Nov 9, 2015

Connecting the Dots on Andrew Anglin?

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Back in the wake of the Dylan Storm(er) Roof shootings, Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist Stephanie Saul contacted me because she was doing a hit piece on White Nationalism. Except it wasn’t a hit piece. Because the trouble with good things is that you can’t do hit pieces on them.
"Here are a bunch of White people who don’t want to be disempowered, turned into a minority, and then abused into extinction. How terribly, terribly evil!"
See how that works?

Even if you try to spin it in a certain way by heavy emphasis on associations with the tediously enforced myths of the Nazis (bad guys, true, but hardly the worst), there is always the danger that such spin will bounce off, leaving even more people to contemplate the thing-in-itself, and in-itself there is simply nothing wrong with the essence of White Nationalism.

But what struck me about Saul’s overtures was that she seemed mainly interested in talking about the Daily Stormer. This is what first alerted me to the fact that the article was not actually going to be about White Nationalism, because the Stormer is not White Nationalism.

But why did Saul come to me? The reason is that she naively figured I would be good for some useful quotes, having written extensively on Andrew Anglin and the Stormer in a number of articles here, here, and here (read them, they're fun). She was looking for quotes that would allow her to build the Stormer up into the centerpiece of her article and the face of White Nationalism. It is not and never could be.

Naturally I sensed this and took a conscious decision to frustrate her intentions by playing down the Stormer, telling her it was just a childish troll site (certainly its modus operandi) and that none of what it said should be taken at face value. I then recommended that she pay more attention to the The Right Stuff and The Daily Shoah, a much more engaging and effective form of White Nationalist trolling/humour/debate, and certainly funnier and better informed than the dreary formulaic “Heil Hitler” boilerplate churned out by the boring Mr. Anglin.

Not an Octoroon.
TRS is also run by people I can vouch for, as they don’t avoid interactions on the internet, unlike Anglin who remains a suspiciously elusive personality.

Perhaps the most forthcoming bit of Anglinia (yes, sounds like a nasty infection) was the recent interview he did with Red Ice Radio, where he came across as a much milder and low-energy guy than his image as the reincarnation as Julius Streicher – another baldy like Anglin, but one that didn't look quite so much like an octoroon as Anglin, who no doubt shaves off his frizz. (Was it my imagination or did Anglin flinch when Lana in her breezily toneless English-as-a-second-language sort of way referred to Blacks as "monkeys?" Well, listen for yourself.)

The end result of my interview with Saul is that this famous Pulitzer-Prize-Winning journalist was made to look like a putz (a good Jewish word), while the “Anglin as the face of White Nationalism” narrative slowly starved to death. Instead Saul’s article – co-written with Michael Wines – was forced to focus more on Richard Spencer, who had also allowed himself to be interviewed. Whatever various people in the Alt-Right may think of Richard – and views do vary considerably – we can all agree that he is a better front man for White Nationalism than someone like Anglin.

In the New York Times article, Anglin and Stormer got a bit of a mention, but only the kind that newspaper readers skim over, so I'll kindly re-run here:
"The young challenger to’s influence is The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi mixture of message boards and sarcastic commentary begun by 30-year-old Andrew Anglin in 2013. He started it amid a national uproar over the killing in Florida of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed 17-year-old black youth, by a neighborhood watch monitor, George Zimmerman. Mr. Anglin was born in 1984. Like Mr. Black, he has a podcast The Daily Stormer offers frequently updated content, much of it provocatively raw and written by Mr. Anglin, who declined to be interviewed for this article but is believed to run the site out of suburban Columbus, Ohio. In a post on Friday headlined 'Spineless Jewpublicans Respond to the Donald,' Mr. Anglin took to task virtually the entire Republican presidential field for criticizing Donald Trump’s statements on Mexican immigrants."
It is not altogether surprising that Anglin refused to be interviewed because, as mentioned above, there is a marked disjunction between his real personality and his projected reincarnation as Julius Streicher for the 21st century, which, even in a newspaper interview, might come out.

Another possibility is that what we have with the New York Times and Anglin are two tentacles of the same beast, and that Anglin’s comic book Naziism might have rung particularly false if presented in an article that was attempting to treat White nationalism in such a manner (I believe this is called overkill in some quarters). A little mediating distance was therefore required, which Saul or her handlers hoped would be provided by me. (Excuse me while I LOL.)

Proof that even dumb people win Pulitzer Prizes.
One of the things that is most suspicious about Anglin is his supposed work rate. Go to the site yourself and count how many articles, purportedly written by Anglin, appear every day. While a lot of these articles are just copy and paste reworkings of normal news items with a bit of Heil Hitler schtick thrown in, some of them, like his recent hit piece on Richard Spencer and the NPI conference, are of considerable length. I’m a fast writer, but I could not manage that kind of output even if I made my articles as boilerplate boring as Anglin's and took plenty of speed.

The only rational explanation for this is that Anglin is more than a one-man band, but who are the other nameless members of his troll gang and who are the paymasters? These are questions that are not likely to be answered, but are questions that should be forever kept in view when dealing with the topic of the Stormer. From now on, to emphasize this hidden workforce, I will only refer to Anglin in the plural.

In their hit piece on NPI – timed to coincide with more conventional hit pieces like this – the Andrew Anglins contend that Spencer is sucking up to the Jews:
"Surprise, Richard, surprise! These Jews hate you even when you try to be nice to them! Surprise!"
"After 100 to 130 interviews with Jewish journalists, you figure out that saying nice things about Jews doesn’t make them like you more. As a rule, it takes approximately 3500-4500 interviews with Jewish journalists before you realize there is nothing to be gained from interactions with Jewish journalists, and then don’t even bother inviting them to your conferences."
"Yes, beg the Jews for equality. It’s a method which simply cannot fail. These Jews will eventually feel pity and give it to you. It’s inevitable."
An impartial reader might think the Anglins have a point and that, yes, White Nationalists should completely insulate themselves from the media, but the Anglins only have a point if one assumes (a) that Spencer is completely naive about ethnocentric Jews, (b) that most Whites are not put off by Streicher-esque "gas the Kikes" anti-Semitism, and (c) that the media is an irrelevance.

I know Richard pretty well by now, as do many others in our movement, and none of us would ever call Richard naive on the JQ. As for the palatability of Streicher-esque anti-Semitism, it is certainly palatable for many White Nationalists – indeed in-itself it hardly bothers me as history is full of unsavoury characters and I rather like history – but for other Whites, not to mention those Jews who might want to identify as Whites and help our cause (and there are some), it is certainly a different story.

Accordingly, I responded to the Stormer hit piece on NPI with the following comment:
"What Mr Anglin fails to understand (assuming for the sake of argument that he isn't a paid ghettoizer of legitimate White Nationalism) is that Spencer's tone is not aimed at placating ethno-conscious Jews –nothing will do that – but rather at reassuring Whites that we are not a bunch of Nazi obsessives like Anglin."
This may or may not be allowed through moderation – another sign that there are more than one Anglin at Daily Stormer, as moderating the number of comments the Stormer gets would be a considerable chunk out of anyone’s day.

Knowing what I know, and parsimoniously deducing what I don’t know, I conclude that the Daily Stormer is a fake White Nationalist site, created by our enemies in order to soak up White Nationalist resources and sentiment and deploy them towards self-ghettozing those Whites already aware of their interests, and thus separating them from those who aren't. The actions of the Anglins, however many there turn out to be, point unerringly in that direction.

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