Nov 17, 2015

Avoiding a European Intifada

via Western Spring

In the wake of the Islamic attacks in Paris last night, as the death toll gradually rises as more and more bodies are discovered and as more people expire from fatal injuries, people all over Europe are today realising that what we are witnessing could have happened in any large European town or city, and probably will unless something radical is done to prevent it, now!
Several years ago, something could have easily been done to prevent the growing European Intifada, at the time when Islamic extremism first began to manifest, but our politicians with their obsession with multiculturalism and multiracialism turned a blind eye to the problem and told us it would be alright.

They told is that the religious fanatics were very small in number and represented only a tiny minority of Europe’s growing Islamic communities, but successive opinion polls and the evidence of our own eyes tells us that was not entirely true.

Euro-Intifada 3Yes, there are individual Muslims who actively oppose the use of violence to impose Sharia Law upon the people of Europe and some may even embrace the liberal values that have prevailed in the West in recent decades, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that it is they who are a tiny minority within Muslim communities. This is why, in their efforts to counter Islamic extremism, MI5 have struggled to attract Muslim recruits willing to gather intelligence from within the Muslim community. This is also why our police forces have struggled over so many years to attract any significant numbers of recruits prepared to even police the Muslim communities, and in doing so place ‘man made’ laws above the Sharia.

Euro-Intifada 1At the other extreme end of the scale are those Muslims prepared to actively wage violent Jihad against the West, and while these also represent only a small minority of Muslims, they number in the thousands across Europe as witnessed by the numbers volunteering to go to Afghanistan, Iraq and now Syria to join the insurgencies there. Furthermore, they have a very vocal support group of radicalised Muslims, who periodically turn out onto the streets of our towns and cities calling for beheadings, calling for the imposition of Sharia Law and calling for violent Jihad against ‘the Infidel’ — that is, us – and these people number in their hundreds of thousands across all of Europe.

These people form a fertile recruiting ground for more Jihadis in the future and we can be sure that they represent a fifth column, providing money, safe houses and low-level logistic support for the Jihadis of today.

This brings us to the nub of the issue relating to Islam. We are told by Islamic scholars and by their lick-spittles among Western politicians, that ‘Islam’ means ‘peace’, but more accurately, it means the ‘peace’ that prevails when everyone submits to Sharia Law. ‘Islam’ therefore, more accurately translates into English as ‘submission’, not ‘peace’.

Euro-Intifada 2In Muslim communities for over a thousand years now, those individuals who have refused to submit to Sharia Law, have been subjected to beatings, stonings, the amputation of limbs, burnings, beheadings, hangings and being thrown from the tops of tall buildings, and these people have therefore failed to thrive and reproduce and have gradually been bred out of the Muslim gene pool.

The vast majority of Muslims therefore do not care enough about Islam or Sharia law to be prepared to commit violence in their name, but neither do they care enough about Western civilisation and Western values to be prepared to counter the influence of the religious extremists. They are people who have learned to just get on with their lives and enjoy the ‘peace’ of Islam, and who have, through the natural selection prevailing within Muslim communities for over a thousand years now, been positively selected on the basis of their willingness to ‘submit’. In effect, they have been selectively bred to be socially and politically inert and to just do what they are told by the religious fanatics who have traditionally imposed Sharia Law upon them.

While it is none-the-less easy to find Muslims who are prepared to mouth mild platitudes deploring the violence associated with Jihad, these are in the main, just empty words designed to appease the sensibilities of Western politicians and journalists. The fact remains that no Islamic religious leaders of any note have stridently denounced the Jihadis in public and exhorted the government to do anything effective to counter them.

Paris Attacks 3They will call upon the government to spend public money on all sorts of ‘soft’ schemes — building dedicated youth clubs and the like — to distract Muslim youth, but few if any of them will be found calling upon their people to betray the Jihadis lurking within their midst, or calling upon the government to impose harsher measures to root out and eliminate those Jihadis.

We therefore have a situation in which opinion polls demonstrate widespread general support for the militant’s cause among Muslim populations, albeit that most of their people are not prepared to take any action, and widespread concern among Muslims that the non-Muslim majority might turn against them if the Jihadis go too far, but not enough for them to take any action.

The problem we face in the West is that it is not possible to effectively separate those who support Jihad and those who are prepared to commit Jihad, from the socially and politically inert majority. Indeed, differentiating between the two groups has been made all the more complicated because we have seen how families from within the socially and politically inert majority have spawned sons and daughters who have subsequently become radicalised and who have then gone off to join the Jihadis, and so we cannot simply separate and imprison the Jihadis and leave the majority Muslim populations at liberty. There is clearly something within Islamic teaching which demands of devout Muslims, that when they see the ‘peace’ of Islam disrupted by people who do not submit to Sharia Law, they must take increasingly violent and Draconian measures to force the errant individuals involved to ‘submit’ once again.

Others have gone through the Koran and highlighted the many passages that implore the followers of Islam to employ violence in order to punish and drive out the unbelievers, and so I do not intend to repeat that process here. Suffice to say that Islam is an intolerant doctrine that requires its followers to constantly strive to impose its laws, Sharia Law, upon the people among whom they live, and to use violence if necessary to do this. It is therefore a totalitarian doctrine that has been reinforced among the current populations of believers through centuries of selective breeding in which sceptics have been violently culled from the gene pool. It is also a doctrine that has been reinforced by selective breeding in which those with a propensity towards fanatical religious adherence have been rewarded and thereby enabled to spread their genes within that same gene pool.

Once we understand these issues, move beyond denial, and come to accept the reality of our situation, it is clear that Islam is incompatible with Western culture and the values underpinning Western civilisation, and there really are only three alternatives open to us:

Euro-Intifada 5Either we continue as we are, enduring mounting violence and as more Muslims migrate into Europe accept that we will one day be forced to submit to Sharia Law and become Muslims ourselves. In which case we can kiss goodbye forever to our current social freedoms — freedom of speech, democracy and women’s rights etc.; and we can kiss goodbye to thousands of years of Western culture, and stand by as fanatics outlaw singing and dancing and burn and destroy all works of art and literature and dynamite our historic buildings and statues in order to erase any trace of civilisation prior to the time of our submission to Islam;
Or we can ban the Muslim faith, ban Islamic teaching and force Muslims to choose between giving up their religion and leaving our countries. This is the option that Ferdinand and Isabella chose in medieval Spain, and which ushered in the Spanish Inquisition as a means of weeding out any Jews or Muslims who simply pretended to convert to Christianity and who remained secret adherents of their old religions. My belief is that a new ‘inquisition’ would either not work and we would be continue to be plagued by fanatical adherents of Islam who would simply go ‘underground’, or such an inquisition would become like the Spanish Inquisition before it, a prolonged and bloody process that most people would find distasteful and ultimately unacceptable;
Thirdly, and this in my opinion is the only practical and humane option, we opt to repatriate all Muslims from Europe to their land of ethnic origin, or some other destination of their choice, and we do this in as civilised and humane a way as possible, with financial assistance provided where warranted, so that Muslims can live in peace in their own way, in their own countries, and so that we Europeans can live in peace and maintain our many thousand year old cultural traditions.

Of course, as a corollary of this last option, it would be incumbent upon Western nations to allow Muslims to live in peace in their own lands and the deplorable practice of Western governments and Western agencies meddling in the internal affairs of Arab nations, and attempting ‘regime change’ would have to stop. This would be the ‘quid pro quo’, that would be vital in securing the peaceful compliance of Europe’s current Muslim populations with this preferred solution.

One practical obstacle to a policy of allowing Muslim nations unfettered self-determination is the continued existence of the state of Israel in its present form and part of the quid pro quo would also require some kind of even handed and civilised resolution of the situation there. One which accommodated the needs of the Israelis, but also satisfied the demands of the Palestinians. The continued expansion of Israeli settlements into Palestinian territories would have to stop
This would require Western governments to pressure the Israelis into being rather more accommodating and conciliatory than they have been to date in response to the various peace initiatives, and they will almost certainly need to concede some territory enabling the two Palestinian territories of Gaza and the West Bank to be somehow physically connected to form a viable Palestinian state.

Euro-Intifada 8We must acknowledge that the instability of the Arab states has been largely brought about by the creation of Israel and by Western governments pursuing a pro-Zionist agenda in their dealings with Israel’s neighbours. The creation of Israel and the callous displacement and ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people has led to antipathy against Israel and the consequent need for Israel and her Western allies to destabilise the neighbouring Arab countries so they will have neither the capacity to threaten Israel, nor the strength to defend the interests of the Palestinian people.

The various wars conducted by US coalitions, to destabilise Arab and other Muslim states in the Middle East and bring about ‘regime change’, together with the ‘Arab Spring’ revolutions sponsored by Zionist NGOs, have caused intolerable conditions in many Middle Eastern states, generating large numbers of refugees and other migrants that in turn fuel the migrant crisis in Europe and threaten the future wellbeing and security of the European nations, creating dysfunctional multiracial and multicultural societies in major towns and cities throughout the continent.

These problems are inextricably linked and it is likely there can be no solution to the immigration problems experienced in Europe without a solution to the Middle Eastern conflict. Mass immigration and the unwanted ‘transition’ to a dysfunctional multicultural state, is the price that Zionists expect Western nations to pay, in order for Western governments to continue supporting Israel in her intransigence in the Middle East. In short their position is that Europe must die so that Israel can live.

Euro-Intifada 6What I fear is that our corrupt pro-Zionist Western governments will under Jewish influence, remain doggedly committed to the first of these options and that eventually, in desperation, the peoples of Europe will rise up in protest and a bloody, continent wide civil war will ensue between European freedom fighters on the one hand and Jihadi fanatics on the other – a larger scale version of what happened in Bosnia a few years back.

Let us hope it does not come to that. We must act decisively to crush the Jihadis within our midst, but if we are to find a way out of this mess we must try to avoid the knee-jerk reaction of blind hostility towards Muslim communities that Zionists and their puppets will undoubtedly try to elicit. We must make our compatriots aware of the underlying issues involved so that our response is firm and uncompromising, but at the same time humane and just, as far as is humanly possible.

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