Nov 30, 2015

Nameless Podcast: Black-on-White Crime and the Donald

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Two "youths" charged with the rape and murder
of a pregnant white woman in Indianapolis
In this latest "Nameless" podcast, Andy Nowicki considers the media coverage of the rape and murder of Amanda Blackburn, an Indianapolis pastor's wife who was allegedly raped and murdered by two young men of an-- ahem-- duskier complexion (see above) during a home invasion. The horrific nature of this crime was exacerbated by the fact that Mrs. Blackburn was three months pregnant when she was violated and killed.
"Nameless" Nowicki discusses not only the all-too-familiar racial double standards of the mainstream press vis a vis race and crime, but also gets "meta" on the matter, noting Donald Trump's apparent untouchability and musing over the possibility of a sinister hidden hand promoting racial strife in the West to further the ends of a malevolent elite.

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