Nov 23, 2015

My Honour Is Loyalty

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As the days draw in around Autumn and move towards Winter, we in Britain, Europe and the Northern Hemisphere begin to think of the way Nature sheds its old forms. Travelling in its inexorable way towards closure, it’s entirely appropriate that we should be reminded of past lives and times, as if by some hidden hand, we also find ourselves commemorating the dead from two world wars. Nevertheless, in recent years a controversy has broken out as to whether British nationalists should commemorate events that have done so much damage to our folk; both to our own immediate nation of Great Britain and to the wider folk community which embraces all Europeans of kindred racial stock.

It may at first sight appear to be common sense that racial patriots would honour, without question, all those who gave their lives for their country, almost regardless of the fact that in many ways they were misled by a cynical establishment into making a futile and self-defeating sacrifice. However, with the passing of time and the ever increasing hypocrisy of our traitorous politicians, sporting their poppies more as a politically correct shibboleth than as a mark of respect for those who actually died in the fighting, we’re forced to look for ways in which to distinguish ourselves from the unseemly low life that constitutes such posing, political prostitutes.

Such is the nature of their betrayal that within seventy years of our supposed ‘victory’, the indigenous British now number less than 45% of the total population of our once proud, imperial, city of London. According to a May 2015 edition of ‘The Daily Telegraph’ the demographic statistics for various parts of England are…London 44.9% British… West Midlands 79% British…The South East 85% British…and the East Midlands 85% British. According to the same article an average of 140,000 White Britons are leaving the country each year and some 2,000,000 Britons of working age have left our shores during the last decade. Yet, without knowing the racial demographics, a total of 318,000 more people arrived in these islands last year than left and it’s not Swedes or Germans who we see filling our big cities. The great contemporary historian, David Irving once wrote to the effect that if the average British Tommy could have foreseen the country his children would inherit he wouldn’t have gone so much as 100 yards up the Normandy beach during the landings.

Our cities have become so alien to our people, because of coloured immigration, many indigenous Britons feel more at home amongst fellow Europeans in countries such as Spain or wherever they can find a suitable White enclave, than they do in their own transformed native land. The well loved television and film comedian, John Cleese, now living in USA, has been quoted as saying after the recent London riots that mass immigration has turned London into a city that is no longer English. Having grown up in Somerset, he said that he now feels like a foreigner walking through the streets of London. Asked what he thought about the recent London riots he replied, “I’m not sure what’s going on in London, because London is no longer an English city. That’s how we got the Olympics. They said we were the most cosmopolitan city on earth. But it doesn’t feel English.”

Even the well known British predilection for wholesome comedy has become cheapened and no longer funny of late. The TV programmers are too frightened of upsetting minorities, of one sort or another, by straying beyond the bounds of political correctness. As a result it would be unthinkable for them to reshow the once popular, self parodying, Alf Garnet series, ‘Till Death do us Part.’ Instead, what now passes for TV comedy is often little more than a stream of bad tempered exchanges between unlikeable and socially inept individuals. At least Alf Garnet was a Racist!

But, why has all this occurred? Could there be a connection between our supposed “victory” in the Second World War and the parlous state in which our country now finds itself? The short answer is yes! Yes, because by destroying National Socialist Germany we were also destroying something of ourselves. By attacking our German racial kin we were also attacking our own bloodline and culture. Could any of this have been foreseen? The answer is also a most definite, yes!

Despite unremitting media lies, far from being a crazed megalomaniac, intent on conquering the world and murdering every Jew in sight, Hitler was a man of peace, desperate to stop the War between Britain and Germany. According to Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Louis Kilzer…

“Hitler believed the future of Western civilization depended on the cooperation of Germany and her Aryan cousins: England and the United States. His territorial demands were limited to Communist Russia, which he regarded as a proxy for Jewish world ambitions. He was determined to avoid fighting a war on two fronts. 

“The miracle of Dunkirk was in fact an extraordinary peace overture to England…

“In May 1940, the British were on the verge of defeat. The English army was trapped in Dunkirk. Rather than take them prisoner, Hitler halted his generals for three days allowing 330,000 men to escape.

“‘The blood of every single Englishman is too valuable to shed,’ Hitler said. ‘Our two peoples belong together racially and traditionally. That has been my aim even if our generals can’t grasp it.'”

Members of the British Fascist movement clearly foresaw the peril Britain was facing and did everything they could to oppose Churchill’s warmongering. Even after war had been declared Sir Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Union of Fascists, held some of his largest street rallies, campaigning for peace even. It wasn’t until May 1940 that he was eventually arrested alongside some 747 other Fascists, including 96 women. Whilst the majority of Fascists were interned in an Isle of Man concentration camp Mosley was held separately in Brixton prison for fear that his oratorical skills might foment a rebellion were he allowed to mix freely with his comrades. Unlike other, equally patriotic, Fascists such as William Joyce and John Amery, Mosley denied that he wanted to see Germany defeat Britain. In fact he made an analogy between his position in trying to stop the war and that of a man who tries to prevent his cantankerous old mother picking a fight with the local heavies.

In his autobiography, ‘My Life’, Mosley quotes Churchill as saying, “I have not become the King’s first minister to preside over the liquidation of the British Empire”, and comments, “Yet this is exactly what happened as a direct result of his policy.”

Was Churchill so politically naive as to suppose he could get away with destroying most of Europe and still leave the Empire intact? One would hardly think so, and yet as others have pointed out, the Second World War was essentially a religious war fought with a Manichean fanaticism. A fanaticism still very apparent today for the increasing number of people who step out of line and question the doctrines of its victors. One of the characteristics of much religious belief is the supremacy of wishful thinking… of hope over experience.

Perhaps the saddest and least forgivable aspect of the Second World War was the way in which it divided loyalties. This was most dramatically illustrated by the suicide and lingering death of Unity Mitford who found the horror and tension within her upon the outbreak of war, between two countries she loved, unbearable.

One staunch patriot who also went on to become the Chairman of the National Front was A K Chesterton. Having been a leading member of Mosley’s British Union of Fascists, “A K”, as he affectionately came to be known, had fewer qualms about taking up arms against Germany both in the First World War, when he lied about his age, and again later in 1939. A Shakespearean scholar and an astute political thinker, “A K” was certainly not oblivious to the dangers of the War but chose to support the British side out of a worthy, if misguided, sense of loyalty. Another case of hope triumphing over experience perhaps! The underlying reason that “A K”‘s first post-War organisation, the League of Empire Loyalists, ended up without an Empire to which one could be loyal is an irony which would not have been lost on him.

While many brave servicemen fought courageously in two world wars and in the process often sacrificed life and limb they were at least acclaimed as heroes. More lonely and bitter was the path of super patriots William Joyce, ‘Lord Haw Haw’, and John Amery, son of Leo Amery, a minister in Churchill’s government no less! John Amery attempted to recruit British Prisoners of War to fight on the Eastern Front under the ‘Legion of St.George’ banner. Despised by an alien, manipulated public opinion, enough is known of both their stories for it to be unnecessary to elaborate further here, except to point out that their absolute integrity, intelligence and unyielding loyalty to their native islands and race, made it impossible for them to follow any other course. When on December 19th 1945 John Amery finally met his doom in the form of hangman Albert Pierrepoint, showing immense sangfroid, he greeted him with the words, “Mr. Pierrepoint, I’ve always wanted to meet you, but of course not in these circumstances. Refusing the proffered hand Pierrepoint nevertheless later said that Amery was the bravest man he had ever hanged.

In commemorating the fallen this Autumn racial patriots will have in mind to honour the courage and sacrifice of all sides in “two brother’s wars” but not least the moral courage of those who, knowing the truth, chose a lonely death.

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