Nov 13, 2015

TradYouth Hour: Tales From the District of Corruption

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Matthew Heimbach and Matt Parrott return with news of their recent activities in the District of Columbia, where they were both frisked by a Nation of Islam security guard.

Black nationalists are often more aware of the Jewish question than White patriots are and since they wish to separate from us and we from them, then surely we should be reaching out to them and offering mutual support for this endeavor?

This does not mean that they are comrades, merely that they could be useful as allies in certain situations.

This can also be used as evidence to show that we are not supremacists who wish to rule over others, but separatists who just wish to live among our own folk.

Multiculturalism and the promotion of the homosexual agenda are taking place everywhere and it is not just White people that are organizing against it.

In fact in many instances Non-Whites are putting up more of a resistance to it than certain White Nationalist groups.

Traditionalism includes traditional relationships between people who look like your ancestors, there is no room for deviant sexual behavior dressed up as being ‘equal’ to natural marriage.

It is the time of year for conferences and the Traditionalist Worker Party are preparing for their own local party meetings in both Western and Eastern Kentucky, as well as for a march in a local Christmas parade alongside Republicans and Democrats.

Winning over the people before the Jew media gets a chance to stick its claws in is going to be a challenge and charity-drives to help Whites who are less well off, is just one of the ways the TWP are hoping to help our people.

Following the Golden Dawn example of concentrating on direct action rather than talk, the party have many social programs like this that they are currently working on.
Matt Parrott closes the podcast with some inspiring words about Willis Carto and how he tirelessly worked against all odds to promote our cause.

If he can put up with all the slurs and slanders for over seven decades, then we certainly can too.

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