Nov 19, 2015

Is It Time for the Rehabilitation of National Socialism?

via Western Spring

There are many forms of nationalism that have evolved to meet a variety of needs throughout history and depending upon one’s perspective and the circumstances prevailing at the time, they have been variously viewed as: heroic liberating movements, at one end of the scale; as movements of oppression and genocide at the other extreme; and every shade in between. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say.
In Germany during the 1930s, racial nationalism in the form of German National Socialism, came to be regarded by ethnic Germans as a movement of heroic liberation from the oppressive conditions that had been imposed upon Germany following her defeat during World War One. Furthermore, as the Wehrmacht later advanced across the Soviet Union during the early years of World War Two, the German conquerors were regarded by many Ukrainians and ethnic Germans living under Communist oppression in Russia, as liberators and their arrival seen as a cause for celebration.

Since the end of World War Two however, mainstream liberal and left-wing political reactions to the horrors of that conflict have caused German National Socialism, and by implication all forms of European racial nationalism, to be regarded as oppressive and inherently genocidal in nature.

Since World War Two, German National Socialism has been widely portrayed, throughout the mass media of the West and through our education systems, as the epitome of evil: as an ideology positing the German people as a ‘master race’; as an ideology intent upon world conquest; as an ideology designating all non-White races and all non-Germanic peoples as sub-human; and as an ideology hell bent on physically exterminating those supposedly sub-human peoples, together with every last vestige of their cultures, in the most depraved and barbaric fashion.

Wehrmacht Soldiers Bandaging Wounded WomanAs a consequence, we routinely encounter stories that the German people under National Socialism, created concentration camps in which enemies of their regime, together with prisoners of war and people from all minority groups, most especially the Jews, were subjected to imprisonment, slavery, starvation, non-consensual medical experimentation, beatings, torture, summary execution for the most trivial reasons, and of course genocide by gassing in specially converted lorries and buildings and gas chambers, specially constructed for the purpose. Furthermore it has been alleged that the Germans made soap from the bodies of the people they had murdered, shrunken heads, ashtrays from the skulls of their victims and lampshades from their skin.

Despite this demonising of the National Socialist regime, there have ever since the end of World War Two been a minority of German people who have denied the worst of these allegations as wartime propaganda fabrications that have been perpetuated for political reasons, and members of this German minority have been prepared to go to prison under laws enacted to make so-called ‘Holocaust denial’ illegal. Indeed, not only have a minority of Germans been prepared to speak out in this way, but so too have an increasing number of individuals, predominantly from other European countries, and as time has passed, certain of the more grotesque allegations, which were at one time regarded as true, have since been recognised as absurd untruths — as wartime black propaganda fabrications, of the sort that this minority of Germans and others have claimed all along.

No-one now asserts that the Germans made soap, or shrunken heads, or ashtrays, or lampshades from the bodies of people they are alleged to have murdered. In an age when DNA testing is widely available, it is no longer credible to maintain these fictions.

Wehrmacht Soldier on Mototbike Speaks to WomenFurthermore, whereas it was once claimed that every German concentration camp was the site of genocidal gassings, such claims have since been scaled down, such that only those camps that were during the post-war period inaccessible to Western academics — those located in Eastern Europe – are now claimed to have been ‘Death Camps’, and the camps that were easily available for inspection by Western academics have been downgraded to the status of mere forced labour camps. The reason for this scaling down being the obvious absence of any large gas chambers capable of being used for anything other than the routine fumigation of clothing to eradicate lice and other disease bearing agents.

Also, whereas it was once claimed that three-million of the alleged six-million Jews murdered by the Germans were killed at Auschwitz in Poland, despite the existence of German camp records showing a total of approximately 70,000 deaths, approximately 29,000 of which were Jews, the Polish authorities have since revised the claimed total number of victims at Auschwitz down to just 1.1 million.

All of these developments have tended to draw the World War Two narrative regarding the oppressive and allegedly genocidal nature of German National Socialism closer to the assertions of the German minority referred to earlier, and it is a great pity therefore that many European countries, including Germany, persist in retaining laws that are obviously now outmoded, discredited and iniquitous, outlawing critical examination of the facts surrounding the so-called Holocaust.

These laws were implemented in order to demonstrate that war crimes allegedly committed by the Germans, were so demonstrably heinous, that no-one should ever be allowed to question the damning allegations made by the victorious Allies and Jewish survivors. Such an assertion however is no longer credible and the retention of these laws is increasingly being seen as a desperate politically motivated attempt to suppress the truth, to deny freedom of enquiry and to deny freedom of speech.

Undoubtedly, large numbers of people did die in ghastly conditions in the German concentration camps which were predominantly forced labour camps, and this should not be overlooked, but so did large numbers of Germans, both prisoners of war and civilians die in ghastly conditions in Allied concentration camps and forced labour camps towards the end of World War Two and after.

Wehrmacht Boy SoldiersTwo wrongs don’t make a right, but as the victors in World War Two, the Allies have applied a double standard in their dealings with the issue of war crimes. War crimes allegedly committed by the Germans have been accepted almost without question as the gospel truth, no matter how far-fetched or exaggerated they appear. The Germans have been defamed as a result, and National Socialism as an ideology has been made taboo, whereas war crimes allegedly committed by the Allies, which are in many cases directly comparable to those alleged against the Germans, have in the majority of cases never been officially recognised, let alone properly investigated.

War is a ghastly process in which two opposing sides inflict violence upon each other with the intention or terrorising their opponent into submission or else destroying them utterly.

No side emerges with clean hands from a war, particularly a war on the scale of the two World Wars of the last century. The desperate and ghastly nature of warfare means that inevitably so-called war crimes are committed, as we humans are not able to remain dispassionate in situations in which we see our comrades injured and dying all around us, and human nature being what it is, some degree of hot-headed retribution, unjustifiable in the cold light of day, is always summarily visited upon the vanquished.

Wehrmacht POWs Disappear in Russia

War temporarily makes monsters of us all, but justice and reconciliation demand that we allow truth to prevail once the fighting stops. My belief is that seventy years after the end of World War Two, at a time in which few who lived through that war are still alive, there is a case for the Third Reich, the period of National Socialism in Germany, to be re-examined from an unbiased perspective and for the taboo associated with National Socialism to be recognised for what it is – unnecessary and unjust.

Conditions within Europe are changing rapidly. In recent years we have seen immigrants from the Third World pouring into Europe in unprecedented numbers, and this year we have seen illegal immigrants and supposed refugees swarming across Europe’s borders and marching in huge columns  demanding to be given food, water and shelter at each way-station, and demanding passage to those destinations renowned for the most generous welfare systems. We have been warned that Islamic State fighters are amongst these hordes of migrants and we have witnessed increasingly frequent acts of violence perpetrated against our people on the streets of our capital cities. We are faced with new dire existential threats which require Europeans to have the freedom to respond in any effective way we can.

We need the freedom to organise in our own self-defence, in the defence of our nations, and that freedom is dangerously constrained if we continue to allow all manifestations of European nationalism to be defamed through smear by association with the increasingly discredited atrocity allegations made against  German National Socialism.

Let us remove the scales of political correctness from our eyes, let us sweep away the last vestiges of the wartime black propaganda that have obscured our eyes and with clear vision, think again!

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