Nov 6, 2015

UK: One in Ten Social Housing Units Given to Invaders

via BNP News

Remember the days when you first started out in a home that you called yours after getting married?

For many it was a council house. In fact many stayed in such for life, with the majority keeping gardens tidy and building a local community.

How times have changed. getting a  Council or social house/flat in many areas is near impossible. Those younger folk starting out in life married or with a partner find themselves stuck in rented accommodation that costs two or three times what a mortgage would and of course high rents impact on housing benefit payments.

The age of the homeowner, seems a little twee now-days with so many people forced into private rent.

Already it was known that over 600,000 immigrants were in council or social housing in England and Wales, but now that figure looks like being dwarfed as we learn that one in ten council/social accommodation has been taken by a migrant or immigrant, whatever they are termed.

According to figures from the Department for Communities and Local Government, nine per cent of new social housing tenancies from April 2014 to March 2015 went to immigrants, with Eastern Europeans and non-Europeans taking roughly half and half.
This is a repeat of the record figures from 2012/13 and 2013/14, and an increase of three per cent since the beginning of the decade.

Even the Labour MP, Tristram Hunt has seen the writing on the wall stating that giving so much social housing to immigrants will lead to resentment among the British population.

And he is right. Only a year ago whilst speaking to some people on a nice looking sort of old fashioned Council scheme in the Highlands, I was told of Eastern Europeans getting houses quickly whilst they knew of locals waiting seemingly for ever on the local council list.

Yes, stories get around and rumours often bear little resemblance to facts, but these people told me of the streets where non-British where seemingly getting ahead each time. There is anger brewing but of course being a member of the EU there is nothing that can be done about it.

Immigrants with children take priority to those on the list without. Immigrants with an adult or child who has disabilities can get housed ahead of a local family or so it seems.

This issue of council and social housing seemingly being taken by growing numbers of immigrants, even if many are hard working like Britain working class people are, is brewing tensions under the breath, so far contained.

Back in the autumn of 2015, a sociologist wrote in The Guardian newspaper that Britain’s working classes would be worst hit by the migrant crisis.

Lisa Mckenzie, a sociology fellow at the London School of Economics (LSE), said poor Britons face falling further down waiting lists for social housing, school places and healthcare as immigration rises.

While the wealthy and the powerful make grand gestures of buying islands and giving homes, and the liberal left offer their spare rooms, in reality it will be the working-class people of Britain who will share the little they have."

Adding, “As refugees start to come into Britain, tired and desperate, politicians from left or right, local or national, must not be allowed to make political capital from their situation, and from the people already struggling in poor communities.

It would seem like Britain's unskilled workers are being impacted at levels that can only build dislike and tensions to immigrants. Face with millions of non-skilled immigrants fighting for jobs with our own ethnic British unskilled, then housing stocks being given also to many unskilled immigrants is a recipe for trouble.

We British are known for our reserve and turning the other cheek, heads down and keeping quiet.

Yet if politicians continue to allow Britain to be submerged under a sea of unskilled migrant Labour and a fair size of the housing stock being given to them, then there may well come a time in the near future that ethnic tensions turn into physical and verbal disputes.

Britain is sitting on a simmering and smouldering anger, one that will burst to the surface if not listened to and action taken.

Yet as long as we are shackled to the EU New World Order, working class Britain's and fellow working class Europeans are a sacrifice to the diversifying Western Europe with pro-EU voters.

Neither the Tories nor Labour seem that bothered about working class Britons finding it harder to obtain a home whilst large numbers of immigrants not only take up much needed council and social housing, but also the growing numbers who have or still arriving and moving into rented accommodation and requiring housing benefit.

It is up to the British National Party to go to these housing schemes, whether via leaflets through letterboxes or by knocking on doors and telling our hard working decent working class Brits - we care, the BNP is the party of the workers and poor.

Somebody has to fight their corner - let it be the BNP.

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