Nov 13, 2015

State-Sanctioned Child Rape

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“Jessica (aged 13), a girl transformed within
two years from a good-natured 13-year-old
with dreams of becoming a professional dancer
to a broken, twice-pregnant abuse victim.”
The Times
As the story has now broken that young white girls were systematically kidnapped, intimidated, raped and abused by primarily men of Pakistani, Kashmiri, and Afghan origin, the mainstream media machine has gone into full spin to distract from the obvious racial hatred behind the crimes. Even as us whites are marked for abuse and murder by street gangs of invading races, we are chastised for even noticing that we are under attack.

“In Rotherham, racism is a real problem, but misidentified,” laments The Independent. We are told by Nazir Afzal, the North West head of the Crown Prosecution Service, that “95% of the UK’s sex offenders are white males,” as reported by the Guardian. This comes despite the Guardian also reporting on the Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England, OCCE, stating “there were gaps in official data recording,” and that “it was impossible to estimate accurately who and how many people were sexually exploiting children.”

We are not taken in. We are no longer interested in victim blaming, or pathetic, plaintive assurances that industrial-scale, racially-motivated child abuse is something that happens across the racial board, and is just as much the fault of the indigenous English and British than the hostile aliens on our streets. It is obvious that the Police and Crown Prosecution Service only have an interest in protecting children when the crime fits the narrative that us whites are to blame, when the story can be twisted to be some nonsense about “male power” or otherwise molded into something that reflects a failing to enforce “multiculturalism” . . . rather than actually being a consequence of enforced multiracialism itself!

It is tempting to believe that the social workers, Police and institutions responsible are secret dissenters from the speech code of Political Correctness, and that they were all secret whistleblowers, waiting for the right moment to sound the alarm on such horrific atrocities. We all want to see the best in everyone. We all want to believe the Establishment is on our side. But we are not taken in. In 2005, a seminar was held where 30 Councillors were presented with such “explicit content” that “few members or senior officers could say ‘we didn’t know’” (Professor Alexis Jays’ report). Susan Ellis, Labour Councillor, stated in the meeting to the public that “We were asked for it to be restricted [by Police], . . . so that we didn’t jeopardise police prosecutions.”

This was almost a decade ago, and in that time, there have been no public arrests, no public scandals, or no real news of the issue, until now. “Stark evidence” of what was happening was presented to the local Police and Council, in 2002, 2003, and 2006 by reports made by frontline youth workers. It was suppressed. The mentality of the left on this issue is either deliberately ignoring race, or slyly downplaying the hatred of the perpetrators for their white victims. In 2002 Ann Cryer, then Labour MP for Keighley, exposed systematic rape of white girls in the town by Pakistani gangs, whom she quaintly refers to as “young Asian lads,” who were “already married to cousins from Pakistan.” She exclaimed to the Guardian recently that the 7 mothers who approached her in 2002, looking for help after they had been dismissed out of hand by the Police, were “enlightened mothers, members of the Labour party, women who I would never in a million years have described as racist.” Of course, all “enlightened” whites are expected to overlook brutalization and rape of their own children by imported third-world trash, lest it “cause chaos and ruin any sort of race relations that we had”!

This phenomenon is not, as CPS head Nazir Afzal would claim, a case of ‘“everyone involved” not being “as competent as they should have been.” It is not a case of “poor investigation.” This is a case of systematic state complicity and conspiracy with the criminals involved to hush up the abuse of white children. The Daily Mail states, “It is now known that in 2002, a Home Office researcher was conducting an investigation into trafficking and underage prostitution by mainly Muslim gangs in Rotherham, but it was never published.” Internet investigators on Reddit monitored the metamorphosis of a BBC story reporting events in Rotherham; wording published online on the 26th of August openly stated that; “the majority of perpetrators were of Pakistani heritage.” However, this fact was obscured in less than 20 minutes by the more nebulous presentation of the same culprits as being “described as Asian by victims.”

We now know that since the beginning of Tony Blair’s premiership to the present day, there has been a disturbing tendency amongst Police and state officials at a local level to deliberately look the other way when factual evidence of racially motivated torture and abuse of white children is presented by these children’s parents or guardians. These children are “regarded with contempt” (Prof. Alexis Jay on the South Yorkshire Police). Our homeland and race are being sold down the river by liberal-Leftie intellectuals who import a catastrophic volume of immigrants, many of whom are savages, totally lacking the capability to adapt to the norms of a civilized society, and then proceed to hand them extortionate sums of taxpayers money. (A classic example of this being the Somali family on benefits handed keys to £2 million luxury “council” home in London, Daily Mail). But this is not enough for the self-loathing white apparatchiks of the state, who have internalized a nonsensical, outdated idea of white guilt, and the foreign colonists who demand not merely money but the blood of our children to sate their appetites.

We have to face the fact that the state and the Police are not merely set up to “rub the Right’s nose in diversity,” but operate a racial double standard in relation to indigenous whites and foreign invaders, behind which is a hidden single standard of institutionalized hatred for whites. This hatred is clearly of no consequence for people like Denis MacShane, Labour MP for Rotherham from 1994 to 2012, who would rather white children be doused in petrol and raped at gunpoint, than “rock the multicultural community boat.” MacShane was later jailed as part of the expenses scandal, where he submitted false receipts for over twelve thousand pounds.

Make no mistake, this scandal is the end of the multiracial era. Our hospitality and generosity, so freely given, has been taken for granted by our globalized elite who wishes to see a permanent end to the white working classes they hold in contempt. They wish to wash their hands of the most horrendous abuses of the indigenous people of these islands and dismiss it all as a consequence of white “racism” against the third worlders who murder us for sport. These “guests” are weapons used against us and are here as part of a program of race replacement and dispossession in a war on whites, against the English people who are, in the words of Jack Straw, “a race not worth saving.” South Afrikaners, and any whites who do not wish to share their society with out of control, violent and racially hostile outsiders are in the words of Harriet Harman, “racist bastards.” No doubt these raped children were just girls waiting to grow up to become ‘racist bastards’, and so their rape is a price they must pay for being white.

This is a humiliation we are no longer prepared to endure. The BBC, and other controlled media and allies of money power can spin whatever justifications they like to distract and detract from the obvious racial humiliation of whites by foreign invaders and their enablers. We are not taken in. In the words of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, a Soviet novelist who brought knowledge of the Gulags to the world, “To stand up for truth is nothing. For truth, you must sit in jail.” This is of no consequence. A jail sentence is a small price to pay for giving the English people a voice to resist their dispossession and biological annihilation.

Every single one of these tortured children – more than fourteen hundred! – Is a girl that is broken, made into a living doll by her torturers, made suicidal and neurotic, and intentionally damaged beyond the point of recovery, beyond the point of ever being able to have a healthy life and family of her own. We will no longer tolerate this. We will no longer allow such world-ending evil to be conducted within our homeland, for this would never have happened if the indigenous English and British were allowed to remain sovereign in their own country. We have been here for 40,000 years, since the last Ice Age. We aren’t going anywhere.

We are biologically European, and unlike immigration and invasion from across the channel that occurred before 1950, this current deluge of human locusts raping our homeland is a globalized product, a global import, and strikes at the very biological root of our being, and this time, when there is everything to play for, we will not allow this to continue. We are not blank slates, after all, we are organic, sentient beings with inherited hard-wired qualities, and this mass rape is an attack on our very specie. We do not intellectualize our own dispossession, we will no longer step aside lest we are called “racist” and other playground names. The idea that such a slur has any meaning any longer is a lie, and we are not taken in.

Our race and our identity are under threat. We will not allow our children to be treated as chattel. We are out of time and out of patience. We will let the whole world know that we native English refuse to die. These non-whites have now proven through the destruction of our youngest that they cannot be trusted. The BBC, and other establishment and controlled media have proven they cannot be trusted. The only way this problem will be solved is through us regaining power. We are not taken in by the ballot box or phony “democratic” measures. Anyone who apologizes for the presence and crimes of racial aggressors will find themselves without friends when the British people decide to stop funding their own dispossession.

Every tax you pay, every speeding fine, every parking ticket, is another contribution to your own eventual destruction, is a payment to those complicit in the mass rapes at Rotherham. This status quo is destined for failure. Like the collapse of East Germany, this will be immediate and inevitable. You can push nature only so far before it fights back. You can only push us so far before we start to fight back.

You have pushed us far enough. We call upon every native Englishman to make preparations for the coming crisis, to set to the task of separating himself and his family from the so-called “democratic” state, to extricate himself from this teetering system of blind global capitalism. We demand that the peoples of this island withdraw their tacit moral and financial consent from this illegitimate government, that has not had the best interests of indigenous Britons at heart since 1914, and possibly, long before that. We refute the parliamentary oligarchs and their apologists. We insist upon the truth that the threshold has been crossed between times of peace and revolutionary times.  The mass rape of our children was an intended consequence of deliberately engineered circumstances, a foul scheme hatched from within Downing Street itself. The conspiracy that created this atrocity continues today – no one has been arrested, no one has been charged, and no one has been forcibly removed from office, and these predators walk free, unmolested by the idle arm of the law.

We demand that all nationalists, patriots, conservatives and loyal whites recognize and respond immediately to this terroristic, atavistic act of war upon our children by the global elite and their subsidized slave classes. The circumstances that have been created are not irrevocable, and we will reverse them. We will make this country safe again, civilized again. The English people, galvanized in spirit by this vile attack upon our being, will easily shake off these aliens like a dog shaking off muddy water.

We will replace the petty, chauvinistic and broken nationalism of ‘British values’ that allows people of all races to live here, with a genuine ethnic nationalism that is for the defense of our unique racial character. Let us resist the social degeneration, atomization and disintegration of our once proud society. Blood must now re-unite with blood. Fierce rage is needed in defence of our bloodline. This is our land, our future, and we have nowhere else to go. In order to ensure this atrocity never happens again, these intruders must be removed, and our society must heal from this multi-racial division.

Giovinezza al Potere, Europe for Europeans!

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