Nov 10, 2015

Making Sense of White American Misery

via Occident Invicta

Well, it looks like the left is finally beginning to realize what we on the alt right have known all along: life for white people isn’t all peaches and “privilege.” On account of a major spike in suicides among middle-aged whites, many progressives have gotten the memo that the economy hasn’t been too kind to white Americans either. Due to such economic distress, the white male death rate has risen – even as their counterparts in other majority white countries increasingly live longer. American exceptionalism strikes again, it seems.

Even though I agree that economic inequality necessarily engenders a certain sense of despondency, I don’t think it’s an entirely sufficient explanation. After all, various other economically struggling demographics have not experienced similar epidemics. Of course, I’m sure SJWs would insist that privileged white men simply can’t cope with the hardships of life compared to more battle-hardened “POC.”

My take is that a couple of factors are at play. For starters, compared to other whites, white Americans are much more atomized and radically individualistic; there’s a far greater sense of anomie than is normal in other industrialized societies. It also goes without saying that white Americans are less communal than Latinos and Asians, who place a higher premium on group identities. Even blacks, despite high illegitimacy rates, are more collectivist than whites. I suspect that when you’re aging and financially strapped, having to sink or swim completely on your own can seem unbearable.

This sink or swim feeling is only compounded by the whole bootstrap myth, which asserts that any failure in life is entirely your own fault. In many ways, it adds insult to injury; not only are these struggling whites broke and miserable, but our culture in so many ways tells them that they deserve to suffer. Since whites are far more likely to subscribe to bootstrap libertarianism than other groups, growing numbers seem unable to handle the misery and humiliation any longer.

Shit like this is why I have been so critical of American pathologies lately. Not only does American exceptionalism lend credence to open borders, multiculturalism, and other lunacies, but now it’s driving white people to suicide. At some point, we need to acknowledge that extreme individualism and unfettered capitalism deserve much of the blame for white America’s deterioration; it’s not the Joos who are pressuring these besieged men to kill themselves. I sometimes feel like those of us on the alt right get so caught up attacking external threats that we neglect to tend to white peoples’ internal wounds.

Just to be clear, by no means should we ignore enemies of our people. Nevertheless, given that the alt right openly espouses a pro-white ideology, I think we have a responsibility to at least try to find a solution to alleviate white American pain. Given our low birthrates, we can ill afford to lose more whites to self-inflicted death.

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