Nov 23, 2015

ISIS Is not the Crisis

via Alternative Right

The old cloud/silver lining metaphor
The first point that has to be emphasized is that we don’t live in a humanist society, that is a society defined by what we like to think of as human characteristics – sentience, foresight, willpower, transindividualism, etc. We live in a society that is more bee-like, frog-like, or sheep-like – the blind hive mind and unthinking herd – that reacts without consciousness, without vision, without leadership, hierarchy, and direction.

This means that we are incapable as societies or as a civilization of doing our own thinking, therefore actions and events have to do our thinking for us – reconnecting us to the realities we constantly stray from.

The second point that has to be emphasized is that the greatest danger for the sleepwalker and the frog bather is gradualism, the slow, incremental arrival of death and extinction, the gradual upping of temperature until we are reduced to a sickly green soup. This has been our condition for most of the post-war period and threatens to be our condition until our doom.

We therefore should be extremely grateful for the existence of ISIS, because ISIS allows us to perceive through our desensitised and sedated shells the reality of what is developing, even if ISIS had never existed, namely the replacement of Western civilization by what will be a hybrid of Islam and the West.

Before ISIS, this change was already well underway, with our negative culture of "freedoms," whateverism, and atomization, slowly giving way to the crude positivism of Islam and its clear definition of roles along lines of demographic expansion. The frog was being slowly boiled and finding great comfort in the relaxing warmth of the bath.

How the boiling frog sees itself.
Luckily ISIS came along, a weird accident of Middle Eastern geopolitics and asymmetrical warfare, with one foot in the ascendant troll culture of the internet, and now – praise be to Allah – we have more and more people thinking about things outside the slowly boiling frog’s comfort zone.

They may be signalling extra hard about how “terrorism has no religion” and “Islam is a religion of peace” (LOL), and all that other foolishness, but the fact is their zombie minds are being pushed inexorably closer to the great realities, and at a relatively low cost in terms of force of events. A lot of Liberal Leftist bullshit is being expended – and lost – to maintain the overextended front lines of the Left against what is essentially a skirmish from reality.

We are once again seeing the economical nature of war. The fact is that the attack on Paris was more shocking than terrible, and had an enormous impact on the Western psyche for a mercifully low cost. Yes, I know that will sound callous to the sheeplike, but it really isn’t. Eight well-armed jihadis attacking particularly soft targets in Paris only killed around about 130 people (although that figure may climb as some seriously wounded people die).

The numbers from Paris are also incredibly low compared to the numbers from Rotherham, Sweden, and wherever else societies become fractured through multiculturalism and Muslims mass rape and kill non-Muslims. But most of all we are talking about the future genocide of Western people and a civilization comprising around 800 million largely confused people. If it takes 130 dead cafe and concert goers in Paris to make people wake up to that fact, then so be it, although I believe that number too will have to rise considerably.

The sad fact is that at the moment we actually need ISIS, because we have lost our ability to think as a society, as a collective with a defined positive identity, and as a civilization capable of defending itself. We have become a great “sucking hole,” obsessed with our egos and “freedoms” and oblivious of our coming collective death. As it stands at the moment, the West is already effectively dead without a radical change of direction.

The worst thing would be if ISIS were to disappear and we got back to the taqiyyah and gradual "soft" infiltration of the West by the demographically more potent Third World, under the guise of the false, sheep-like humanism of globalism and "human rights."

ISIS might well disappear. As an organization it is a delicate flower and a tremulous presence, its strength an illusion. Once the various powers involved in the Middle Eastern morass of Syria and Iraq can work out a rough agreement, its days will be numbered. But when that happens its anti-Western essence will simply resume its quiet infiltration of the West.

Let us hope that that day never comes, or is at least long delayed. Let us hope that the chaos that feeds these exemplars of our future demographic doom at the hands of Third World colonization, continues until all the Liberal Leftist garbage currently being used to maintain the unworkable illusions of the West is exhausted. Then let us hope that a new Europa arises, with a firm identity and a clear perception of its collective interests, that can forever defend itself against such future threats.

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