Nov 10, 2015

When Darkness Comes to Town: Inside Austria's Nightmare Buses

via Britannia

Austrian bus drivers have revealed the nightmare of ferrying thousands of nonwhite invaders to Bavaria—facing death threats, fights, disappearing “immigrants,” and forced overtime after the government lifted all restrictions on rest periods. 

The bus drivers—who begged to remain anonymous after colleagues were sacked for refusing to partake in the invasion process—told the Austrian Die Krone newspaper of the nightmare they face. 
That paper said the team of 200 bus drivers are exhausted, threatened, and in despair at the breakdown in the crisis management team.
Tasked with driving busloads full of invaders from the Spielfeld border reception center to Bavaria, the drivers started off by begging the Krone reporter not to reveal their names: “Please do not write our names. Two colleagues have just lost their jobs because they no longer wanted to take part in these trips,” a driver said.
Then he and a colleague went into the dangers they face on a daily basis: the most important of which is that they are being forced to drive exhausted after the Austrian government lifted all restrictions on driving times and rest periods especially for the invader columns.
“We are forced to drive while exhausted, and this is very risky for all motorists,” the bus drivers said.
The official regulations state that bus drivers are only allowed to drive for a pre-determined period every day, and must have breaks within that time period to ensure that they remain fresh and alert.
Astonishingly, the Austrian Interior Ministry—which is also responsible for road safety—has issued a decree overriding these rules only for the buses carrying invaders to Bavaria.
As a result, the bus drivers are working up to eighteen hour shifts with only minimal rest stops along the way.

The Austrian Interior Ministry decree removing all restrictions on driving times and rest periods—for the nonwhite invader-carrying buses only
In addition, there are religious and racial fights on the buses, as a driver explained: “The police in Spielfeld stuff the buses full without regard to the different nations and religions. During the trip, there are always fights. There are never any police on the buses either…”
In addition, the nonwhite invaders track the route being followed by the bus on their cell phones, and if they think for a minute the bus is deviating, they threaten the drivers with death.
When the buses do stop for occasional toilet breaks, at least eight or ten “refugees” always vanish at each stop, the drivers said.
“After each break, eight or ten people are off—but the police do not care, as they do not even know how many are driven away by bus from Spielfeld…”
The drivers also described the conditions of the coaches after the nonwhite hordes have disembarked: a “horror which we have to clean up.”

A separate article in Die Krone revealed that the Austrian police are also at a crisis point. They have worked 190,000 hours overtime in September alone, and increasing numbers are booking off sick rather than deal with the Angela Merkel-imposed disaster any more.

As a result, the government has removed all allowances for any policeman booking off sick for more than 30 days in a year, effectively forcing officers to choose between keeping their livelihoods or becoming unemployed.
In addition, police working at the nonwhite invasion crossing points are forced to pay for their own food while working impossibly long shifts—while the invaders passing through before their eyes are fed countless hot meals for free.
According to police union representatives, the “atmosphere is at boiling point” and a “strike threat is in the air.”

Discarded clothing and debris left behind by migrants.  Muslim savages show no respect for the people or countries that take them in

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