Nov 30, 2015

It’s the Identity, Stupid!

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America’s vast winner-take-all electoral system enforces via game theory the emergence of a two party system with each party achieving roughly 49.9% of the electorate, with the other .2% throwing away their vote. That is not to say that third parties are categorically futile. They can and do serve a valuable purpose as a label on one’s refusal to pick one of the two teams which can win. For instance, if the Democratic Party betrayed its Black voters, then the growth and strength of a Black Panther Party, enough to cause the Democrats to lose to the Republicans, would force the Democrats to realign their priorities to win back that constituency.

Back in 1965, America was roughly 90% White, and the other 10% weren’t especially engaged with the democratic process for a variety of controversial intrinsic and extrinsic reasons. As such, there was essentially one “identity” in American politics. There were certainly some meaningful regional variations, but our democratic process was anchored to a rock solid and unchallenged Anglo-American core. When there is minimal identity competition, the bipartisan game theory favors constructing the duality around ideas.

With the exception of the minority of White Americans in and around the Black Belt who experienced the Dixiecrat phenomenon, there’s no real reference for what’s happening. Not only do middle-aged and older Americans have a hard time understanding the rise of identity politics, the civics education they’ve received both formally and informally leaves them with the firm but baseless conviction that voting for your identity rather than your abstractions is immoral.

The game theory requires that with each passing election cycle, the Democratic Party will successively alienate a subset of its White voters to make more room for its growing identity factions. There’s no strategy or moral pathos involved, it’s just the math. Humans and organized groups of humans can nudge it a bit one way or another, but the overarching historical process will not subside unless the demographic increase in non-White identity groups subsides.

The process dynamically rebalances at 50/50. After all, every vote you receive over the tie-breaking vote is a lost opportunity to serve your base. What’s changed is that America’s descending into a cesspit of endlessly competing identities. The politicians to blame for this are the politicians driving that demographic change, not the politicians modifying their message in accordance with that change. If you’re going to blame a politician for making White identity politics happen, blame Ted Kennedy, not Donald Trump.

Reason Magazine’s Elizabeth Nolan Brown soberly asked, “Are Republicans Becoming the Party of White Identity Politics?
As with political correctness, criticism of American identity politics isn’t entirely unwarranted, but it gets muddied by folks who invoke the phrase anytime constituencies suggest they have social or legal concerns not directly relevant to straight, white, Christian men.
So, in summary, identity politics are good when they’re against straight, white men and they’re bad when they’re for them? Got it. Funny how Reason, National Review, and so many others devolve into hysterical SJW tumblr blogs when race comes up. It’s jarring that just a few years ago, the neocon establishment were fighting like hell to drive back the libertarian entryists, and now the libertarians are their only hope against a tsunami of outright white nationalism.

Never lose hope, comrades. Politics can and do change very rapidly.
In Europe, meanwhile, straight, white, Christian men and women have become their own sort of special-interest group, and one whose particular identity politics now form a core tenet of right-populist political movements.
Could the same thing happen here? The Federalist’s Ben Domenech is worried that it could, with the rise of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump representing the proverbial canary in the coal mine. “Donald Trump could transform the Republican Party into a coalition focused on white identity politics,” reads the subhead on Domenech’s article. “We’ve seen this in Europe, and it’s bad.”
It’s bad, alright. It’s bad for libertarian sperglords hellbent on cramming humanity into their abstract economic models. The fact that White Americans are beginning to awaken and fight back against the globalism, consumerism, multiculturalism, and alienation enveloping and strangling their families and communities is good for the White Americans. And it’s only bad for those who aren’t White Americans to the extent that they’ve been taking advantage of us while we were asleep.

Ben Domenech is thinking aloud what everybody else in the “conservative” coalition is thinking privately. Do we try to kill this pro-White thing or do we try to cuckold it to push our corporate and classist agendas?

Elizabeth, bless her heart, doesn’t realize that she’s not supposed to say what everybody else is thinking about Trump’s campaign, his audience, and his disruptive impact on American politics.
You know who else rose to power on white identity politics during a period of progressive reforms…
Wait, what? Dear God! America’s preheating the ovens!

It’s the identity, stupid! Just as Bill Clinton managed to steal the momentum from Bush Sr. back in 1992 by having a better grasp of what actually mattered to voters at that time, Donald Trump has managed to steal the momentum from his son Jeb by tapping into what actually matters to contemporary voters: identity. The strong network of taboos and tribulations awaiting those who speak up for White folks ensures that it remains in the realm of signals and dog whistles, but you can’t enforce a taboo against feeling feelings.

Katrina, the hurricane which broke the levees in New Orleans has a name and receives the blame. But the actual cause of the flood and mayhem was decades of neglect, malinvestment, political ineptitude, and natural processes of sedimentation and erosion. The hurricane which broke the levees against White identity politics in America has the biggest name of all and will receive all of the blame. But the levee was going to break one way or another, under the weight of decades of neglect, malinvestment, political ineptitude, and demographic processes weighing on White Americans.

Ben Domenech and the rest of his libertarian minions can’t kill us and won’t co-opt us, because he’s playing by 20th Century political rules. American politics have gone tribal, and the only hope for libertarians at this point is to drop the abstractions and look for ways to tap into the organic individualism unique to the Western mind. With the exception of some paid guest speakers, libertarianism is just some stuff White people like. The paradox for libertarians is that Trump’s para-fascist campaign can and will deliver the freedom, liberty, and small government that Ron Paul and his anti-White, “anti-racist” son can only promise.

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