Nov 6, 2015

ChemSex: The West Slips Even Further Into the Abyss

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Sarah Knapton, a science editor for The Telegraph, warns that, “An alarming new craze for lengthy drug-fuelled sex sessions, which can last for days a time, could lead to a rise in HIV and hepatitis.” The article is neither sensationalist nor moralistic, and takes pains to clarify that it’s a statistically relevant phenomenon that’s actually a thing rather than, say, a fever dream concocted from a few anecdotes by right-wing fundies. Several mainstream media outlets are reporting on it, with corroboration from multiple respected research journals and public health professionals.
The practice, dubbed ‘chemsex’ has been reported by more than 60 per cent of people visiting some clinics in London and involves people taking drugs like crystal meth before embarking on 72 hour sex binges with multiple partners.
The study she cites carefully lists the drugs typically relied upon to keep all the folks in the orgy going at it for several days straight. The drugs ingested include, but are not necessarily limited to: “mephedrone, γ-hydroxybutyrate (GHB), γ-butyrolactone (GBL), and crystallised methamphetamine. These drugs are often used in combination to facilitate sexual sessions lasting several hours or days with multiple sexual partners.”
“Chemsex is a rapidly emerging pattern of drug use, not just amongst men who have sex with men as often assumed, but heterosexual patients as well,” said Dr Richard Ma of the Royal College of GPs’ Sex Drugs Group.
“Taking recreational drugs during sex can lead to a number of potentially harmful side effects including facilitating the spread of common STIs and HIV, but also serious mental health problems, such as anxiety, psychoses and suicidal tendencies.
The article takes pains to repeatedly insist that it’s not only male homosexuals getting mixed up in this stuff, but a touch of common sense and a cursory review of the raw research cited, including “Illicit drug use in sexual settings (‘chemsex’) and HIV/STI transmission risk behaviour among gay men in south London: findings from a qualitative study,” confirms that it’s pretty much a gay subcultural thing, as outlined in Erik Striker’s recent article for our site.
In an editorial in the British Medical Journal experts warned that the growing popularity of ‘chemsex’ may be putting users at risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections as well as serious mental health problems through drug dependence.
They are also at greater risk of overdosing, being hospitalised, losing consciousness, having panic attacks or convulsions, and becoming the victim of sexual assault.
I don’t know if “risk” is the right word for what’s going on here. A man who snorts enough meth to stay up for three straight days and gobbles enough GHB to tolerate the unspeakable pain of repeated and aggressive sodomization by multiple anonymous partners isn’t really “risking” disease and drug dependency.

What next? “Leaping in front of oncoming trains may increase mortality risk.”
Although widespread data is lacking, Antidote, a specialist drugs service for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community in London, around 64 per cent of attendees seeking reported using chemsex drugs in 2013-14. Around three quarters reporting injecting drug use.
While I accept that most likely a minority subset of homosexuals and sexual paraphiliacs are this frightfully self-destructive, the myth that this whole thing is some irrelevant marginalized fringe within an otherwise family-friendly LGBTQ subculture isn’t holding up to empirical review. It’s an actual thing and it’s an actual problem. A statistically meaningful subset of the homosexuals who are supposedly as lovably innocuous as the characters on Will & Grace are snorting meth and poz’ing one another for longer than it takes to watch the entire Will & Grace box set series.
Jamie Willis, one of the report authors from the charity London Friend said: “Traditionally chemsex, as we now understand it, has been associated with the ‘men having sex with men’ population but historically the LGBT community have been seen as early indicators of new trends.
A society in which cultural trends tend to radiate from drug-fueled and diseased orgies is a society which would do well to begin reflecting on its first principles. Or perhaps be burned to the ground, the earth salted, and the names of its citizens stricken from the book of life? Just kidding, …sorta. My position is controversial, unpopular, and alienating to many folks in the New Right. Many believe we should focus exclusively on identity and strive to keep up with popular culture, synthesizing our racial advocacy with the latest trends.
“At present I am not aware of any research into chemsex use in heterosexual communities, however like most drug trends it seems likely chemsex will not remain exclusive to men who have sex with men in future.”
I’ve always had a generally tolerant disposition, and I joke in private that while on paper I’m a traditionalist radical, my actual instincts are to be open-minded, to give people the benefit of the doubt, and to respect peoples’ private decisions and private lives. But there comes a point when enough is enough, when private degeneracy becomes so outrageous and extreme that it threatens public life, that a line must necessarily be drawn in the sand.

For me, identitarianism means holistically fighting against the degradation and destruction of my people. The struggle to push back invaders and roll back White Genocide is inseparable from the struggle to revive the vitality and virtue of our extended family of kindred folk. We must consistently choose life, even if the trendsetters are choosing death.

Ultimately, if we were a healthy people with big loving families and the right priorities, things like border control wouldn’t even be problems. Just a century ago, the border was Mexico’s problem, with waves of settlers steadily encroaching on their lands and communities, because we weren’t yet a socially and sexually defective nation. Trends are what got us into this mess, and identitarians who strive to keep up with current social trends will follow those trends into the abyss.

The problem can indeed be framed in religious terms, and what’s being reported in clinical and matter-of-fact language in our popular press does eerily parallel the darkest chapters of sacred texts. When both ancient biblical stories and dispassionate atheist medical professionals are warning about the same lethal problem, it’s probably time to acknowledge and address the problem. If God’s not around to strike down a people who accept and tolerate this madness, natural processes and less poz’d peoples will continue to do his work for him.

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