then people will begin to care, but by then it will probably be too late.

We must begin to care about the religion underpinning our culture once more, but if we are to do that, we cannot call upon people to return to Christianity. Christianity is a religion of superstition derived from Judaism, and as such it is no longer credible as a religion for White people in the 21st Century — White people who are literate and educated. Christianity is a religion of superstition, weakness, forgiveness and servitude and this is why no-one will fight to preserve it today.

Crusaders fought for Christianity in the past because most of them were illiterate and knew nothing of its teachings. They fought, in spite of the teachings of Christianity, not because of them. They fought because they were warriors, the sons of warriors of times past and they settled their arguments in the traditional way, with the sword and not with a quotation from ‘the good book’.

We need a new religion based upon science, upon manliness and upon the reality of race and the importance of manliness, racial purity and ethnicity to our future wellbeing. Furthermore, we must create militant White communities who will practice this new militant religion — a religion that has relevance to today, and which imbues its followers with more fanaticism than Christianity ever did, and more fanaticism that Islam ever can.

Then we will begin to see a resurgence of our blood!

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