Nov 17, 2015

#WhatIfWeLost: The Man In the High Castle

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Amazon Prime is launching a brand new show titled The Man in the High Castle that is based on a book by the same name written by Philip K. Dick back in the early 1960’s. The show and novel portray a world in which the Allies were defeated in the Second World War and the Axis were victorious. In this new world, America is occupied by the Third Reich on the East Coast and Midwest and the Empire of Japan occupies the West Coast, with a neutral zone that is a buffer area between the two nations.

America twenty years after the end of the war is presented (at least in the first two episodes that have been released) as being in a bizarre total war environment with Times Square announcing production figures and the amount of war material produced but also as being very calm and downright normal.

Producer Frank Spotnitz told reporters that in America Nazi policies have become pretty normalized, and white Christian straight people have a ‘pretty nice’ life. ‘There’s a kind of freedom in fascism,'” Something that Mr. Spotnitz and I would have to agree on.

Spotnitz continued by saying,
“In this show, the bad guys are here, and a lot of them are us. The bad guys up close aren’t psychopaths but have rationales for what they do. Some characters I kind of like are saying things that almost make sense, and that makes me think twice. America is a beautiful idea, and every generation has to live up to that idea, and it’s built into the DNA of this story.”
It sounds to me like this show is likely to fall into the territory that American History X did, accidentally proving the logic and sense of nationalism and Traditionalism while trying to demonize it.

There’s a memorable scene in American History X in which the skinhead leader, played by Edward Norton, argues with his mother’s Jewish boyfriend about the racial riots and the Rodney King case. In this scene, Norton advocates for law and order, punishing law breakers, and calling out looters and rioters. The mother’s Jewish boyfriend talks about “rage,” “poverty,” and other Leftist talking points to justify beating random people on the street, robbing stores, and burning down large portions of neighborhoods.

In another scene, the skinhead talks to a group of skinheads about how illegal immigration is destroying the local community and California as a whole. The movie tells us in one voice over that the skinhead crew went out to organize young people who were “the frustrated ones, to the ones who were sick of having their asses kicked by Black and Mexican gangs.” The film had no solutions for addressing the fact that White kids in L.A were being constant victims of harassment, violence and had been stripped of the ability to get jobs due to the multiculturalism around them, the film only aimed to demonize Whites for standing up for themselves.

At the end of American History X the only bad guys were Black gangbangers who assaulted multiple individuals, attempted to steal the truck of the main character’s deceased father, and eventually killed a young White boy because he stood up for a White kid who was being bullied in the school bathroom. The other bad guys were folks in the movement who were either Aryan Brotherhood sellouts who were more interested in money than race and degenerates who were part of the pro-White “scene” but weren’t ideologically invested or interested in being community stewards, just thugs.

The White youth who needed to organize for self protection on the streets and needed to battle for the ability to work and provide for themselves and their families were never shown how they had any other choice but to raise their flag and work as an explicitly pro-White group for the White minority in Los Angeles.

American History X tried and failed to disprove White Nationalism, and I think The Man In The High Castle is about to do the same by attempting to disprove National Socialism while actually showing that the ideology would be far superior for White Americans culturally, ethnically, economically and religiously. If the show does any humanization at all of the National Socialists, the few words of truth spoken will likely override the propaganda that the producers and writers attempt to have characters shill for.

The producers of the Man in the High Castle think this image should terrify us… it doesn’t

The Man in the High Castle Twitter page put up a post to promote the show that showed a healthy White family with a husband, wife, and children standing smiling together in a healthy looking suburb of Middle America. Instead of neighborhood filled with Black on White violence, decaying infrastructure, and homosexuals marching down the road we are shown a vision of a happy, successful and peaceful community.

The picture of this happy White American family was supposed to send dread up spines because the father was wearing a swastika armband. The price of an organic community appears to be National Socialism in America. With enough escalation and humiliation of the current madness, ordinary folks may well be driven to conclude that the price is right.

After myself, the official Trad Youth Twitter account and other nationalists began responding to The Man in the High Castle hashtag #WhatIfWeLost with responses like “ America would treasure children and the family instead of infanticide, divorce, degeneracy and decay” and “ War criminal commissars of the Soviet Union would have been punished,not 90 year old German secretaries 70 years after the war,” the official Man in the High Castle Twitter deleted this image and stopped using the hashtag. A little bit of truth stopped a multi-million dollar Amazon Prime project in its tracks by pointing out that maybe if the Allies had lost the Second World War, things for American Whites would be better and more just than the world we live in today.

Their entire point is to have Americans ask themselves, “What if we lost?” They imagined viewers filled with fear and dread that the progressive, secular, multicultural and degenerate America we now live in never happened. Instead of a Jewish oligarchy controlling our mass media and national politics, perhaps we would have a government run for the best interests of our people.

#WhatIfWeLost… I can almost guarantee we would not have bogged ourselves down in wars in the Middle East for the Zionist interest and lobby groups.

#WhatIfWeLost… The 1965 Immigration Act that began the radical demographic shift to change America from a majority European nation to a majority Third World nation would have never happened.

#WhatIfWeLost… The financial control of our economy by a clique of Jewish and global cosmopolitan bankers would have been crushed, allowing Americans to actually profit off of our labor and not lose millions of homes and billions of dollars to usury, bank foreclosure, predatory lending and Wall Street bailouts.

#WhatIfWeLost… “No Fault Divorce” never would have been accepted and laws in America to help promote the family and keep spouses together would still be on the books.

If we had lost WW2 perhaps our nation would cherish the family, instead of trying to destroy it
If we had lost WW2 perhaps our nation would cherish the family, instead of trying to destroy it

#WhatIfWeLost… The border with Mexico would be secure and illegal immigration of tens of millions of Latin Americans wouldn’t have ever occurred. American workers would have more jobs available, wouldn’t spend tens of billions of dollars giving social programs to illegal immigrants and our wages would be higher due to the economic principles of supply and demand.

#WhatIfWeLost… The organized Labor Movement wouldn’t have become Leftist towards Democrats and then crushed under Republicans. We would have a system where workers were respected, had good working conditions, and had representation like the German people had in the German Labor Front.

#WhatIfWeLost… The “Woman of the Year” wouldn’t be a man with a penis who wears a dress. Instead it would be a woman who strives to have and raise healthy children and sacrifices for the sake of her community and nation.

#WhatIfWeLost… The Soviet Union would have been liberated from the shackles of Marxism decades sooner.

Overall I do not think if America had lost World War Two we would be living in a sort of Utopian system, but to my eyes, it looks like it would be a heck of a lot better off than under the corrupt regime.

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