Nov 20, 2015

Changing Governments While Nothing Changes

via BUGS

Two points:

1) when I need correction, I come here.  As I have said many times it is much better to make mistakes here than out in the field.

2) The last thing I want to do is appear to use obscure information to make me look good, as so many AMPWs love to do.

When I talked about the importance of the coalition that got Hitler into power in the 1932 election, I went right into it as if you were familar with coalition-building.

As I remember from my political science days, The United States is the only country on earth in which the legislative and executive branches are elected separately.

In every other country, the “government” is elected by a majority of the legislative branch.

France was famous in the 50s, until DeGaulle took over, for short-lived governments. I remember one, Henri Queuille, that lasted two days though he held office another eight days as a caretaker while a new coalition was cobbled together.

They could elect a Premier and other officials, then they would fall out with each other or one or more parties would drop out of the coalition and the government would resign, and/or lose a vote of confidence.

This year Britain went back to “one party government” when the Conservative Party won a tiny majority.

If you paid any attention to British politics, which is as boring and pointless as ours, a coalition of two or more parties formed one of their recent governments.

I can almost hear BUGSERS saying, “Well whoopteedo!   We are supposed to be bored to death here by breathless announcements of which cuckservative gets ten more votes, and you expect us to keep up with British Liberal Democrats who make even less difference?”

True, nearly all other countries do use the Parliamentary system.
For nothing.

You already have an electoral system that means nothing.

Why should you keep up with another one?

Side Note:
A quote from the beginning of Stephen King’s  “Kingdom Hospiral:”
“A hundred and fifty years ago in Maine, women and children worked sixteen hour shifts every day to make blue uniforms.
The blue uniforms were for men who were fighting to abolish “The Peculiar Institution.”
“The Peculiar Institution was slavery”
Only Stephen King could get away with that!

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