Nov 12, 2015

Spot the White Man in Google's Veteran's Day 2015 Doodle

Can you spot the white man? He's there alright, see him, buried way in the back.

Google's recent Veteran's Day doodle aptly demonstrates the establishment's ongoing "Great Erasure" of White people -- particularly able-bodied, heterosexual, White men.

This is an image of not only the military that they want to have, but the world at large.

Nevermind that more than 90% of the US Military's casualties have been White men, that they have carried the lion's share of the load and suffered the overwhelming majority of the sweating and bleeding to give the citizens of this country the freedom's they enjoy -- why should they get any credit -- that's racist (and sexist, and anti-semitic, and homophobic, and ableist, and Islamaphobic, and xenophobic, . . .).

Credit: Stuff Black People Don't Like

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