Nov 18, 2015

Idiot of the Month: Theresa May

via Alternative Right

Alternative Right's intermittent "Idiot of the Month" award is clearly much coveted in the world of politics. Only this could explain why so many politicians – people normally cleverer than their voters – try so hard to act ridiculous or make the most moronic statements possible. As the prize is a cashless one, with no financial reward, it is heartening to see such competitiveness in pursuit of mere honour, especially when the political class have been fiddling their expenses and taking bribes since as long as anyone can remember.

While it is difficult, with so much competition in the field, to secure this supreme political accolade, there are nevertheless certain sure-fire ways to improve one's chances. One of the best ways is to wait for one of the frequent Muslim atrocities that crop up now and then – like the terrible slaughter in Paris the other day – and then blithely proclaim that Islam is a "religion of peace" while the blood is still drying. Crude but effective! Because this is exactly what British Home Secretary – and affirmative action hiring – Theresa May did recently to secure November's prestigious award.

A mere three days after hundreds of people were gunned down on the streets of Paris, May, who is married and childless like Angela Merkel, came out with this usual bit of boilerplate establishment drivel about Islam:
"The attacks have nothing to do with Islam which is followed peacefully by millions of people around the world."
While the statement is hardly original or unprecedented in its stupidity, May has to be complimented on her timing, which was impeccable. The three-day period that had elapsed since the mass slaughter in Paris was just long enough for plenty of details of the massacre to emerge, fully confirming its Islamic character, but also short enough to ensure that emotions would still be red raw and bleeding.

May’s words were thus able to come across with the astringent impact of salt vigorously rubbed into a gaping wound with a wire brush, thus achieving a new high in crass stupidity and insensitivity, making her a natural for this month’s esteemed prize. Well done, Theresa, Idiot of the Month for November, 2015. May the Gods of Stupidity continue to smile on you.

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