Nov 17, 2015

Europe's Impossible Dilemma: The Aftermath of the Islamist Attack in Paris

via Nationalist Alternative

The obsession in Europe about “Tolerance”, “Compassion” and “Solidarity” is more than just moral signalling, it is perhaps a symptom of a people who cannot, will not, fight. Like animals who have succumbed to predators, or who have been ejected from the herd or pack, there is little to do but lie down, accept ones fate and let it be. The French are sending a clear signal to Islamists, and that is that they won’t fight. They will console each other, give each other comfort and work tireless to maintain a fantasy world where their society is not collapsing around them, where the colonisers are not consolidating their positions and waging hostile war, but they won’t fight. They will suppress and oppress those who do want to fight, perhaps not so much due to concern for the invaders, but because they represent a reality that Europeans dearly wish to avoid, that of violent and aggressive conflict.

There is no choice for Europe now, but to play out the violent coming conflict. The West is in denial. It doesn’t want to face the fact that decades of open borders and multiracialism has created an untenable position. It doesn’t want to admit that groups still compete for dominance, for living space, for resources. The West wants to believe that all this is past. The national chauvinism, the tribalism. It imports tribalistic peoples from all over the world, and hopes, prays that they will drop their allegiances and become rootless, cosmopolitan individuals. Some do. But not enough.

Europe, in particular France, is now home to a large, and increasingly expanding Muslim population. Violence from Islam in Europe is increasing, and as as the Muslim population grows, as per current trends, we can expect this active and vigorous nation to become more confident, more audacious and assert itself and its independence more and more, at our expense. Europeans don’t want to face the implications of all this. Dispossession. Violence. Tribalism. Nationalism. All the things they thought they left behind in 1945. They are back, and on the streets of Paris. All the Parisians want to do now, is shut their eyes and wish it away. Just a hash-tag. Just a logo. Just a vigil. Just some expressions of solidarity with Islam. That is what they wish was all that was needed. Maybe they can convince themselves that is is just a matter of not supporting the USA or Israel, but this won’t happen, and even if it did, it won’t make any difference. Europeans have shown themselves to be Dhimmi’s begging to be conquered. No conquering nation will leave this opportunity be.

But none of this will stop the coming terror attacks, which most definitely will come. They will continue to Islamise Europe. But making France even more Islamic will not reduce Islamic aggression. Allowing more immigration will not reverse the trend. The trend is due to immigration! Do they think that as non-whites grow in proportion, that as Muslims grow in number, they will become more and more “French”? This is most definitely not what has been happening. There is no reason at all to believe that somehow this trend will reverse, while doing the exact same thing, without deviation, which has led to the current situation.

There is only one outcome left. War. Europe will not shut the borders. Europe will not face the harsh task to reinforcing their national character and protecting their ethnic and cultural heritage. They will sleepwalk towards occupation, with their slumber disturbed by the occasional explosion and volley of bullets. When they awaken, it will be too late. The new normal will have been solidified, and Europe will realise that it’s future will resemble that of the Middle East, a land of frequent sectarian violence and struggle.

The goal of the far right is to prepare for the new reality, help bring about the awakening and force a reluctant and complacent White race to face the moral consequences of decades of Liberalism, of demographic engineering and of accepting the rule of traitors.

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