Nov 20, 2015

Half of Britons Now Oppose Accepting Syrian "Refugees" after Paris Atrocities

via BNP News

A new poll indicates support for the arrival of Syrian refugees in the UK has collapsed after the Paris atrocites, with 49 percent of respondents saying the UK should take fewer or no refugees at all.

The YouGov poll also found the ratio of respondents who believe the UK should accept more refugees had decreased from 36 to just 20 percent since the last poll taken only two months ago.

It also revealed that 79 percent of respondents are concerned that ISIS launch a terror attack in Britain.

The conclusion from the poll show support for refugees that materialised during the summer as images and reports of migrants drowning in the Mediterranean hit the press has dwindled following the recent attacks.

David Cameron pledged to accept some 20,000 Syrian refugees within the next five years, with the first 100 arriving in Glasgow on Tuesday.

With an estimated 30,000 deaths for the over 65s this coming Winter and 1.6 million children in Britain living in severe poverty we wonder how many of these so-called refugees will have to choose whether to heat or eat in the coming months.

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