Nov 4, 2015

Uncle Sam to the Rescue: Thinking Ahead on the Refugee Crisis

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Those who’ve been paying close attention to what’s happening with Germany’s self-inflicted (Merkel-inflicted?) economic migrant invasion are familiar with the iconic village of Sumte which has been ordered to accept as many as 750 immigrants, over seven times its current population! The situation is surreal. After all, if the oligarchs have moved past that previous point where “White Genocide” was understood to be an abstract gradual thing and have moved on to genocidal population displacement as a concrete and immediate thing, what are the European people to do?

I know that the easy answer (idly accepting the erasure of one’s nation, community, and family) isn’t the honorable and Christian answer. I honestly don’t understand the collective German mind well enough to know how this will play out, though I suspect that working-class and East German frustration will boil over into a full-blown political crisis when the full social and economic ramifications of this seemingly limitless mass migration manifest in their daily lives.

There are only two options for saving the West’s political coalition; a draconian round-up and removal of the millions of recent migrants . . . or an American mass-migration bailout package. America and Canada are the only members of the NATO coalition socially, economically, politically, and logistically capable of absorbing this sort of shock to the system without coming undone. Nobody appears to be considering that potentiality, and I may very well be missing something. But it appears to me that we’re heading for the immigration equivalent of the bailout predicament we experienced back in 2008, where the political class panics and forces a wildly unpopular imposition on the American people in the name of precluding global anarchy.

It’s unthinkable, but the other alternatives are even more unthinkable, in my estimation. Russia Today is already crowing about the impending mayhem: “Migrant crisis pushing Germany towards ‘anarchy and civil war.” They may be getting a bit ahead of themselves, but it’s difficult to see how there will be anything other than chaos, especially as it dawns on the economic migrants that they will not receive the experience afforded to previous waves of migrants. They’ll become sullen, aggressive, and even violent with each passing day that they spend in makeshift accommodations in repurposed warehouses in unwelcoming and unimpressive small towns sprinkled about the countryside. The coming winter will do nothing to lift their sour moods.

Even if the German people keep their cool, remain friendly, and ensure that all of the “refugees” are humanely attended to, this situation is going to deteriorate. The very word “humane” implies the bare minimum of food and shelter that humans require to subsist. These people, even the legitimate refugees sprinkled among them, didn’t come all that way for food and shelter. They came for a dream of prosperity, of a first-world lifestyle, and of esteem. The economic migrants came with fantastical expectations about the Western European experience which simply can’t be delivered. It’s an experience which was explicitly promised to them by relatives who arrived earlier in smaller migrations and by pathologically irresponsible politicians like Angela Merkel.

Over the years, I’ve made a habit of offering milquetoast predictions when others were panicking. I predicted that Peak Oil was decades away and fuel prices would be heading down while Sebastian Ronin and others were whipping themselves into a blind panic. I took the unpopular position during the economic crisis of 2007 that America’s economic fundamentals were generally solid and that we weren’t in for an imminent collapse. While I do have a survival bug-out bag, it’s more of a camping hobby project than something I plan to rely on any time soon.

Generally, I tend to believe things are more stable than many on the hard right presume. But this looks like a powder keg to me which is going to politically rock the Western allies to their foundations and result in either a sweeping solution or a startling dissolution. If they are all dropped off in the American heartland, especially if it’s months after the bloom is off of the humanitarian rose and it’s clear we’re welcoming in millions of angry and disgruntled middle-class Muslims in order to bail out the European Union’s political coalition from unraveling, it won’t be pretty.

Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself and being overly speculative. But what if? And how would we respond?

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