Nov 12, 2015

Matthew Heimbach Is a Stunt Monkey?

via TradYouth

He appeared out of nowhere, took the media by storm, and ended up generating an incredible amount of buzz for White interests. But several insiders were deeply displeased with this development. Jealous of their fiefdoms and sinecures, they launched a nationwide campaign–both in public and in private–to insist that he was actually bad for our interests, a loose cannon who threatened to ruin everything by being too brash, too attention hungry, and too populist with his messaging.

The guy’s a reality show spectacle, a media fabrication, an attention whore, they said.

A powerful network, inspired by William F. Buckley’s tradition of purging everybody who presented populist or working class optics, instigated a smear campaign against him to try to drive him out. “He’s making us look bad!” they cried. “He’s out of control!” they shrieked. They they were half-right. He wasn’t under their control, and he wasn’t getting with their contrived gay-friendly, neo-colonialist, and classist agenda. He was a true maverick with a solid message that achieved what nobody else had managed to achieve for a long time, an inspiring and forward-looking vision for White Americans.

Whether or not Donald Trump will prevail against the GOP establishment remains to be seen.

On a completely unrelated note, Matthew Heimbach and the rest of the TradYouth project have had a pretty busy year. We certainly hope that our activism wasn’t so embarrassing, indefensible, or despicably amateurish that it needs to be actively driven out of the otherwise functional and focused White Advocacy movement. “First, do no harm,” right? I’ll offer a broad sketch of what we’ve been up to in the past year and you let us know in the comments what hobbies we should turn to if you feel our political work is outright harmful to White interests.

George W Bush w/ Watercolors
Sorry about starting two disastrous wars and crashing your economy, guys. I’ll stick with watercolors instead of politics from now on.

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